Who Killed Gadaffy?

I can’t understand why people are so puzzled about the whacking of Gadaffy.

Listen, if you were providing incredibly expensive 24-hour air cover for six months, surely the least you’d expect would be a delivery. Do not let that bastard into a court of law.

Why?  Because he knew, literally, where the bodies were buried and just like the other former Western puppet, Saddam, he had to be silenced as quickly as possible. The last thing you want is lunatics you used to find useful spilling the beans.

I can understand this.  I don’t condemn it.  Realpolitik dictates that governments must deal with all sorts of lunatics, including Gadaffy, but such lunatics, if allowed to testify, might well produce embarrassing testimony.  If it was my call, I’d whack him too.  I’d shoot him on the spot.  He was a mass-killer, a despot, somebody none of us wanted to live, and therefore we can understand why his captors were under orders to make sure he didn’t survive.

But of course, it wasn’t my call. I don’t decide when deposed national leaders are murdered, though I wish I did.

Let’s not forget that a NATO strike on Gadaffy’s convoy by French jets allowed the local fighters to capture him.  While we’re at it, let’s not forget that Gadaffy would never have been overthrown without the assistance of Western firepower.  NATO’s bombardment was the only thing that allowed Libya’s insurgents to win this war, because ultimately, an army of Mad Max  jeeps has no chance whatever against a properly-organised military force.

Do you believe any of this?  Seriously.

Look more closely at the video and eventually you might spot some character in a Hawaiian shirt and a Stetson talking into his  ear.  That’ll be the guy in charge.  That’ll be the guy handing out the money.  Tango One is down, he mutters into his earpiece.

Yet he was a human being.  I didn’t like to see a dead body dragged around the street, nor did I like to see the pictures on the front pages of the newspapers. As far as I’m concerned, such images diminish all of us.

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  1. You are right about Gadaffy of course. Seeing those disturbing pictures I thought cynically it’s not about right or wrong, it’s whose side you’re on.

  2. You are of course, totally correct.
    I went into a small newsagents yesterday and could hardly get through the door for the amount of young school boys completly engrossed in the pictures on the front page of every newspaper.
    The shop owner told me they had the biggest sale of newspapers ever in over 40 years of business.
    That says it all…………

  3. I totally agree with you Bock. The man was a despot and a killer; and he had to go, but the images were rather disturbing.
    Why the hell do I always find myself agreeing with you?

  4. He was human, and I think that being dragged through the streets for all to see was disgusting.

  5. “He was a mass-killer, a despot, somebody none of us wanted to live”

    Blair? Bush? Thatcher? Mugabe?

  6. I can think of a few others who I wouldn’t mind seeing receive some ‘summary justice’ including Thatcher, Bush, Blair and of course our nice friendly Fianna Fail Bastards with top of the list being the two Ahern Brothers, Charlie ‘Fix it’ Mc Creevy, Chemical Cown and ….and ….. of course Seani the shite, Fingers Fingleton, Devious Drumm….and…n…n…

    Very right wing of me to want those bastards ‘rubbed out’ but where does it stop. I’m probably too deranged to know . (In all seriousness I only imagine ‘rubbin’ them out’ to keep me sane)

    but I shed no tear or waste no sympathy on that Gadaffi shite……………

  7. If possible can a simple word of caution be heard.

    An awful lot of what we presume to know about gadaffi is from the perspective of western intelligence and associated media. We actually have little or no perspective about him from an African or indeed Arab point of view.

    That is not to say he was not a dictator, none have ever been shown to benift to those who were dictated over. I suppose that what I am simpley trying to say is we should always question. Besides the Libyian people, who gains by his ouster, politically, financially etc. Why now?

  8. Wonder will Marty or Gereen be going to the funeral?, seeing as they had “business” links and all.

  9. Islandbank (which is a great walk from Athlunkard to d’island field)

    The people who benefit are probably the Libyans (except for now they will probably descend into civil war or be taken over by a version of the Taliban) who no longer have that shite in charge but probably also those wetern leaders who were in cahoots with him. For instance it is reported the CIA had ‘rendition’ flights to Libya and handed over suspected ‘terrorists’ (freedom fighters depending on the perspective).

