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When love begins to sicken and decay,
It useth an enforcèd ceremony.
There are no tricks in plain and simple faith.
But hollow men, like horses hot at hand,
Make gallant show and promise of their mettle.

So spoke Brutus in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, and he might as well be speaking about Barack Obama.

What happened to the idealistic, bright young president who lifted the world’s heart as he took his throne?  How was he so thoroughly compromised in just two and a half years that he found himself addressing a stonily silent United Nations  general assembly, mouthing empty platitudes about a Palestinian state being achieved by negotiation?

Barack Obama is a highly intelligent man, an academic, an intellectual, and his inner being must have cringed as he repeated the empty formulas he had been given to read out.  He knows perfectly well that his speech was crafted between Washington and Tel Aviv and he must know, unless he is a fool, which he is not, that what he spoke was empty nonsense.

There will be no negotiation with the Israeli settlers whose only aim is to drive all others out of the land they covet.  These are not people who negotiate.  Already, whatever tatters of Palestinian territory remain are so torn to pieces that they cannot possibly function as a state even if agreement is reached tomorrow and yet Barack Obama urged the Palestinians to be reasonable.

What sort of cynicism is this?

Has America become such a slave to appearance, to the media and to the superficial that nothing matters any more?  There’s no doubt that Barack Obama is a very accomplished public speaker, and there’s no doubt that he delivers a fine oration.  But it seems that his fine words and his immaculate delivery are masking a moral void.  In many ways, and I never thought I’d be saying this, there seems to be little difference between Barack Obama and George W Bush.

Shakespeare put it one way, Eliot another, and both are accurate.

We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats’ feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar

How sad that Barack Obama turns out to be a hollow man.

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    “Already, whatever tatters of Palestinian territory remain are so torn to pieces that they cannot possibly function as a state” That was the whole strategy. What happened in New York today was a repulsive, depressing, reflection on human nature in it’s relation to power and self interest.


    Could it be that in the first briefing, new presidents are fitted with a remotely controlled testicle squeezer? Then a few Giga-rich bastards, some of them with relations to or interest in Israel (and controlling US banks), push their little remotes and the squeeze comes on.


    It is obvious for some time that the Us is firmly in the hands of Zionist Israelis. They are, like all fundamentalists, very evil plotting people. They have a very strong lobby within the US with even many of Obama’s advisors being linked to the lobby for zionism.

    check Representative Press on you tube


    and by the way I have jewish friends who are not in agreement with what is happening in Israel (i.e the zionists and Israeli army and settlers who are destroying all aspects of Palestinian life). There is also a lot of Israelis who would prefer to live in peace with their neighbours.

    all quite sad really as it creates a whole new layer of hate.


    He has/had no choice. US policy supports Israeli expansionism, and until that changes, nothing else will.

    It’s also true that Americans are suckers for fine words- that’s why Obama was elected. In terms of ‘fit’ for the office, that was always questionable


    Don’t be fooled by the eloquence of Obama and the soaring rhetoric. It is all a charade a massive deception and use of propaganda that Goebels would have been proud off. “Change you can beleve in” Only in America, could you get away with uttering such vacuous nonsense. No wonder his campaign was awarded marketing campaign of the year above Apple.

    He is no different than Bush. Renditions,torture, assasinations and endless wars are routine under Obama. The Israeli Government can keep on terrorising and seizing Palestinian land and Obama won’t say a word. This is the real face of Obama and American policy.


    So where does the extraction of every last vestige of Israeli settlement in Gaza fit into this narrative ? The fact is if Israel decides to swap land and settlements with the Palestinians the settlers will be gone. And if Abbas comes to the UN under the pretence of declaring a Palestinian state but makes a speech where he talks about ” 63 years of oppression ” ie. the deligitimisation of Israel, then no American President – and precious few European ones – are going to give that their imprimateur.


    “And if Abbas comes to the UN under the pretence of declaring a Palestinian state but makes a speech where he talks about ” 63 years of oppression ””

    What do you call ethnically cleansing 700,000+ people and corralling them and their descendants in a concentration camp for decades? Shopping?

    It took Truman all of 12 minutes to recognise Israel, no “negotiation” needed.


    Israel didn’t corrall anyone into camps , Colin. The Arabs did that. The Israelis on the other hand, absorbed the 850,000 Jews who were kicked out of the countries around Israel. The Arab nations need to wise up and recognise Israel as a Jewish state, get the Palestinians to do the same, and then help them with nation building.


    It’s amazing really, Lapsed Methodist. The slightest hint of an Israel story and here you are, back again, just like magic.


    “During the 1948 Palestine War, around 750,000 out of 900,000 Palestinian Arabs fled or were expelled from the territories that became the State of Israel.”

    Recognising a “Jewish State” is recognising a vast experiment in eugenics and racial-hygiene.


    There’s a few people out there who believe the Palestinians are the aggressors – sure theres still some who believe the world is flat too! Whatever you’re having yourself. Lovely neighbors them Israelis, grand, accomodating, reasonable, generous, people. Sure wouldn’t you love to have them next door!


