Darren Scully, Naas Mayor, Refuses to Represent Black Africans

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Darren Scully, mayor of Naas, didn’t say that he was refusing to represent all people who were rude to him.

Only Black Africans.

All black Africans regardless of what country they come from.  Think of the mind-boggling stupidity of such a thing, not to mention the uneducated parochialism behind it.  Think of the dull, redneck mentality that views the rest of the world as Not-Kildare.

Darren Scully thinks all black Africans are the same, though they come from a gigantic and diverse continent.  It’s like saying he’ll never represent Italians because he met a bad-mannered Russian.


I don’t know where the ill-mannered Africans came from that Darren Scully is complaining about, but I suspect they were Nigerian.  You don’t have to be Irish to complain about Nigerian attitudes, but that isn’t a racial issue.  It’s a cultural one.  I believe many people from Cameroon, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Niger have difficulty with some Nigerians because a slice of Nigerian society has somehow come to view itself as the master race, and many Nigerians manifest an attitude of arrogance to other Africans as well as to Irish natives.

Darren Scully who, I’m reliably informed, is definitely not Einstein, would struggle to comprehend the fine distinction in that.  They’re feckin black and they’re from Not-Kildare.  What more do you want?

Jesus, he should go out and take a look at the ignorant inbreds living within twenty miles of his own little town before he goes labelling the people of an entire continent.  Is he refusing to represent those gobshites?

No.   He isn’t, and that’s what makes his statement racist.  If Darren Scully had said he’d represent Ghanaians, Congolese, Kenyans, Tanzanians, Mozambicans and Namibians but not Nigerians, he wouldn’t be making a racist statement.  He’d be generalising about a nation, however unfairly.  But as far as I can see, this petty politician from an insignificant backwater lacks both the vision and the education to understand that there’s a great big world out there.

What a fool.  And listening to the radio, it seems that every unthinking knee-jerk bigot in Ireland agrees with him.

Is this the sort of uninformed demagogue we can expect to see more of in difficult economic times?  History repeats itself.




Darren Scully has resigned as mayor of Naas.

I wish to apologise unreservedly for my remarks on 4FM and KFM, he said. I realise they have caused deep hurt and offence in all communities and in all sectors of society.

“I realise now that my remarks were open to an interpretation that I did not intend. I abhor racism in all its forms.

I wonder where he stands on stupidity.



Guess what?  Based on this post, some idiots have accused me of racism.

Why?  Because I criticised Nigerians.  Idiots.

Imagine what would happen if if you criticised Germans.

50 thoughts on “Darren Scully, Naas Mayor, Refuses to Represent Black Africans

  1. What an utter moron. Unfortunately, if you visit country pubs with any regularity, you can hear self proclaimed experts talking about how black people and Eastern Europeans are genetically inferior to real white people. This country is awash with morons like Scully.

  2. I agree Nigerians can be too proud and can be veyr obnoxious especially the ones from the yoruba tribe. I don’t blame him but it isn’t smart judging all africans by a group of people.

  3. I’d blame him too. You can’t claim to be a man of the world if you’re basing it on the odd holiday to Benidorm with the missus. He probably assumes that most Irish people think the same way he does but he’s wrong. At least I hope he’s wrong because a hell of a lot of Irish people do agree with him.

  4. Did he really say “I’m not racist but..”?
    Seriously? First words out of a racists mouth those.

  5. Do you get to choose who you represent when you’re Mayor? Personally, if I was Mayor, I’d prefer not to represent United fans. Could I do that?

  6. The position of mayor is a bullshit idea. It’s just a chairman position passed around from one party to another. And anyway, mayors have no power whatever, despite what our local incumbent would have people believe.

