Technical Problems

The speed of the site is gone to shit.  I know this, and we’re working on it but it’s taking time to figure out the problem.  It’s very annoying, for you and also for me.  I hope, with any luck, to have the thing sorted out in a day or two, but I’m in the hands of the tech-folk dealing with the oily bits.

I thought the problems started when they moved us to a new web space, whatever that is, but it could be a coincidence.

What do I know?  I just write the shit.  The geeks make it go.

7 thoughts on “Technical Problems

  1. It’s not too bad Bock. From the bottom of the page:

    13 queries. 1.540 seconds

    The Tipp Photo page opened for me in 1.538 seconds. So it is a tad slow but certainly not snail’s pace. It should be about half a second to three quarters faster though depending on hardware.

  2. Hmm. I noticed that opening the articles in new tabs and then closing the main page seems to speed things up.

    I’d start with thatphp script that is that’s resizing the images – timthumb.php…looks pretty hefty, certainly enough scope in there to slow things down; I personally have never used it but it does have a bit of a reputation for being slow Just my 2c.

  3. The speed may be gone to shit a little Bock, but the site is still kick-ass, because you’re just only aweeesome.
    Your faithful fans will be patient.

  4. Righty- o,

    After spending a week at the original theme, (Spit, chewing gum, wire and all didn’t help this time, it was designed for a much older version of WP and wasn’t up to it any more) we’ve decided to go and re-jig the whole lot and give ye all a new look Bock.

    Let us know what you think.

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