Fianna Fáil Insider Tops Presidential Polls

An entrepreneur is somebody who makes money by spotting ideas and taking chances.  By this definition, at least, Sean Gallagher is absolutely an entrepreneur, though not for the reasons you might think.

Sean’s previous entrepreneurial experience seems to be fairly light.  He set up one company, which he is no longer involved with, and apart from that, he seems to have spent most of his time working for Fianna Fáil or sitting on boards of quangos as a Fianna Fáil nominee.

In his spare time, he presents himself as a businessman on the semi-fictional entertainment show, Dragon’s Den, though there seems to be no evidence in real life of this business gift he keeps talking about — indeed, we’re told he currently lives on €200 a week, which isn’t a whole lot for a Dragon, wouldn’t you think?  How on earth does he buy into the schemes of competitors when he’s living barely above the dole himself?

Seán’s educational background seems to be equally light, and he seems remarkable coy about his schooling, for reasons best known to himself.  Maybe he doesn’t want people to find out he has precisely the same qualifications as Bertie Ahern.  For all I know, they were even at the LSE together, delivering that pizza.

Forget your old peann luaidhe

Seán’s website is revealing.  It claims that he was was the co-founder of Smarthomes, but of course, Seán is no longer associated with this loss-making venture.  Apart from that he claims to have built up a successful business presence in Ireland, but he doesn’t specify exactly what that might entail.

As an entrepreneur for over a decade, the website says, Seán has helped to mentor other budding entrepreneurs through RTE’s successful Dragons’ Den (sic) and through his work with County Enterprise Boards and Chambers of Commerce around the country.


But on what basis does he hold these roles apart from possessing a brass neck?  He appears to have almost no track record of successful trade, and yet, county enterprise boards — publicly-funded bodies — are hiring him to advise people about setting up in business.

Why would a public body engage a man with a negligible degree of business success to guide budding entrepreneurs?  I can’t understand this.

Now, nobody is suggesting that Seán got these gigs through his Fianna Fáil connections, but the optics are bad and besides, there are plenty of political hacks around the country who got similar handy jobs by political influence, so people could hardly be blamed for asking tough questions.

However, if an entrepreneur is one who spots a good idea and takes a chance, the current presidential campaign may be his master stroke.  If he can convince the electorate that he just accidentally happened to find himself on the Fianna Fáil national executive, that he never saw the inside of the Galway Tent, that he wouldn’t know Bertie Ahern from Lady Gaga and that he isn’t in reality still embedded in the FF machine up to his oxters, Seán collects the biggest prize of all.  Seven, perhaps fourteen, years free of money worries, living in chauffeured luxury with almost no real work to do, no responsibility and few obligations.

In return for this sinecure, Seán must try not to use the wrong fork at State dinners and refrain from tucking the tablecloth into his shirt collar.

Meanwhile, Mrs Dragon has informed the media that if Seán is elected, she’d like to be the first First Spouse to start a family in the Big House.  Too much information, in my opinion, but there you go.  Different strokes, if you’ll forgive the expression.  It’ll be just like having our very own Posh ‘n’ Becks.  Come in, Áras, yer dinner is poured out.

Of course, if the people of Ireland elect a Fianna Fáil hack as president, a person who was deeply involved with this party while it was actively selling our country down the river, you would have to wonder what is wrong with us.

Are we a nation of masochists, or are we just idiots?

According to the P60 he published recently, Seán Gallagher earned a total of €12,133.32 in 2010.  I would have thought a man who touts himself as a hugely successful entrepreneur would do slightly better than €240 a week, wouldn’t you?  Especially since his gigantic business success is one of the main planks of his campaign.

Now we know the truth: this isn’t a presidential campaign for Sean.  It’s the world’s most public application for social housing.


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I’m baffled by his poll ratings. I’ll be asking a few people over the coming weeks if/why they are voting for him & trying to understand. He reminds me of the shifty businessman type they like to portray in the simpsons, you know, eyes swivelling left & right when asked a question.

Well the polls are what they are Bock, and I`m as baffled as Essodee here.

If it is of any consolation tho it would seem that those who have said it is their intention to vote for this huckster are mostly young, a group who never seem to vote anyway. How true this is will be revealed after the count is over.

Another consolation is the job itself, how long this ff chancer will stick it is another story.