  7. Some guy rang George Hook earlier giving his full support to Scully. He was getting abusive towards Dil Wickremasinghe the Sri Lankan birn presenter of Global Village on Newstalk. A moron really. However he had one question which he claimed has been ignored by the respective govenment bodies/departments. How do asylum seekers arrive in Ireland in the first place. According to the Dublin Convention of 1990 the asylum seeker must seek asylum in the first safe port that they arrive at. And they must be returned to that port/country by any secondary country that they arrive in. Considering that Ireland has no direct sea routes or air routes to the native countries of most asylum seekers, are they here illegally? If so why were they allowed to stay?

    I love the hypocrisy of the Irish (some). Expel all who over stay their visas, but it’s ok for us to do so in America or Australia etc.

  8. Appaling behavoiur and Fine Gael should have been out of yhe traps early condeming
    This stupidity. A local high profile politician stormed out of my drive, saying he would bypass my door next time
    Which I took as he no longer represented me. It never got the same coverage.

    Do you think it’s cause I is white ?

    I think giving air time to all the other misguided fuckwits on Newstalk today, is equally
    But it could become self perpetuating.

    Fuckwits should be seen and not heard where possible

  9. sad thing i find is i hear similar drivel to the stuff scully came out with on a regular basis in work , in my local etc. This kind of talk will win votes with a certain constituency of people unfortunately

  10. Wow, what an absolute and utter idiot.Really no point in deconstructing it any further – good riddance to the fool.

  11. Nigerians are rude and agressive.People don’t dislike them just because they’re black,its because they’re rude and agressive.
    I’m talking from experience.

  12. That’s exactly the point. Scully was stupid enough to blame all black Africans instead of blaming rude, aggressive people.

  13. I was thinking when I heard Mr Scully’s remark today that “Has he never come across a white European with an agressive attitude?”. Hmmm I wonder how he would figure out who not to represent then in his community if he did? His remarks were disgraceful but all too prevelant I’m afraid. I heard it in my local this past weekend, somebody who unfortunatly had lost there job but claimed that if they were Polish she would get more unemployment assistance. I decided not to engage with her for details of these said Polish peoples names etc, it’s all to easy to blem “Them”.

  14. Great piece Bock.

    Just to answer No 8’s point above about the Dublin convention and asylum seekers coming her in spite of the fact that there are no direct flights.

    The Dublin convention has since been replaced with the Dublin II regulation and is an agreement between a number of European countries rather than a law for for asylum seekers.

    The Dublin II regulation allows for indirect flights, passing through what it calls the “international transit area” of an airport does not constitute entry into a country and if they don’t make a claim there it is the responsibility of the next country.
    It also allows for people who don’t have a reasonable opportunity to make a claim on their journey to pass through other countries, ie people who are being trafficked in trucks or containers.
    There is also a provision for family reunification for minors and people who have been granted a visa can claim in the country that issued the visa.
    People who have been resident in the state for 5 months or more legally or illegally are also allowed to claim in the state regardless of where they have been before.

    The main purpose of Dublin II is to stop asylum shopping, (people who make a claim in one country and then a second claim in another)rather than to make people claim in the fist country in Europe that they land in and when it is found that that has happened they are sent back to the first country that they claimed in.

    The international law that says asylum seekers must make their claim for asylum in the first safe country that they arrive in is a myth.

  15. Tom — Did you see any mention of asylum in this post? Why are you talking about asylum? This is the sort of bullshit that supports people like Scully. Don’t take me for a fool.

    I should have made the same point to No 8. This issue has nothing to do with people looking for asylum. Let’s hear no more of that.

  16. Bock I was replying to the comment above (No.8 on November 22, 2011 at 7:37 pm), It ends with “why are they allowed to stay”…

  17. I should have noticed No 8’s comment, but I didn’t, due to having a life. As already stated, this post is not about people looking for asylum. I’ll be more vigilant for irrelevant comments in future.

