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Oct 262011

Ireland has to make a decision now.

It can elect a gobshite as president, creating a national embarrassment for at least seven years, or it can pull back and think again.

It can elect a shallow, insubstantial waffler to become Head of State, or not, as the case may be.

Ireland can elect a complete bullshitter, sending a message to the rest of the world that this country is still a place where spin and nonsense are more important than substance and skill.

On the other hand, Ireland could grow up and stop electing absolute chancers to high office.

Maybe it’s about time Ireland grew up.

Is this gobshite the same calibre as Seán T Ó Ceallaigh, Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh, Mary MacAleese, Mary Robinson or Erskine Childers?

What do you think?

I think we need a president of substance, not a gobshite.  That’s all I think, and I’m hoping the people of Ireland think the same.



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    Are you mad? X factor is the biz now Bock


    Hope so Bock.


    Well said Bock. There’s still hope. Hope you don’t mind me sharing a link with you to this HuffPost article I wrote:


    Looks like Michael D. Bock. What do you think?


    Delighted to see Michael D. storming home. A lifetime of decent work and a good oul’ skin. Took a course in UCG on Irish Parish Pump Politics from him that was absolutely fabulous . Couldn’t be happier for him.
    Inda and Michael D – the Wesht’s awake.


    Gallagher has conceded. Michael D seems to be over the line.


    A good way to start the weekend. Your posts will have influenced some votes and helped avert a disaster. You have done the country a service, therefore. Arise Sir Bock.


    Hardly. People will make up their own minds based on information, not on anything I might say.


    It still scares me how many people voted for Gallagher. We still have a long way to go before we can honestly say we have learned anything..


    Theres a former workmate of mine,now retired,who originally came from west Clare. I wont say exactly where he lived but it was between Quilty and Doolin. Now imagine the beauty of that stretch and what it would be like to live there winter or summer. My buddy told me he got out of the place as soon as he reached the age of eighteen for one reason only. The insidious and pernicious influence of Fianna Fail. AOD,one thing you must realise is that theres a hard core of diehards in this country who will continue to vote FF irrespective of their crimes and the crimes of their paymasters.


    I went on a ‘date’ there about 3 weeks ago.
    Nice enough chap. Works in an oil refinery abroad.
    Was blabbering on that all this country needs is to find some gas or oil..hmmm. Said he voted for FF in the last election because they’re the only ones with the competence to run the country.. and ‘sure if you were offered brown envelopes wouldn’t you take them too, anyone would’.
    Yeah, just going to the bathroom. Be right back. buh byeeeee.

    They are definitely some diehard FF morons out there.
    Having to emigrate because of the fuckers and still supporting them.
    Makes no sense. Maybe ‘it were all the leeehman brudders fault’ spiel is believed. who knows.


    What about Dana? some portion of the electorate are barking mad, all the flaws of the other six put together wouldn’t even touch her…..will Carlos get her the next time?


    Gallagher did so well because threr are still plenty of people obsessed with the crumbs that fall from the top table.
    the letter from a TD or the PP was more important than ability or qualifications, these people haven’t gone away you know.

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