    All in all the whole thing is not a nice spectacle and says a lot for the world we live in with double standards everywhere.

    e.g. Get Gadaffi out, use NATO etc but let Assad in Syria and a number of other despots stay in power because they serve a purpose … for now.

    Watch that (this) space

  10. Jeez, I don’t know JK. I think most of the politicians in Ireland should be attending the funeral. Look at all the money that was poured into Ireland during the 80’s from Libya and the export of prime beef to Libya from Ireland during the same period. Gosh John, don’t you remember all the Libyan students around Ireland during this time also. And if we were to bring the Yanks and the Brits into the equation, shur the mans entitled to a state funeral sponsored by the West.
    Don’t get me wrong, the man was a very cruel man and deserved to be removed from power. But sure I suppose he was only an Arab dictator and a bullet in the head is perfectly acceptable. Although ‘DOWN WITH THAT SORT OF THING’ here in the west, we have courts and things like that. I mean if that happened here, even the most right wing among us would be horrified. We are such fucken hypocrites here in the west.

  11. This new BOCK site is good.
    Professional and easily read.
    Well done.
    As for Gadhafi, he always made the news and made many thousands of millions for all them news sellers; in particular the NPR and AP networks.
    He butchered and he murdered and for a very long time fitted right in because of those things.
    When I heard this news, I was wondered what had changed to cause this turn of events.
    I’m not as familiar with affairs in that part of the world since his best buddy Haughey left us.

  12. Remember Sawdaaam, the gaah who blew up the Twin Towers?, like our gaahs went in there and gawdem? If our gaahs wanted Gawaffy Duck alave we wud’ve got the hell in there and gawdem.

  13. I had an interesting conversation with an American visitor this evening on extra-judicial execution. Apparently, it’s wrong to kill somebody without a trial unless they’re an Arab or identified as a Very Bad Man by Fox News.

  14. Bock, the new site design is good. You’ve been thinking and experimenting a lot and now maybe you’ve got it right. As for Gadhafy/Qadafi/Gaddafy, well he was an egomaniac for starters and bored his people with endless speeches. I suppose Britain and USA were glad to get him finally for the Lockerbie atrocity and for supplying peashooters to the Provos. Will the baladeers be singing for him in West Belfast pubs? Weep into yer pint glasses lads. Was it wrong for Nato to actively side with the ragtag Libyan rebels? Yes, I suppose it exceeded the security council no-fly resolution. Now there are a lot of loose guns lying around. You never know what some bastards will do with them. Am I sad at Gad’s demise? Nope. Am I dismayed at the way the rebels shot him and he a captured, uniformed POW? Yep, it goes against the Geneva conventions. Will the Libyan people be happy for long. Nope, there’s lotsa tribalism. Besides, the sharia law enthusiasts are gonna make life a misery for women and others. And some of the new leaders are going to line their pockets. It looks like the Nato intervention will lead to a slight talibanisation of life in Libya. Foreign businesses and governments won’t holler too much as long as the new puritan regime facilitates all the lucrative contracts. Will the Irish guy who set up a school in Tripoli that taught the Leaving Cert curriculum be invited back to continue promoting education in Libya? The new islamist rulers won’t welcome an Educate Together school for sure.

  15. Why no Nato, no fly zone over Gaza or Bahrain or Saudi Arabia? When 1400 Palestinians were being bombed in Gaza, there was no outrage from the Western powers, just more encouragement and arms for Israeli crimes.

    The West has never had any problem or conscience in regard to supporting psychotic, fascist, nazi dictators when it suits their business interests. Blair, Cameron, Sarkosy, Bush and the saintly Obama are the real war criminals.

    Thought this was an interesting article on Libya:

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