  18. I mentioned asylum seekers beacause in the Newstalk piece re Scully the issue of refugees and asylum seekers was raised. With claims that Nigerians claim 40% of rental allowance. I’m not putting words in anyones mouth. As long as people are here lagally and contribute to our society I don’t have a problem with where they are from. I am married to a foreign national. Tom thanks for the explanation

  19. The Newstalk piece has nothing to do with the issues mentioned here. I beg of you, please try to address the subjects mentioned, or flowing from, the psst.

  20. If His Honour the mayor had simply criticised the rudeness of some African constituents in Naas (their pushiness etc.) he might have been within his rights. Rudeness is not above criticism. However, in our democracy an elected representative is deemed to represent all constituents, even those who voted unsuccessfully for other candidates.

    The former Labour cabinet minister in Britain, Jack Straw, once stated in public that he asked Asian muslim women attending his constituency surgery to please remove the veils from their faces so that he could better communicate with them. But he never turned away his multicultural constituents.

    Public reps can insist on decencies of dress and speech from people who approach them, but that is all.

  21. I had assumed that the guy was looking ahead, watching the tide go out on FG’s popularity, and planning to make a break from them as an independent. What better way than to make a statement that will probably get you more votes than it will lose you, along with martyr status when FG kick you out. Time will tell if he was being a cute hoor, or really just a bit thick.

  22. Scully now has a lot of reflecting to do. Politicians and diplomacy are’nt always bedfellows!
    Read your comment again……..”Jesus, he should go out and take a look at the ignorant inbreds living within twenty miles of his own little town before he goes labelling the people of an entire continent. Is he refusing to represent those gobshites?

    No. He isn’t, and that’s what makes his statement racist. If Darren Scully had said he’d represent Ghanaians, Congolese, Kenyans, Tanzanians, Mozambicans and Namibians but not Nigerians, he wouldn’t be making a racist statement. He’d be generalising about a nation, however unfairly. But as far as I can see, this petty politician from an insignificant backwater lacks both the vision and the education to understand that there’s a great big world out there.
    r comment again……..
    Buck – you would probably find the same level of abuse directed against you if you actually did find one of “the ignorant inbreds” you speak of and make any comment about them. Naas…”an insignificant backwater” ! I wonder if there is a little of the arrogant streak in your DNA Buck like one of those Nigerian tribes mentioned above ! I think you’ll find Naas is a microcosm of the rather larger “backwater” you are writing from!

  23. I heard a saying once which I believe refers to Ireland in the past and which goes something like “there were more graves opened in this country by a mouth than by a shovel”. No doubt some of those mouths were of the Scully variety.

    By the way, who is Buck?

  24. When will we ever learn? Racism is racism. I’ve heard enough to last a lifetime. Don’t bother trying to figure out the how, why and where. Enough of him. He’s gone. Good riddance.

  25. has anyone ever heard of FREE SPEECH, Scully is correct, blacks (and ‘travellers’) have attitudes. ‘is it coz he’s white’ that they slate him?

  26. “Jesus, he should go out and take a look at the ignorant inbreds living within twenty miles of his own little town before he goes labelling the people of an entire continent. Is he refusing to represent those gobshites?”

    Bock, having relatives and friends within said “twenty miles”, I take grave exception to that statement

  27. In a positive way free speech has lead to his resignation so it is a good thing in that respect.

    The open racism and rampant xenophobia which arises out of times being tight is the negative side of it.

    Scully has highlighted that there are a lot more people who have similar views, it’s good that some justice has been served to help moderate those views (maybe) And it appears they are the ignorant minority (maybe)

  28. John — There is no such thing as absolute free speech. Go educate yourself.

    Jbkenn — Having lived in the locality for quite a while, I can tell you that such people exist. Nobody is suggesting that everyone around Naas fits the description.

  29. I tell you what annoys me!! Its people who support bigots like Scully and say “fair play to him he was only exercising his right to free speech”!!!

    Rubbish, his actions are those of a racist. No question about that. Ireland has a growing Racism problem.
    Thankfully we don’t have any extreme Right political parties like the BNP here at present but you would worry about this happening in the future.

