Quick and Tasty Beef Stir-Fry

Here’s a handy recipe I’ve been using for years.  It’s quick, easy, tasty and cheap, much like myself.

You can do it for one person or a dozen and it always goes down well.  See what you think.

You can serve this beef stir-fry with rice or anything else that takes your fancy.  This time I used wok noodles.

Here are your ingredients:

  • Round steak
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Soy sauce
  • Mushrooms
  • Baby corncobs

Using a very sharp knife, slice the steak into thin strips.  If you don’t have a very sharp knife, go out and buy one.  Bad knives in a kitchen will drive you crazy and probably do you an injury as well.  Buy the best knives you can afford, and get a diamond sharpening block to keep them razor-edged.

Slice the beef into thin strips

Do the same with the mushrooms.  If you don’t like mushrooms, that’s fine.  Just leave them out.

Slice the mushrooms thinly

Chop or grate the ginger.  Crush the garlic and get rid of the skin.

Chop or grate the ginger
Crush the garlic

Stir fry the garlic and ginger.  I have a professional wok that I inherited from a friend who was emigrating about ten years ago.  I’d encourage you to get one as well and make sure to season it properly.  It takes a bit of time and effort to do this properly but any well-seasoned steel wok or cast-iron pan has far better non-stick qualities than the Teflon rubbish you buy in the shops.

Frying the garlic and ginger

Add the mushrooms.

Add the beef and the baby corn-cobs.

Stir-fry the beef and corn

Cook for a few minutes until the beef is tender and the corn is crunchy.

Then add the soy sauce and the wok noodles.

Add the soy sauce

Stirring constantly, cook the lot for 3 or 4 minutes.   Alternatively, you can cook the noodles in a pot of water and add them to the wok. In fact that’s what I should have done but forgot, so now I’m trying to bluff my way out of it.  Just cook the noodles on their own.  OK?

Add noodles


Here’s a secret.  Add some of this to your dish.  It’s oyster sauce, but it won’t make the food taste fishy.  Instead it gives a wonderful lift to any Oriental cooking.

Finally, serve up, eat and enjoy.

How hard could it be?  Seriously.

There are lots of variations on this kind of thing, so feel free to experiment.  Some people like to throw in a dash of sherry.  Others like a few spring onions.  It’s up to you and your own personal taste, but whatever you do, resist the unfortunate Chinese habit of adding flavour enhancers like MSG.   This is not a good thing.

Keep it simple and it will be delicious.

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Excellent post – well illustrated. Stir fry cooking is so easy and convenient. Blue Dragon also do a range of packet sauces for stir fry.

This looks de-lishioso. Will definitely give it a lash.
Any a chance you do deliveries Bock ? In the horrors today and don’t gots no energy for cooking.

Haymoon – Wherever possible, I try to keep these recipes based on simple ingredients without relying on prepared mixes although I agree that some suppliers produce good mixes. I’m happy enough using something like oyster sauce but I don’t think it would be appropriate to include a packet sauce in a recipe.

FME — Unfortunately, all my delivery staff are out on their rounds.

Great Asian shop near the old Shannon Arms hotel, next to Sextons pub.
Really good woks and knives for sale at excellent prices.
Also if you cook Thai food – which I do a lot. Its the only place this side of the Mississippi where you will get all and I mean all the real ingredients for a proper Thai meal. Sorry Haymoon, no packet sauce’s allowed in my kitchen

“How hard could it be? Seriously.” Not very hard at all.
I gave this a lash on Monday night.
I still have the scutters. ha Just kidding.
It was fabulous, even if I say so myself.
I added some red chilli though and some seseme seeds to the noodles. I also added some onion, snap peas and a little broccoli and I used minute steak.
Was very quick and easy. The only complaint I have is, even with using reduced sodium soy sauce, it’s still a bit salty for my liking.

That last picture is a dog’s dinner, to be honest. I’m sure it doesn’t taste as bad as it looks, but that photo isn’t winning me over!

Damn! We failed to win you over. I’ve had the chef horsewhipped and I’m sending you a voucher for two in a high-class chip-shop of your choice.

Bock, see your using the Gas. Only way to cook. Never get the right result with hob cooking using electricty. Like trying to play stairway to heaven on an Egmund six string acoustic. Fucken awful!

I never bother with quantities. Just go with your heart.

I normally use a minimal amount of chilli oil made with extra-virgin olive oil.

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