Don’t like this particular baldy bollox (nothing to do with the lack of hair…I like Jean Luc Picard). Refuses to acknowledge the damage Fianna Fail has done to the country. Maybe people will cop on to him and his rating will plummet but we’re not known for our sensible well informed electorate

Argh…it’s too depressing to think of that out and out hack getting elected as President…..nearly as bad as that Mc Aleese wan (although the one thing she did well was getting yer wan from Inge-lind here and getting her to bow …….

time for me tae………..

I don’t like the stench of this circus at all. There appear to be sinister forces at work.

I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams how the electorate could be so stupid as to vote for this worm.

Good piece, not enough criticism being levelled against him in the media.

I agree don’t think he was even a good Dragon let alone Presidential candidate, shielded from attention by the equally useless Sarah Newman.

He didn’t exactly dig deep and stick his fat neck out when it came to investments.

He was struggling with the guy speaking Irish to him on the mean streets of Galway yesterday, made his excuses (in English) and bailed.

Sick to death of the whole campaign at this stage.

Hobson’s Choice really

Mrs Pro Life or Mrs Quango Special Olympics

Baldy Positivity or Grey Mitchell

The thug or the Naieve Senator

Or Bandy Bollocks

A little clarity please Bock for those of us that haven’t filled in a P60 before, what is it exactly? Is it a statement on earnings? Total income? If it is the case that he was on about €250 a week have we got another Bertie on our hands with no Bank Account?

This, apparently, is a statement of Seán’s income for 2010. Of course, he might have other investments, but if so, he has chosen not to reveal that income. For all I know, he might be a remarkably successful gambler on the side.

This vain ridiculous deluded pathetic ballbag probably wont win, thankfully, but if he comes within 5 percentage points of the man who shambles around this country reciting poetry “AT” people then there really is no hope.

He’s taken a very small salary from his own company,low enough not to pay tax.
You can bet your sweet bippy that he takes one fuck of a lot more in expenses.
Another corrupt FF turd.If he wins the election it will explain why in Britain
jokes that we make about Kerry people have an Irishman as the subject.

“In return for his sinecure, Sean must try not to use the wrong fork at state dinners and refrain from tucking the tablecloth into his shirt collar” You’ve gone too far Bock, thats completely unreasonable,he’s F***** F*** remember we have to be some way fair here.Should he be elected I’d just be happy if he didn’t go around sticking his mickey in through peoples’ letter boxes.

That P60 is for earnings from Smarthomes Ltd employment. you’re right bock he could have other earnings. you’d have to see the final statement from Revenue showing all incomes declared. Michael D is the one for me. In fairness, who is likely to cost us less in pension costs?

I had a hand in one of his business ventures. I won’t name it, but it’s about retrieving planning permissions from county councils and selling them on to developers.

I worked for a small company at the time. The boss and his friend came up with the idea. Sean was brought in to add some “credibility” and business experience to the idea. Three heads, 33% shares each.

I wrote the program, got it working, and we had it ready to go. For weeks. And weeks. While the bosses dickered.

Eventually, I got word that the whole thing had fallen apart. Sean had dictated that my boss (of the company which built and paid for the thing) /will/ sell his stake in it for pretty much nothing. His reasoning was that the idea was all his, and that our company had been merely the pawns that built it.

I won’t be voting for him. He’s a capitalist, with the morals of a leech.

Staying anonymous because I’m a semi-regular poster here and I don’t want any legal flack from the possible future president of Das Reich. Bock, you have my email address anyway!

Given that Seán seems to have no business track record, what credibility was he expected to provide?

By the way, there’s nothing defamatory in what you said, so forget about legal flak.

(Bock pedantic aside: FLAK. Flugabwehrkanone)

no fucking idea. it’s all magic to me. at the time, I’d never heard his name, but I’d been close enough to blood-sucking money vampires to know one. they all have the same aura of confidence and “I know better” around them that makes the hairs on my neck stand up.

” Credibilty ” in Irish terms seems to mean how much absolute and utter bollocks can be spouted and which arsehole is impressed by same.

Been thinking about this all evening, if this bastard – who is after all a complete, total and absolute nothing – gets in,it will be a disaster for this country and me thinks,finally,it might be time to leave. Dont make me leave Irish public all my stuff is here.

No matter who gets in life won’t change a bit. The question I think is which is the least offensive on the list!!

What happens if the president goes bankrupt?

Is there a similar law,like they have for T.D’s?You know,the one that didn’t apply to Beverley Cooper Flynn.