  30. I think the whole immigration and integration of immigrants was sudden and very poorly handled by the government. Most immigrants (I daren’t use the words asulum seeker or refugees) emigrate for economic reasons and thus arrive on the bottom rung of the economic ladder. They usually live in low income areas and are seen to be competing for jobs etc with the lowest paid of the indigenous population and other longer term immigrants. People who worked as cleaners, fast food employees etc were suddenly competing with “foreigners” for jobs. Tradesmen such as electricians, brickines, painters etc were over charging and or not turning up, so the imigrant saw his chance. He charged less and he turned up on time. Rather than compete on price it was easier to blame the immigrant for “taking our jobs”. This nothing that we Irish haven’t done in other countries.

    The so called professions such as accounting, lawers, engineering etc were never exposed to the immigrant influx as university degrees were not recognised here. I have met manys an east european cleaner who is qualified as an engineer, accountant, doctor etc. I can imagine the outcry if the doyens of high income areas were being under cut by “foreigners”, imagine affordable doctors.

    In my opinion must of the racist remarks / views come from people who never lived abroad. I don’t mean J1 holidays in NYC or summers in Sydney.

    I do not seek to condone Scully of his ilk, I am trying to understand why Scully and co. feel this way. I don’t believe it has anything to do with inteligence or lack of. It has everthing to do with a lack of education, a sense of entitlement and a sense of superiority.

  31. Darren Scully was naive in his choice of words. But his opinion would reflect that of most Irish people ,the silent majority. Who are sick of inaction in relation to bogus asylum seekers who have been pouring into Ireland for over ten years now mainly from west Africa.

  32. Darren Scully said nothing about asylum seekers. He was talking about black Africans. Are you unable to tell the difference?

  33. In my job I deal with lots of Foreign nationals. I find the Nigerians OK to deal with. Maybe some of them have a demanding attitude towards Govt services etc, so what? Maybe we Pacified Native Irish could learn a thing or two from them. We could do with kicking our heels a bit more instead of taking whatever shit is thrown at us. We are too used to geneflecting before our “betters”. Foreigners have in general contributed much here. They did the jobs our spoiled celtic tiger brats thought were beneath them to do. They cleaned the bed-pans in the nursing homes where our elderly parents resided, while we were off making our fortunes. I have heard first-hand some horror stories from foreigners who worked for Irish employers. Racism is just one of the many things we Irish need to completely extract from our psyche. Speaking as one who was grew up in Naas I can tell you that Mr. Scully has no support from Naas people on this. Naas of course has a few resident fuckwits, every town has them, (incl Limerick!), I can’t speak for them! A bit long winded, sorry.

  34. @ labrat – “fuckwits” by the way is an expression stolen from your posts and for which I am very grateful. A new one on me, I don’t get out much! Speaking of which..time for pints

  35. Strange example Scully gave…that of the housing lists. If there’s one thing that mayors and councillors do it’s give their voters the notion that they can ” do something for ye ” about the housing list. What really happens is that they divide the results up among themselves and then ring their petitioners and tell them that due to their unremitting work the client now has a roof. Maybe Scully thought that the Africans were ringers for Primetime ?

