Sally Morgan, Psychic, Challenged To Put Up or Shut Up

Professional psychics make money from the fears and insecurities of bereaved people, by claiming to contact the dead.  Vulnerable people pay them large amounts of money to attend readings, in the hope of contacting their lost loved-ones and in return for the money, the psychics report conversations with loved-ones.

It’s a pity that some of us are unable to let go of those we loved, but it happens, and professional psychics are waiting out there to take advantage of their desperate need to stay in touch with those they care for.  People like Sally Morgan, who recently appeared on Irish radio and who was accused of rigging a show in front of an audience.

Some people who hear voices are diagnosed as schizophrenic while others are paid millions. Isn’t that strange?

Science is often accused of being a belief system, but of course is the complete opposite.  Presented with evidence, science is at all times ready to change its mind, and so it happens that Sally Morgan is presented with a unique opportunity.   Sally has been invited to prove her wonderful gifts on the Hallowe’en Challenge, supported by James Randi.  At stake could be a million-dollar prize for Sally, which is no small thing.  After all, who could turn down a million dollars, even if they happen to be coining it from vulnerable people calling on premium-rate phone lines, desperately seeking some contact with deceased loved-ones?

Simon Singh, one of the test’s instigators, is a scrupulous defender of the scientific method.  Sally will have the opportunity to demonstrate beyond doubt that she possesses the psychic gift in a simple experiment.  Without being able to read a person’s body language or ask them questions and size up their reactions, Sally will be invited to make predictions and tell people what their loved-ones are saying.  The questions will probably be in written form, which should prove little challenge for a genuine psychic.

This is an opportunity for Sally to silence her critics once and for all while at the same time collecting a million dollars. Why would a genuine psychic turn it down?

After all, a genuine psychic wouldn’t need to read a person’s mannerisms or ask leading questions, so Sally should have little to fear.  Go for it, girl. Silence your critics once and for all. Surely that’s the way to prove that the supernatural is real.  Just show the unbelievers.

I suspect, however, that Sally will decline the offer.




Sally has indeed declined the offer through a lawyer’s letter to Simon Singh threatening libel action.  It appears that people who claim to converse with spirits consider themselves above the normal standards of proof.  Already, it seems, various radio stations have decided not to discuss Sally Morgan for fear of legal action.


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Spiritualists thrived in late nineteenth century years of materialist progress. The 1985 Moving Statues phenomenon in Ireland thrived, for about a year, during an extraordinarily wet summer and in the midst of a recession. The only common environment I can see for magic lantern shows to thrive in is widespread anxiety about social and technical change. One other thing about psychics, spiritualists and moving statues is their show business characteristic. Everybody loves a show. Bring on more circuses to keep people from going berserk.

They’re running a programme down here at present where psychics are given challenges – have to locate a person or an object, whatever. So far, haven’t a clue, no where near
Latest excuse trotted out when one of them was totally wrong, ” I’ll have to give them a good talking to later”, referring to the spirit guides.
No one batted an eyelid, or guffawed in their face.
Psychic. Bollocks.

More than 100 years ago,Ambrose Bierce wrote :

Clairvoyant :
A person,commonly a woman,who has the power of seeing that which is invisible to her patron – namely,that he is a blockhead.

A clairvoyant working with British Police once rang an officer on his way to her house for a meeting to bring in milk if he was on his way. Shouldn’t she have known?

I was going through a tough time once, shit happens as they say.
Losing the plot slightly. Ad for a psychic hotline comes on the telly so decided what the hell, I’ll give them a go. Was about 4 euro a minute I think. Your man on the phone kept saying ‘hmmmmm hmmmmm hold on a minute tis coming to me now.. hmmmmm one more minute, tis coming tis coming’ to keep me on the phone. I just said ‘hmmmmm it’s coming to me that you’re full of shit’ and hung up.
Fucking gangsters most of them.

Of course, there’s another possibility. Who’s to say that Sally Morgan isn’t the victim of an elaborate scam by a race of mind-reading, practical-joking aliens having a laugh? Or perhaps one of L Ron Hubbard’s Thetans has taken up residence inside her head.

She announced after a show on the 31st that it was up to science to prove her and her team wrong than to prove herself right. I’ll track down the link for you later.

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