Occupy Wall Street Movement Grows

Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested

How ironic that Barack Obama should become the new Richard Nixon.   The cool, right-on, youthful President of 2009  has morphed into the CEO who presides over mass arrests of peaceful citizens protesting against the criminality of Wall Street.  So much for the First Amendment.

For generations, the United States has been telling us about its love of Freedom.  In film, on TV and from its politicians, we’re subjected to platitudes about the Free World, whatever that is, and about the US President’s place as leader of that free world, even though we didn’t elect him.

I don’t know if the poorer citizens of, for instance, El Salvador, were down on their knees thanking their God as the thugs of the Arena Party slaughtered them for seeking basic human rights.  I doubt very much if the people of Nicaragua felt particularly free when Ollie North was selling guns to Iran on behalf of his boss, Ronnie Reagan, then Leader of the Free World, and channelling the money via the CIA to the Contra murderers who acted on the instructions of United Fruit and Nabisco.  I’d be very surprised indeed if the people of VietNam felt especially free when the US installed a crook to control half their country and called it South VietNam.  Did the Cambodians feel a surge of pride when Henry Kissinger bombed them into the Stone Age?

Did the Iraqis give praise as the Leader of the Free World sent tanks and bombers to destroy their country even though they had done nothing to provoke the assault?

But still, at least in the Heartland of the Free, you’d at least expect its own citizens to have liberties, would you not? Especially the right enshrined in the US constitution, second only to the Holy Bible as the greatest book in the world, and possibly written by the same author.   Surely in America, it would be the inalienable right of Americans to speak their mind about reptiles like this guy:

It appears not.  People are being rounded up by the hundred for walking the streets of US cities, expressing their opinions on what has been done to them by bankers.  It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to see in the Soviet Union..

Forty years ago, in Kent State University, a bunch of kids protesting against the VietNam war were gunned down by the National Guard.  This week, 700 people were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge for protesting about the activities of Wall Street, and it can only be a matter of time before someone is killed.  Well, now it’s time to shit or get off the pot.  Do they really hold freedom of speech in such esteem, or is it just another movie prop, a MacGuffin to be produced when the leading man needs to make a great speech?  Certainly, on recent evidence, neither freedom of speech nor any of the other supposedly treasured principles such as presumption of innocence, seem to count for much in the new paranoid, fundamentalist United States, where the sound-bite has replaced rational thinking and Fox has replaced real news with a cartoon version to divert the idiot underclass.

Has all the great talk about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness just been hot air?  It’s beginning to look that way, and people are starting to realise it.

21 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street Movement Grows

  1. The U.S.A. has replaced political thought among its citizens with an all consuming consumerist thought process. On the other hand its great to see some young americans becoming radicalised, despite the mind numbing consumerism in the west, but especially in the USA, Where are all these kids mothers and fathers? Why aren’t they out on the streets supporting their children’s cry for one simple demand. “A Presidential commission be set up to separate money from politics in the U.S.A.” A noble demand in my openion. So remove your collective fat ass’s off your sofas and get out there on the streets supporting your kids. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. Well said Bock, I think many people are realising that whoever you have in the white house, congress, Dail they are all bought off. Like the banker in the video says “governments don’t rule the world…” Government in the Western World have been bought off long ago, For too long war has been waged under the pretence of noble reasons for the protection and expansion of the corporate Empire. We in Ireland have had our morality corrupted by the initial benefits of being assimilated into this empire. Now more and more are realising this and it has to change. I used to be proud to be Irish, I was proud that we fought colonialism and empire and that we supported neutrality and peace. Both of these we have given away for a shiny dollar or two as our government sits like a teachers pet taking orders from the US and the EU. The system has now failed and what do our rulers prescribe? the hair of the dog, more debt(bailouts) and more power to the EU. We need to wake the fuck up and stand up for ourselves and protest or we will be the laughing stock of the world. Gerald Celente and Max Keiser two brilliant people, whenever they speak of the opposition to austerity in Europe they mention Greece Spain France the uk and others, but it breaks my heart when they get to the end of the list and they cannot say Ireland. The #Occupywallstreet movement is spreading #occupydamestreet starts this saturday the 8thOct the press release link is here https://www.facebook.com/notes/occupy-dame-street/occupy-dame-street-press-release-03102011/298752803474749 .

  3. This is just the thin end of the wedge.In less than a century corporations
    will rule the world.Governments no longer have the legal monopoly on
    violence as companies like Blackwater have shown.
    Introduce your children to John Twelve Hawks and George Orwell. Tell them
    about The White Rose – scare them shitless then teach them spycraft.

  4. As of 28th August 2011 15% of U.S. population were on Food Stamps, truly shocking statistic. Land of the Free my ass

  5. Excellent post. The media are a major part of this arrangement. It’s ironic that in an era when we are fed more “news” than any time before, so many people can’t see the wood for the trees.
    News is mainly reported by the popular media as isolated events / incidents, little time given to proper context and analysis of the events and the circumstances that gives rise to them. Unfortunately the quick hit headline “up to 40 people have been killed in…. ” seems the preferred option. It’s a weird sort of entertainment like reality TV – but does it really inform?

  6. Let me tell you Mr Nixon, I served with Barack Obama, I knew Barack Obama – Mr. Nixon, you’re no Barack Obama.

    For served and knew , replace with supported and continue to support.

    Cheap shots against the only good guy to come out of the Washington morass in the past decade.

    I almost cut my hair too.

  7. Certainly, on recent evidence, neither freedom of speech nor any of the other supposedly treasured principles such as presumption of innocence, seem to count for much in the new paranoid, fundamentalist United States, where the sound-bite has replaced rational thinking…

    It’s deeper than that, way deeper. There has been a wholesale shift in how our society understands, interprets, and debates the truth. This comic sums it all up basically.

    Related is the book On Bullshit by Harry G Frankfurt, in which the author defines the essence of Bullshit as “the indifference to truth”. Our entire society–at its operating political level at least–has become completely indifferent to the truth and we are consequently mired in bullshit with no idea of what we should actually be doing, or even what we are doing in many cases.

  8. Well this is nothing new really as the history of america is peppered with a loose version of ‘human rights’. Look at the apartheid which existed for so long in the southern (and the northern) states long after the emancipation of slaves after the civil war. How about the long history of corporate towns where ‘I sold my soul to the company store’ where people sold themselves into virtual slavery by taking a job with ‘the company'(all legally upheld by the legal system).

    I find the interview with the trader bollix particularly maddening (the smug little shit) and he said it all. The world is owned and controlled by Goldmann Sachs and the traders. Look how the ‘markets’ are currently controlling the world, particularly Europe and our own little mess of a country. Sold down the swanee and wrecked by rogue bankers, politicians and ‘civil servants’. I wonder……………..yep, probably part of the conspiracy ………………

    So no surprise that Obama is on the side of corporate America …………..maybe we should all join in the civil disobedience but how………..hmm, have to think this out…..

  9. Basil if you think of a way that dosn’t involve getting batoned off the street I’m in

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