An entrepreneur is a title that became popular during the Tiger, years ago they would have been known as a Chancer, a Developer (another title that rose during the Tiger) is a Chancer with contacts.God help Ireland if this Chancer becomes it’s figurehead

There is a good chance that this guy will win, it seems that no lessons have been learned and that we all passively stand by and watch the continued economic rape of this country.

Gallagher still ahead in the polls today. He will now win. This is so serious folks, most people are soulless fucking monkeys. Shocking, depressing and unbelievable. Turn on Newstalk now goodish discussion.

The Sindo is suggesting that the same neo FF shower of spineless cunts that elected Ahern, McCeevy and Cowen will impose this sleveen gombeen bollox on us.
Anybody hear his interview with Tom Dunne on Newstalk? What a tosser.

It could be the Dustin factor. maybe the people are giving the two fingers to the establishment? – Maybe expecting too much there.

I look at those polls and wonder why I haven’t emigrated yet.

I would honestly rather Dana got in than we rewarded a Fianna Failer with the highest office in the land and 30-odd years of a pension.


Written by someone who has never written a check to the Revenue and who has no understanding of business as well as little commmonsense.

Smarthomes, for all its alleged faults, employed 100 people. The payroll taxes (tax & PRSI of the individual as well as employers PRSI) on these 100 people would be of the order of 20K * 100 people = to $2 million per annum. If the good run lasted 5 years, then that would be €10 million. Without Sean Gallagher that €10 million would not have existed.

When you have written a check for a million quid to the revenue, come back to us.

And if you had any cop on at all, you would understand why his P60 is so small. He is living on his savings and looking for the next thing to invest in. That is what entrepreneurs do when they exit companies.

So tell us, do you despise entrepreneurs.

Do you aspire to be a Trade Union official or a civil servant who takes delight in making things difficult for entrepreneurs.

No wonder the smart people are bailing out with attitudes like this all over the place.

There is no mystery as to where gallagher is getting his support from. The FF vote is approx 40% and those that abandoned the party in the general election have now returned to the fold to support their man for the aras. Make no mistake about it, our next president will be a FF one. Yes FF are back with a bang. Dont vomit now Bock.

Who on earth is voting for this guy, I’ve asked about 20 people and nobody said they were giving him a vote. I’m baffled!
Is there any chance that the people in the Irish Times poll who gave him No 1 are unlikely to bother voting anyway, i.e not serious about voting, disillusioned and giving his name to the poller as they recognise him from TV.

@ 40 Shades

I think the point was being made that the distinction between entrepreneur and gombeen man is blurred. Both write cheques to revenue. One whines about trade unions, civil servants and paying his/her staff a decent salary. The other gets on with it.

> I’d never heard his name, but I’d been close enough to blood-sucking money
> vampires to know one. they all have the same aura of confidence and “I know > better” around them that makes the hairs on my neck stand up.


It seems he got his comeuppance tonight. He didn’t recollect from whom he received a cheque. Cavan entrepreneurs everwhere must be cringing.

Sean Gallagher – A shifty, lying F***** F*** hack! This is the best article I’ve read about him. There’s been a curious lack of real criticism of him in the media! If he gets in, I’ll be disgusted with the people of this land. I’d only vote him over Dana. Neither of them merit the opportunity to even run for this office.

It appears yet again that the people of Ireland are still exercising poor judgementre people in public life, particularly politicians. They’re still dazzled by sleight of hand, chicanery and smoke and mirrors.Have we learned nothing over the past ten years or so. In they’re aversion to politicians we seem to have thrown the baby out with the bath-water and have shown a distrust of all politicians even when this may not be meritied. What can Gallagher possibly offer? Time will tell but I fear he will prove out of his depth,inarticulate in the company of world leaders and somewhat of an embarrassment in short. What qualities are required of a president? someone who is highly familiar with the constitiution, someone whoactually stands for something and doesn’t merely regard the country as an economy but as a society and who seeks an inclusive one. Someone who is erudite and articulate and has shown good judgement and a capacity for diplomacy.Someone who will not be out of place when meeting foreign leaders – someone with good table-manners, given the high number of functions to be attended! There are a number of candidates who, to my mind meet these, three in all. I know which one I will be voting for and it won’t be Sean Gallagher. If he is voted in it proves that nothing has been learned, we are politically myopic as a nation and we really will get what we deserve.

Good riddance.Even at this moment Miriam O Callaghan is still massaging his ego on RTE.And he is still peddling the same bullshit and telling how Trish was his rock. I think im going to cry.

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