Greece Bondholders face 60% Haircut

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Oct 222011

Suddenly, it turns out that bondholders can be burned after all.  Speculators in banking stocks can actually be forced to take responsibility for their gambling debts, but only if they bet in the Greek bookie-shop.

On the other hand, if they laid their bets in Ireland, they can’t lose.  In the coming week, we Irish will be handing out €700 million to unsecured gamblers, a measure that wasn’t even required by the agreement with the EU, IMF and ECB troika.

That’s €700 million that will have to be cut in the forthcoming budget.

How do you feel about that?


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    I could kill.
    But I won’t.
    There’s more to be getting on with.


    We can always wait till they give us the final instalment and go “Sound for that, cheers,…. about that few bob, a bit stuck at the moment…you know yourself, sound.”


    Incandescent.****. Our day will come soon enough.


    Seeeeth. Fume……smoke from the ears but…….quietly angry (the worst sort)


    The Greeks are probably going to leave the Euro…..blood from a stone ?
    Basil McHerb ” quietly angry ” maybe that’s why we will suck it up because the reaction of the Greek people made it clear they would not.

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