Sharia Law in Libya

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Oct 232011

Islamic law has just been anounced in Libya.

Nice one,  NATO.  Well done.

We can look forward to the beheadings.

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    …and it was the US support for the mujahideen against the Soviets in Afghanistan that made way for those nice misogynist headchoppers, the Taliban. US foreign policy creates frankenstein situations.


    As far as i gather, The interim Government in Libya are introducing some “basic principles ” of Sharia Law, such as in Banking, fees as opposed to interest will be charged as Sharia Law ban’s the charging of interest.

    Egypt, prior to the removal of Mubarak had basic Sharia Laws in place but remained largely a secular society.

    Sharia Law is about much more than beheading and the extreme madness meted out by the Taliban, Its very early days for Libya and hopefully they will not resort to any place that resembles the Dictatorship and brutality they endured for so long.


    The Sharia law spoken about was already in place under gadaffi, the rest is a Norma clearly points out.


    Libya is 97% muslim and alcohol is illegal throughout the country (according to wikipedia), hardly surprising that some form of islamic law will not be introduced. Of course I hope this doesn’t extend to public beheadings and stonings. Libya has the highest literacy rate in Africa, hopefully this will bring about some moderation.


    If they DO start with the stonings and the beheadings… can we send them some of our politicians?

    — Jon


    What a shame. I have very happy memories as a young man sitting in the sun in Benghazi drinking large bottles of Oranjeboom.


    Beheadings would be immeasureably more humane than the revolutionary justice we have seen meted out over tha past two months. I bet Gadaffi would have opted for the guillotine if he knew then what we know now. The adoption of Sharia is probably an attempt to take the sting out of more extreme Islamic demands. Sharia minus its more gruesome punishments has many potentially postive elements including restorative justice and community participation.


    Not to mention ethical banking.


    Rarely heard headline :

    President xxxxx of xxxxx who was recently deposed was found to have stashed away billions in an ethical bank.


    In what sense does that invalidate the concept of ethical banking?

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