  36. Right Lads and Lassies, let’s continue to roast a fellow Irishman, fuck him for the cheek to refuse to serve “Black Africans”, how dare he, but, why not, sure there all inbred gobshites in Kildare anyway, unlike us sophisticated multicultralists, while all the “Black Africans” who arrived here by “magic”, are pillars of virtue, and he is only a racist gobshite, newsflash.. what we need to do in this country is to wake up a smell the Fairtrade coffee, here are a few facts for your consumption.
    Between 19/06/2000 and 31/10/2011 we issued 2,538,942 PPS numbers
    of these 967,336 were issued to citizens of the Republic, the rest, 1,571,606 to non Republic citizens, lets look at the numbers for our traditional emigration boltholes
    U.S. 33,374
    CAN. 10,595
    AUS. 20,930
    N.Z. 9,643
    Tot. 211,848
    Now lets look at the other traditional bastions of Irish emigration
    Poland. 340,034
    Lithuania 81,409
    Latvia 45,853
    Ukraine. 6,797
    Nigeria 25,238
    Phillipines 17,576
    Brazil 30,966
    there you go, figures for fun, where did I get them?, Google is your friend :-)
    I don’t know any “Black Africans” deported from this country, except for the high profile cases reported in the media, but I do know a U.S. citizen, whom I personally hold in high regard, refused entry and deported to the U.S. while returning from holiday in Europe, did he demand a High Court review?, no, did he go all the way to the Supreme Court, costing the taxpayer a fortune, no, while the fuckwit Public Servant was arranging his ticket, he had already booked his return flight on the internet, and the rest as they say is history.
    Do I begrudge Pete the Pole or Larry the Latvian a living?, no I don’t, but I see the difficulty that my friends Joe the painting contractor, Simon the Plasterer and Johnny the carpenter have in competing with them, but sure, they were only robbing bastards anyway, who never turned up when they said they would. I see Mike the mechanic who has gone back to College because he is “42 and Irish” so he will never work as a mechanic again. I see Laura the graduate Irish Nurse emigrated to Australia because she could’nt get a job here, but sure, we have Philipino Nurses here, the fact that we deprive the people of the Phillipines of these Health Care workers, so what? I pay my VHI don’t I?
    The fact that we will borrow 700 million Euro to fund our Foreign Aid Budget, while sacking my sister from her SNA position and leaving 3 Autistic children to their own devices.
    The fact the we will give millions to Uganda in Foreign Aid, while they spend €120 million on 6 Russian Jet fighters, while we “subcontract” our own air defence to the “Auld Enemy” because we can’t afford it.
    I could go on and on, but hey, I am only another “Non Multiculturalist” racist gobshite who never emigrated or worked overseas, unfortunately my own children don’t have the luxury of the same choice.

  37. @ JBKenn

    Just to clarify should we pay Joe the uselss painting contractor who doesn’t turn up, and feels entitled to overcharge when he does, what he asks for because he is Irish ?.

    Should we give Mike the Mechanic more then the jobs worth, because he has been entitled to fleecing everybody for years, just so he can stay in this Country, and sing “in the Living years” while he works ?.

    Supply and demand, the market is deciding. The sentiment has gone from SME business, which is no bad thing. Why did people pay much more anyway ?, because he used to fix your grannies car ?. The SME’s only have themselves to blame.

    If they want a way out, stay here, mend fences with the customers they have been ripping off, accept the going rate has fallen, ehhhh compete, throw in some value, surprise people.

    To complete the analogy most of the “Phylis the Filipino” nurses came as there was a shortage and an unwillingness to do certain inconvenient shifts, by the people who had the jobs, so the people in the jobs should have been a bit more flexible when they had plenty of money coming in, and Phylis wouldn’t have had to come here in the first place.

    As an operator of an SME competing with Peter Pole, and winning the fight through value, service and being competitive, I’m not taking this lying down.

    Better to drop your margin and win the business, than give up. Peter the Pole can’t live off what he is charging for long, you can only be a busy fool for so long, (even if the social welfare is unwittingly helping them), then you get pissed off, and you cut corners.

    Let’s not forget Peter is voluteering to do what Irish people are moaning about having to do. He got off his hole and moved Country left his familly and friends to work in the jobs no one wanted to do here. If the small percentage of Irish people who were on the dole the whole time had been forced to do the jobs, instead of taking the cash and supplementing their income elsewhere. Or if the welfare supported lazy fuckwits living off the state and working 25 hours a week to still claim their FISK books had worked a bit harder Peter would still be at home in Poland scratching out a living for small money and small dole.

