Gilad Shalit and the Nameless Hundreds

As a father, I’m glad to hear that Gilad Shalit was finally reunited with his family who love him.

I’m also glad to hear that the hundreds of Palestinian young men traded for his freedom are now also with their families who love them just as much.

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Yes. It’s too much to hope. Ahlam Tamimi , the girl convicted of the Sbarro Pizza restaurant massacre has vowed to keep up the fight. It’s an Islamic land, she says.

I was going to play devil’s advocate and point out that atheism has also been used in fundamentalist ways to justify murder.

but I can’t think of a case where an individual has come to this conclusion. Only Stalinist states.

Christians and Jews can both define their living space in those terms. However both seem to be able to get beyond it as well. For example, the parents of one of those killed in Ahlam Tamimmi’s bomb set up a charity in her name to continue the work she did with special needs children. It’s non-sectarian.

As an Israeli mother who lost her son said:-
QUOTE:I think of my beloved David; if he had not been killed by a sniper, he would probably have been at the tent supporting the Shalit family. He would have understood the value of human life. He would have understood that in the conflict in Ireland and in South Africa, prisoners with no less blood on their hands than the Palestinian prisoners were freed so that an impetus for negotiations could be created. Some of the greatest peacemakers in those two countries came out of dark cells.UNQUOTE,7340,L-4136282,00.html

I’m sure we could, but they’re practically out of the ME equation now and they’re not being released in exchange for Shalit. I was trying not to wander off the reservation.

My point is that most of them are. And when released they vow to repeat their activities, whereas their victims in many cases vow to do some good in the world.There are, of course bitter relatives of victims and some fighters won’t go back to promoting suicide attacks but it would appear that both those are minorities within theoir own communities.

Basil, I see echoes of many past failed strategies in N.I.


Under supervision, settler kids organise themselves to taunt and attack Palestinian Schoolchildren on their way home from school. Looks like the army are just there to make sure the Palestinian kids don’t throw any rocks back!
Remember Holycross?

Lesson in how soldiers put manners on Palestinian kids –
(at least they didn’t shoot him dead I suppose)

These citizens are supposed to be in the protection of Israel as Israel is in occupation.
Some protection, Israel’s policy is clearly to destroy their infrastructure , economy, dispossess them of land, and leave them with nothing.

There are those entenched in their views here, thats the way of it. – well, I am entrenched in my view that Israel is a bully state that has no intention of ever returning to “it’s own” (1948) borders in any circumstances, “does not care tuppence for international law, or humatinarian need”, and facilitates the activities of armed zionist bigot “settler” (euphamism for PLANTER) land-grabbers many of which in my view are the lowest form of life on this planet. And yes – of course there are many Israeli citizens, Jews, Christians and others, who campaign against Israel’s “foreign policy” , no-one is disputing that.

Can’t disagree but I would hope (maybe futile but) for peaceful co-existence. I have some Jewish friends who disagree with the whole attitude in Israel and the country is just isolating itself and who knows what will happen (usually sides become polarised and then kaboom)

Even up North there is still some aggression between the ‘sides’

We can but hope.

Or, what hope of peace is there while we have people who think the Palestinians have no other option for resisting the occupation than violence ?


I haven’t given up.

Our host permitting, I’d like to hear your thoughts on ideas for some effective, non-violent, resistance options open to the Palestinian people. Ideas that haven’t proven to be totally futile, if you don’t mind.

Simple. They acknowlege Israels right to exist. As Israel that is. Everything else follows on from that. Not, we’ll accept a two state solution but reserve the right to fight on, which is the usual stunt they pull. Oh yeah, they could stop selling arabic translations of The Protocols as well. Might settle a few nerves in Israel that.
Oh, Tommy…don’t give up ! Keep on hanging around the Israeli Embassy chanting ” Palestine free from the Jordan to the sea “. Haven’t you figured out yet that decent people run a mile from that shit ?
Oh, Tommy..what’s your problem with black soldiers that you single them out for a dose of your very own special wit ?

OK, so far we have censorship of the press and unconditional recognition of the state of Israel, is that correct? Which Israel would you like to see Palestinians accept, the Israel of 1948, 1973, 1982 or 2005?

I imagine that that is a matter for negotiation ? I’m only saying that they should accept the existance of Israel qua Israel. I was suggesting a get- a- grip moment rather than censorship by the way.

lapsedmethodist, now you’re suggesting that I’m an indecent racist. In a previous post you called my genes and my upbringing into question. I think you would fit right in on the Israeli negiotating team!

Tommy. Far be it from me to read into your Indy post anything that any casual observer wouldn’t.

bock I never heard of it until Lapsedmethodist mistook me for Tommy Donnelan. I’m currently listening to a very informative radio interview.
I have to thank lapsedmethodist for that lead. I in fact had not heard of TD prior to that. He must believe that anti-Zionists are so few there’s not 2 Tommys between them!

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