The IF-Word. Bishop John Magee Still in Denial About Cloyne Abuse

Clergy avoiding reality

You have to love those bishops with their mental reservation.  They never go anywhere without a spare IF or BUT in their trouser pocket just in case they find themselves face to face with embarrassing facts that need to be blurred, and John Magee is no exception.  We’d expect no less from a former Vatican insider, even if the Vatican did elbow him out fairly sharply in the end.

This is the bishop who lied to the government, lied to the HSE and wrote a report on an abuse case that deliberately concealed material facts about an abuser.

On Planet Magee, all that deceit amounts to nothing more than a failure to fully implement child-protection guidelines.  Today he issued a statement about the Cloyne sexual abuse report — a statement full of evasions and avoidances, apparently written by a public-relations firm.  In particular, Magee betrays his complete detachment from the reality of the Cloyne scandal by his use of the word failure

This is absolute dishonesty.  Failure is an honourable thing if it follows sincere effort, but Magee made no such effort.  He couldn’t have failed because he never tried.  The Commission report found that he actively lied, deceived and covered up material facts. He did little or nothing to investigate allegations of child abuse, and he appointed a man to deal with victims who believed that church law was superior to the law of the land.

This wasn’t a failure.  This was a self-styled prince of the church, placing the welfare of his organisation above the needs of rape victims, and thumbing his nose at Irish civil authority.

To compound the insult, Magee made a public statement in which he said that if his actions had caused hurt, he begged forgiveness from the victims.


Was there some doubt?  If so, it existed only in the minds of people like John Magee and his Canon-Law sidekick, O Callaghan.

As I often said before, these are the people who still control our primary schools.  This is the mindset of the people who can fire a teacher on a whim.


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19 thoughts on “The IF-Word. Bishop John Magee Still in Denial About Cloyne Abuse

  1. Wonderful, and now this ”human” is appeling to the media to be left alone to continue his life in private.

  2. I’m surprised no one has gotten medieval on his ass.
    I mean it would make one slightly peeved or do people buy this bull I wonder?

  3. It was carefully cobbled together by some spin-merchant. It’s patent bullshit but society has been conditioned to treat this kind of waffle as truthful.

  4. It’s not ”detachment” it’s deliberate. One must always be be mindful of the fact that the Catholic Church is the largest and untill recently the most powerful, paeodophilic protection ring in history.

  5. It seems the priesthood was a nice closet for homosexuals back when it was a real taboo to be a homosexual . Its probably the reason enrollment in the priesthood is dwindling.

  6. You must be homosexual to rape boys……so there must be a certain percentage of pedophile in the clergy.Its the fruitation of a social taboo that forced many into the clergy . Notice a great many are elderly back when it was really looked down on.

  7. That is completely incorrect. Go and educate yourself before posting that sort of bullshit.

    Child abusers are just child abusers.

    Someone has been posting under multiple names here and I am seriously considering banning that person.

  8. I have looked into this. A long-term commenter has been abusing the site policy and has shown serious disrespect both to me and to the other commenters on this site. I regret to say that the commenter is now banned permanently, including all aliases. No discussion.

  9. Can someone with a better understanding of the law than me explain why the good bish is not being prosecuted?

    As stated, he lied to the government, the HSE and deliberately misled an official inquiry. As someone who has such little regard for the laws of this land why is he not expelled to Rome and his masters?

  10. Why should we expect anything more? All sectors of the establishment in this country have been covering up for as long as they have existed. What else is new?

  11. A headline in the Irish Times says that “Survivor and priest groups say former bishop does not understand gravity of his failings”. I disagree. Of course he understands; that’s why he comes out with his vague legalistic pseudo-apology. He’s not a fool, and knows exactly what he did. It’s amazing the way that time after time these ambitious, wily, powerful men, who have risen to great heights within the church, suddenly admit to being too dumb to understand that things like child abuse were a problem after they’ve been caught covering it up.

  12. What really surprised me about the interveiw given to RTE the other evening on the national news,was,the restraint shown by the journalist and camera/soundman in keeping themselves under control, and not succumbing to what,must have been their natural urge to drop the camera,turn off the sound recorder,grab the craven rape-enabler by the throat,push him through the front door of his well appointed house on the hill and leave his remains to be found,by the next days post deliverer.Amazing restraint,when one tinks about it!

  13. It’s bizarre how some kind of mob justice hasn’t found these lads. If they were not men of the cloth, but lived in someones town and did that they would likely be majorly fucked up by the families of those involved, if not the unfortunate victims at a later stage. I see no difference about some fuckdog in a dress committing these crimes, apart from the fact obviously it was made easier for them.

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