They locked them up.

They beat them.

They starved them.

They used their labour for a profit.

And in the end, they denied everything, just like their kind always does.  Their kind never gives a straight answer because that’s the sort they are.  Lying, abusive, two-faced, criminal thugs from a detested community of well-known criminals.

Meanwhile, the people who took advantage of the slaves must have known exactly what was going on because they didn’t care as long as they saved a bit of money.  These middle-class right-on do-gooders still allowed the slaves to work in their homes, and thet allowed themselves to ignore the reality of what was really going on.

So who is more despicable?  The members of that criminal community or the people who happily accepted the slave labour they supplied?

Personally, I’d be happy to see every member of this despicable community jailed, but I suppose I’m in the minority.  Without doubt, I’ll be attacked by ideologues for expressing these views.



Oh well …

17 thoughts on “Slavery

  1. Everyone on the camp site must also have known, not just those arrested. And surely others in their close knit community knew what was going on.

    What, if anything, will Martin Collins of Pavee Point have to say?

  2. Are we talking about “the Jews”? “Their kind” has just the right anti semitic ring to it.

  3. I remember an RTE programme a year or maybe two ago about foreign house maids and nannies and also general workers being kept in virtual slave conditions by wealthy irish families.Slavery is not unusual in Ireland or confined to one section of society.

  4. a total cull is the only solution to the air of:

    Let’s all each Nally-a-knacker today
    To show them that cannot pay
    With pellets of lead blow off each knacker head
    That is the only sure way…

  5. 150 years ago a war was fought against slavery. We don’t seem to have progressed very far, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was reintroduced under a “radical” reform of our labour laws.

  6. As William above said, the use of foreigners (mostly from south east Asia) as virtual slaves to middle class households was allowed and encouraged by that big fat bitch Mary Harmful Harney (one of the first also to jump ship with the big payoff- cunt).

    The use of the work permit and its issuing direct to the employer was a neat trick. The person then had no choice but to ‘toe the line’. Amounted to (and still does) legal slavery.

    Work permits should be issued to the persons seeking them not the employer.

    As usual a compliant and willing ‘civil’ service assisted in the administration of the scheme.

    Administrators have a role in evil as much as those who plan it (as it is not possible to carry it out without the able assistance of their type)

    By the way those people found living as slaves (referred to above) were in an itinerant camp …weren’t they ? Dunno as I try to avoid the ‘normal news’.

  7. “Work permits should be issued to the persons seeking them not the employer.”.

    Then you’ll be glad to know Basil, that they are and have been for several years.

    Bock, I assume that the post is about the “Magadelene” slaves (or is it) but surely it’s also applicable to what Basil refers to(btw 100% agree with him that this was the case up until about 2004) and what others have previously assumed it was as well, no?

  8. read the section “Changing employment” to me that translates in everyday language as..”An Irish employer may only keep a slave for a year”.Hooray we are becoming more civilised,albeit very slowly.

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