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Will the Vatican ever get it?  Probably not, based on their latest nonsense, in response to Enda Kenny’s criticisms.

What could you make of this latest missive from Rome?  No. Really, I’m not joking. I’m asking you a serious question.  What could you make of the nonsense they came up with in response to Kenny’s speech?

What a crowd of miserable old men.  And to think we still allow these demented, dysfunctional priests to control our schools.  What is wrong with us?  What a crowd of absolute, utter idiots, with their heads up their arses.  Instead of understanding what Kenny said, the Vatican devoted twenty pages to parsing and analysing statements by Irish politicians, as if anyone cared.

Do they still not get it?   Do they not realise that we’ve been listening to their bullshit for a century and a half?  Do they not understand that the Irish people have no further interest in listening to this nonsense?

Their response to Enda Kenny’s impassioned speech is nit-picking, legalistic and defensive.  Instead of grasping the spirit of what Kenny tried to convey, the gimlet-eyed canon lawyers in Rome have fastened on word and phrase, clause, sub-clause and semi-colon.  Instead of responding to Kenny’s heartfelt outpouring, they provide instead a self-serving and pompous lecture on Vatican procedures, and even go so far as to hint that the Irish government should not have referred Cloyne to the commission of investigation.

Let me try to simplify this.  The Vatican’s internal rules are irrelevant.  What the Pope said and when he said it are irrelevant.  Kenny spoke about the things that matter, and it makes no difference that some gobshite in Rome went through his speech line by line.  He was talking about abuse, and the concealment of abuse, and the obstruction of due process to investigate that abuse.  He was talking about bishops and cardinals and popes abusing their position to make sure that rapists did not suffer.

It doesn’t matter what exact words Enda Kenny uttered.  It doesn’t matter what anyone said, and there’s no point going through people’s words line by line because none of it matters.

The Vatican still doesn’t understand that none of this is relevant.  In the same week that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin spoke of a cabal in the highest levels of the church protecting abusers, what matters is that priests have been systematically fucking Irish children for generations.  What matters is that the people in charge of the priests either did nothing to prevent it, or were actively involved in it themselves, and perhaps still are, as Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has hinted.

What matters is that the Vatican appoints these people and therefore carries ultimate responsibility for what they do.

Isn’t it amazing that an organisation claiming to teach morals to millions of people is unable to understand such simple moral truths?

These, you might recall, are the same people who ignored a letter from the commission, and when I say ignored, I mean that they didn’t acknowledge receiving the formal request for information.  Instead, they instructed our government that all contact should be made through diplomatic channels.

Curiously, when this foreign state appoints the bishops who oversee the child abusers, and who control over 90% of Irish schools, they see no need to use diplomatic channels.  Who could blame them?  For years, the Irish state has bowed and scraped, has accorded them special status and has given them control over our youngest and most vulnerable.

Is it any wonder they behave with such arrogant swagger?


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Irish government’s reply

Interesting analysis of the Vatican’s word-games HERE.  More mental reservation.

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    I fervently hope that Enda Kenny has the cojones to see this through to conclusion. Ratzinger may sit up and pay attention when the likes of Magee are facing prosecution for their attempts to obstruct and pervert the course of justice.


    It brings to mind that warped old platitude;
    “If I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you!”.


    What’s next, will they threaten to excommunicate us?


    Leave them alone-
    They are doing a great job-
    Digging their own grave.


    Sigh. I’ve being saying it for years. Arrest them. Prosecute them. Jail them. Simple as that.


    Well, you have to admit, Kenny’s speech certainly roused them! And, he’s standing by it, so fair dues where it’s due.

    I suspect this:

    These, you might recall, are the same people who ignored a letter from the commission, and when I say ignored, I mean that they didn’t acknowledge receiving the formal request for information. Instead, they instructed our government that all contact should be made through diplomatic channels.

    is exactly what Kenny was referring to as a “frustration of an enquiry as recently as three years ago.” And maybe they’ll treat the next commission with more respect.


    The term ‘Holy See’ tells you all you need to know as to how these people view themselves. It should be the government of the Vatican State or suchlike, if they have diplomatic relations with another State like Ireland.

    The colution – kick out any and every one of them that refuses to abide by the laws of the land, like the Candians did with the Christian Brothers recently and the French did over 100 years ago.


    There is little use or enjoyment to be had in our watching them dig a grave. The true fun might reside in seeing them collectively inhabit one, preferably unmarked.


    Interesting deconstruction of the language in the response of the frocked ones (and their “mental reservation”) from Michael Nugent
    (discovered through Richard Dawkins’ website).

    Weasel words from the Vatican, to pretend they put the law of the land on equal footing with their own club rules (a.k.a. canon law).


    I am a survivor protesting in front of the Vatican embassy in Washington for 13 years
    John Wojnowski


    John, I wasn’t sure, after reading your website, what the protest is designed to achieve. How will you know when it’s time to stop?


    Very well put Bock. The post, along with Dazman and Tony S’s comments say everything I believe. Jobs for the boys gone totally wrong…Maybe us Irish were more influential on the Vatican than we’d like to think.

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