    Barack Obama has fired more cruise missiles than all other Peace Prize winners combined.


    No magic. Just to acknowlege that not every Irish person is anti-Israel in the cause of being pro-Palestinian.

    And to elicit comments about “eugenics ” and what not. Important to lance some of those boils, no ?


    Are you saying that everyone who disagrees with Israeli policy is anti-Israeli?


    Obviously not. But both anti-zionism – whatever those who hold that position imagine it to be – and anti Isaeli politics can be a flag of convenience. Some Palestinian policies could do with scrutiny as well, but I think that the Irish/British sympathy for the underdog allows them a pass. In my opinion this is a mistake.


    Your earlier comment hinted that this post (or site) was anti-Israeli.


    I’ve looked and can’t see that at all. All I said – apart from refuting the notion that Israel won’t retreat from the settlements – was to note that I “turn up ” as you put it, to highlight some of the more bug-eyed stuff. Like Israelis and eugenics! I mean, don’t tell me that you don’t know where that stuff is coming from .


    I don’t vouch for the bona fides of anyone commenting here. Some of the commenters can be complete lunatics. I can only speak for this site, and those who contribute posts. There has been considerable criticism of Israeli policy here, and in all likelihood, there will be much more, but it’s perfectly legitimate to disagree with a policy. I have grown tired of hearing anti-Semite accusations simply for opposing a policy.


    I’ve never accused you of being anti-semitic. But some posts are, whether or not the posters realise it.


    I have read through every comment on this thread but i fail to find any ” anti semitic ” tone.

    U.S. Congress are freezing $195 mil in humanitarian aid to the Palestinians…..” until Palestinian Statehood is sorted out ” That is some very strange means of encouraging negotiaions, They are threatening to cut a further $600 mil in economic and security aid to the Palestinian Authority and strangly, at the same time that the IDF officers in the West Bank have become very vocal in their praise for the Palestinian Authority Security Forces efforts in quelling violence in spite of the continued advance of the ” Settler program ” which carries on despite the calls from the U.S. to stop.

    The Palestinians require 9 Yes votes from a 15 member Council, but this can be struck out by a Veto from one of the Security Councils 5 permanent members, The U.S. has vowed to use its powers of Veto to stop the Palestinian bid……….If i fail to make any sense of this, does that mean i harbour some Anti Semitic views ?


    Norma, your attack on the Israeli people is out of order. There is no foundation to your implication that the Israelis are land-grabbers. Also you seem to think that Israel has some kind of pull with U.S. foreign aid policy. What an outrageous suggestion. Imagine thinking that there is some influence from the U.S. (can I say Jewish?) lobby. You are clearly an extremist jew – hating Nazi sympathiser. HaHa


    Well, well. Tommy “Palestine free from the Jordan to the sea ” Donnellan and some more of his heavy handed satire.


    Of course there are many each side of the big concrete wall who would like to obliterate those on the other.
    My problem is that a distinction is drawn between Israeli retailation with tanks / bulldozers / Attack helocopters – and retaliation from the other side. By the way, Israel can not claim legitimacy when for example firing white phosphorous into civilian areas
    Lapsedmethodst, Michael D will hopefully be our next president and his opinions on Israeli treatment of its neighbours is on the record.
    Israeli “retaliation” is to say the least generally disproportionate – this does not present any solutions. You should know that from our own recent history – it creates more volunteers willing to work towards the vision you speak of.

    If these were your kids would you feel like picking up a gun / rocket/stone?
    Perhaps you’d just shrug it off?


    Norma they’re on to you!


    There is absolutely nothing from my history recent or distant or my background, be it nature or nuture, that would allow me to post photographs of dead children from any side – for want of a better word – of any conflict in order to make a political point.


    Lapsedmethodist – sorry if your have been upset. I wouldn’t want to upset you. You imply there’s something wrong with my genetic AND/OR my upbringing. However one thing I gained from my sorry life to date is an ability to empathise – anyone wich such an ability could not be equivocal about the disgraceful record of Israel regarding its handling of Palestine. Now I am not questioning YOUR upbringing etc!


    You need to spread your empathy around a bit, Tommy. It’s a tad lopsided.


    What figures do you use to measure the lopsidedness?


    I suppose conspicuous by absence would be a guide.


    I dread to see slaughter of innocents in any land. However pounding and blockading a people into submission won’t work. Sorry lads I got it wrong. i must be misguided. Did not do my homework. If I do a bit of digging I might find that it is fact Palestinians who are the bullys. I’d say bully state if they had a state! Israel, poor Israel, doing it’s best to defend itself from the military might of Palestine. If only those Palastinians would just stop trying to hold on to their land! If only they would accept that they can’t move around as they like. If only those nasty guys in the U.N. would stop issuing silly directives! If only the world, and especially those irritating families occupying Gaza and the West Bank would finally understand that God himself promised those fig farms to the Jews (Israel?).
    Obama has seen the light – he obviously had a visitation from the Almighty himself!

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