Dale Farm and the Global Financial Crisis

I have an idea.  Why don’t the Dale Farm travellers occupy Wall Street?

A gang of angry Pavees with piebalds and campfires would piss off the bankers a lot more than a few well-meaning middle-class academics.

Sulky races outside JP Morgan.  A pile of scrap metal in the foyer of the Stock Exchange.  Will ya buy shares in that, Boss?  Mini-skirted teenagers praying to tree stumps.

Tarmac on the carpet of the Fed.

Besides, when the NYPD beat them off the street, we’ll all have sympathy for them: another first for the Pavees.

Everyone’s a winner, except the Wall Street fat cats who have to put up with travellers knocking on the window of their hundredth-floor penthouses.  D’ya want the aul gutters cleaned there, Boss?

What do you think?  I reckon it’s a winner all round.  It might even open up another business opportunity: occupying things.  Wouldn’t it be nice for them to have an occupation?

29 thoughts on “Dale Farm and the Global Financial Crisis

  1. BOCK, Narrow minded RACIST POPULIST BASTARD, may you burn in hell, LIMERICK YEAH, yeas have a history or RACIST PROGRAMS,HOUNDING the poor oul JEWS for instance, last time I visit this RACIST site,……..

  2. Just as classy as you Bock,only my excuse is I never went to Collage, so you should know better, I left school when i was 14, but I know what humanitarianism is, go read “If This is a Man” by Primo Levi, or “Life and Fate” by Vasily Grossman,you ignorant AR@s##le, and then write the above racist and populist shite you wrote above,,F##¤@K Y##%U, again BURN IN HELL, you racist ba@¤%sd or maybe you are just reflecting what everybody else thinks in Limerick thinks,(come on Limerick tell me I dont know)as regards Travelers I lived among them in Wexford in the 1970ts, but of all the ++++s and —-s I would not want the Holocaust you are pointing towards, YEAH GO READ GROSSMAN YOU……

  3. @harrky. I reckon you’ll find they are the same race as you and I, but have just been found out to be a bunch of chancers is all…….

  4. I know it’s just a joke, I promise.

    What annoys me about Dale Farm though, is that everyone harps on about planning permission, like we all suddenly give a fuck.
    The Dale Farm evictions are about a bunch of people in the area wanting as few travellers as possible living near them.
    They might have convincing reasons by their own standards, but it’s like a town in the US wanting to evict as many people form the black part of town as possible,
    because it’s associated with crime.

    The evictions aren’t racist, just staggeringly callous and cyncial.

  5. Hmm, wasn’t expecting my photo to show up there. Thanks, Gravatar. Fuck it though, I’ll wear it.

  6. Nice one Bock but you’ll have to get them airline tickets for the Hi-Ace Vans . Great idea and laughed me a** off

  7. I’m curious now if the whole hoo ha of ” protesters ” on the site at Dale Farm and the Evictee’s will just pack up and go now that the media focus is back on Libya and the reports of the demise of Ghadaffi will most likely shove Dale Farm onto a media backburner.

  8. You’re a genius Bock. I was going to suggest that the Dale Farm people should occupy the Nama ghost estates, but you’ve taken it to a whole new level. This could save the world (I’m serious).

  9. See that’s the point that dreadlocked nutters like Harrky don’t get, probably because they’re off their tits on ganja the whole time. This plan will make Pavees the heroes of the entire world.

  10. Gypsies, Pikes, Pavees; Romany’s; or as they like to be called; ‘Travellers. Now that’s a contradiction in terms! And who the hell is this idiot Harrky?

  11. First laugh in an otherwise shit day. Thanks man. The internet’s great. I hear you can even get it on computers now!

  12. Bock, many times I’ve read your blog, and many times I’ve enjoyed what you have written, and on the whole, I reckon you do a fairly good job with the site and long may it continue.


    Firstly, not that I agree with Harrky, let me make that perfectly clear, but your response to his ‘post’ is typical of most any criticism that a person may leave that does not pander or subscribe to your own opinions. Ignoring the likes of Harrky to my mind would serve better at making a point that any response would.

    Secondly, the internet anonymity status you enjoy makes any retort you provide look, well, tired. It reeks of an “I’m going home and I’m taking my ball with me” mentality that is so sadly prevalent these days on wordpress sites.

    But slagging off pikeys is still funny, no matter how ya twist it.

  13. I sometimes wonder what it is the internet does to people when they take to writing and posting their stuff.
    What polarizes yesterday polarizes still; that won’t change. But where’s the thinking in any of it?
    The Wall street suggestion you put is clearly ludicrous, but still the polarized appear.
    Clearly you are widely read and at times, even misunderstood.

  14. AOD, Harrky’s other personally abusive comments were not published, nor will they be.

    And this is not a football – it’s a website, paid for and maintained at considerable effort, and nobody has a God-given right to be published on it, especially someone incapable of posting anything but abuse. I recommend having a quick look at the section on comments policy.

  15. A website with standards. Well who know it was possible.
    Worth the effort of good spellins n all dat.
    I know a place where Harrky’d fit in well. All he needs to be able to do is type the words ‘you cunt’.

    Anyways good idea there Bock. I remember this one time some tinkers camped up outside a company I worked for as they got wind that the CEO was going to be in town. They were paid a few bob to beat it apparently. I’m not so sure they set up camp for any noble reasons at all.. as they quickly moved on when they got their few shillin’s. Or maybe they’re just a misunderstood bunch of misfortunes. hmm.

  16. There’s a widespread mistaken belief that people have the right to free speech on other people’s websites.

    They do not, any more than they have the right to get a letter published in a newspaper.

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