Seán Gallagher In His Own Words

The plot thickens as Seán Gallagher thrashes around, trying to put the best possible spin on his Fianna Fáil fundraising activities.

Here’s what he told Rachael English on Morning Ireland five days ago:

English: How many people did you invite?

Gallagher: I think I mentioned to possibly three or four people, and I have no idea to this day whether or not they made a donation whatsoever.

Which is odd, wouldn’t you agree, considering the fact that one donor says Gallagher personally came to his home and  collected a €5,000 political donation in return for a promise to meet the Taoiseach.  First dismissing this assertion as a smear, Gallagher then conceded on last night’s Frontline debate, that he might indeed have collected an envelope, er, cheque, from convicted fuel smuggler, Hugh Morgan, and delivered it to a fundraiser for Brian Cowen.

I never knew anyone who could buy access to the prime minister.  Did you? The old people who raised me would have called this corruption and I would have difficulty disagreeing with them, yet the man who wishes to become our president sees no problem with it.

This is the independent candidate, may I just point out?  No party affiliations.  Clean.  Untainted.  Unconnected to the crookery and cronyism of the party that destroyed our economy and our lives through its corruption.  Even more remarkable is the fact that a man with only sporadic connections to Fianna Fáil, as he described them himself, was given authority to offer a convicted smuggler private access to our prime minister in return for money.

The other main plank of Seán Gallagher’s campaign is his much-vaunted business acumen and commercial track record.

We now discover that  SmartHomes is in fact  an electrical wholesaler and electrician service.  They’ll wire your house for phone, TV, audio, video and internet.

They sell you coaxial cable and èlectronic gadgets bought off the internet.  And for this they received a huge start-up grant.

By an extraordinary coincidence, my home is wired for phone, TV, audio, video and internet as well, and I didn’t have to seek help from SmartHomes or anyone else, because a child could do it.  In all likelihood, your house is the same.  In fact, with the new technology now available, much of this is now done wirelessly, rendering the service unnecessary.  So what exactly was Seán Gallagher doing selling coaxial and CAT-5 cable to people, telling them it was high technology?

Look at their (really bad) website.  Here’s what they offer:

Bronze package.  Sockets, cables and plastic back boxes that go into your wall.

Silver package . Speaker cables and sockets.

Gold package. Speaker cable in more than one room.


Mood lighting

Heating control

Socket finishes.

Impressive or what?  They also sell some televisions and speakers.

This is the high-tech business that Seán Gallagher founded.

This is our future president.



Talking Bollocks with Seán

9 thoughts on “Seán Gallagher In His Own Words

  1. This election has me speechless but thankfully my fingers still work. As someone that hasn’t lived in Ireland for many years but keeps an eye on the place the level of ineptitude of the Irish electorate is just astounding. I should say that the level of candidate available to vote for is also just mind boggling. If Martin McGuinness, Séan Gallagher or David Norris are elected to the office of President then my advice would be to pack up your stuff and plan a new life elsewhere, it can’t get any worse…. Can it?

  2. “because a child could do it”
    This cracked me up because it is too true, and it’s how we wired out house right here in Silicon Valley. In fact the children were perfect because they were small enough to pull the cable all through the crawl space under the house. Its true they may have suffered terrible environmental damage, but they remember it as a high point of their youth!
    Seriously, Sean Gallagher is looking less like Donald Trump and more like the Cable Guy every second. I shouldn’t laugh because all of our US politicians are tragically, if not also comically flawed!

  3. Spot on Mr.Bock.
    Independent and entrepreneur hey?
    Michael D is slightly more senior no doubt, but it seems Mr. Gallagher is the one suffering with the onset of the dotage.

  4. Hi Bock,

    What hasn’t been highlighted with respect to Mr. Gallagher’s fundraising is that he was organising face to face meetings with Biffo for businessmen at a time when Biffo was publicly distancing himself from the public face of FF corruption that was the Galway tent.

    It looks as though he was a facilitator of a more secretive corruption as the tent was being mothballed and a spin of a new incorrubtible political class was being sold by FF.

  5. He was interviewed on LMFM this morning. Podcast is up now, it was absolutely gruesome. Michael Reade was excellent he just went for the throat. One could almost feel sorry for the dick.

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