    Scully could have said “awkward rude customers”, instead he chose to be racist and then stood over his mistake. He was so busy being a racicst he didn’t know he was being racist.

  38. First, this post does not say they’re all inbred gobshites in Kildare so can we put that to bed now please?

    Second, if Scully had refused to represents immigrants as a class of people, he could not be accused of racism, but he was very selective about which immigrants he would not represent. Africans, and not just any Africans, but black ones.

    In any man’s language, that’s racism.

    The question of who took what jobs is for a different discussion.

  39. In reply to BOCK. THE African people Darren Sculley refereed to must all have visas to be here in Ireland. They hardly arrived here illegally ,clogging up our maternity hospitals and claiming asylum?

  40. Did he mention people applying for asylum? No he did not. He referred to black Africans, full stop. Be careful now, because I think you’re trying to slip a different agenda into this.

  41. “this post does not say they’re all inbred gobshites in Kildare so can we put that to bed now please”. Why does that idiom make me laugh? Did ye see the skit from Mario on Vincent Browne, him doing both Vincent and Joan Burton.. “let’s put this to bed now Vincent. No more haranguing”. Gas stuff.
    Where were we. Oh yes, racism. There’s an awful lot of racism and xenophobia around. It’s silly really and based on fear.
    I have to admit, yesterday I had to get a taxi from town, approaching the taxis the driver in the first taxi in line was black. I did think ‘hmm will I go to the next one’? But the next guy was Pakistani man. So I thought fuck it, it’s all the one and it’d be fairly rude to keep walking along till I liked the look of the taxi man.
    My taxi driver was a “black African” from Nigeria. He turned out to be friendly and funny. Had a good attitude. He didn’t think the Irish were racist. In fact he said to me “if 2 people walk past my taxi, how can I complain when there’s 8 others who will get in and are friendly etc..” He was also telling me of a Nigerian taxi driver murdered in Dublin during the week.
    I think Mr Scully should spend some time with people of different races. It’s amazing when you discover we’re all the same really.

    In terms of jobs, at a time when there’s high emigration out of Ireland again how can we complain about immigrants. The best man gets the job is my view.

  42. @ JBKenn
    Our economy was not destroyed by Africans, Eastern Europeans, we did that all by ourselves. Pat Neary is not Nigerian. One unfortunate side effect of looking to blame foreigners for our problems is that it lets us avoid dealing with the harsh truth – we can’t even run this banana republic ourselves. A “foreigner” had to be brought in to run our Central bank – I wouldn’t put our guys in charge of a fucking flashlamp in a henhouse.

  43. Tommy, where did I say our economy was destroyed by Africans or Eastern Europeans? am I blaming Africans or Eastern Europeans for our current financial quagmire, emphatically NO, that rests with our own, greedy elites, gombeen politicians and incompetent senior public servants, who all get to ride off into public service pensionville at our expense.
    BTW Mathew Elderfield (the foreigner)is the Financial Regulator, Patrick Honohan (one of our own)is the Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland
    p.s. Tommy, can you by any chance, tell me why we issued 4454 PPS numbers to Brazilians so far this year?, cos I can’t figure it out

  44. jbkenn, I must have taken the wrong message from your comment. Fair enough, on our inept Govt & civil service. The same bunch will make sure PPS numbers are properly issued… Point taken also on Elderfield I stand corrected. 4454 Brazilians? They are obviously working here as they cant get welfare. Filling stations, take-aways – low wage or otherwise jobs the Irish don’t want to do? Moving on to UK/EU? I don’t know where you’d get that info.

  45. Surly Darren Scully should be allowed to keep his job as councillor. He has apologised for the racist remarks he made and steeped down as mayor. Bleeding heart brigade hunting him will only lead making things worse for Africans in Ireland. Executing Darren Scully will only create a rallying point, cope on.

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