Irish Embassy in Vatican Closed

What do the Holy See and East Timor have in common?

That’s right — the Irish government doesn’t give a flying toss about either of them.  Both embassies are to close, ostensibly as a cost-saving measure, but in reality because they’ve become irrelevant.  The Vatican has disgraced itself so much that it no longer commands respect even among those Irish who still practise Catholicism, and after its haughty dismissal of concerns over child-abuse, it was only a matter of time before the once-strong relationship hit rock bottom.

Mayor of Dublin kisses bishop's ring

It’s been a long way down for an outfit whose officials once had the power to summon Irish prime ministers before them and lay down the law on government.   Many today complain that we’re now ruled from Berlin, and that might well be true, but it’s not the first time a foreign state dictated Irish public policy.  For generations, the shape of Irish education and healthcare  was defined in Rome and transmitted to obedient government ministers by the Papal Nuncio, whose word was law and who was accorded preferential treatment over all other foreign diplomats.  As recently as 1978, contraception was illegal in Ireland due to Vatican interference and the compliance of craven politicians.

Today, there is no Nuncio, since Leanza was withdrawn by the Holy See in a tantrum after Enda Kenny dared to criticise it.  And now there’s no Irish embassy either.  Instead, a civil servant in Dublin will act as ambassador to that ridiculous little statelet that presumes to instruct real countries how to conduct their business.  It’s a long way from the 1932 Eucharistic Congress where bishops and cardinals preened and strutted their way across the capital city of a country whose inhabitants were close to starvation, while politicians prostrated themselves before these dysfunctional old celibates.

John Charles McQuaid with DeValera

Seán Brady and Séamus Martin are predictably outraged.  Brady in particular seems completely flabbergasted that any Irish government would dare to disregard the wishes of his masters.  Apparently oblivious to the irony of his words, Brady said I hope that despite this regrettable step, the close and mutually beneficial co-operation between Ireland and the Holy See in the world of diplomacy can continue.

Perhaps, instead of pontificating, Brady would be better occupied contemplating his decision to impose an oath of silence on young sex-abuse victims.  Perhaps he might consider stepping down from his office and explaining to the people of Ireland precisely how far he went in covering up the crimes of his fellow priests.

Meanwhile, Garry O’Sullivan the editor of the Irish Catholic, called the move an attack on Catholic culture.  They haven’t gone away, you know.

The Vatican is reported to be stunned, as all overbearing bullies are when somebody stands up to them, but this move, while a good start, is still only a start.  Now let’s get them out of our schools and out of our health system.

There’s no room for a priest lurking at the back of a classroom or behind the screen in a hospital ward.



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  1. I was doing a job in a school in a town in Co.Limerick last year. I had a number of teaching staff and admin staff in a training session. During the training the door is opened, without a knock, and in come the bould PP. The school staff nearly kissed his feet and chirped “Hello Fr.” in unison. I asked could I help him and he was much put out by my lack of reverence and my qustioning his right to enter a room unbeckoned and interfere in my business. Today might soften his cough a little.

  2. I’m still reeling from the shock of learning that there’s a publication called The Irish Catholic! Has anyone alerted Viz to this news?

  3. Celebrations understandable. Vatican decision will be popular. Yet over 100 states maintain relations with Holy See. Indeed if you are having difficulties with a state it would seem smart to keep open all channels of discussion including the diplomatic one. Nothing much we can do about the Lateran treaty either between Italy and the HS. Also closing down Iran appears a bit short sighted. This is not a minor state. Iran has 75 million people and is the leading Shiite country. Our decision comes in same week as Israeli media reports that an attack on Iran is being planned. From a cost point of view, do we need 5 embassies in eastern Baltic, Finland, Poland, Latvia Lithuania Estonia. But then maybe cost is not the real reason.

  4. CATHOLICABUSESURVIVORSNI.COM— credit to enda kenny and the irish goverment for closing its vatican office, the unbiblical holloween religion who destroyed this island with its money making scams and rape of the nations children must be continued to be challenged until the state is free of its spawn, the crocodile tear leaders cardinal sean brady and d, martin are shown for the hypocrites they really are.

  5. Is the Irish Government taking full responsibility for all of the abuses committed by the Catholic Church in Ireland – all committed by the Church, on behalf of the Irish State – since the State’s formation ?

    Distancing the Irish State from the Vatican by closing an embassy doesn’t alter the Irish State’s full culpability.

    The thug was the Catholic Church.

    The Catholic Church’s employer was the Irish State.

  6. grdeat news lads, have ye heart at all?

    They are closing the embassy to the vatican……………..oh! ……well it`s great news anyway…………yeeehawwwwww!!!!

  7. Hassan — It’s very hard to see why they would close down the Iranian embassy, but I can understand the Vatican closure and the ending of the mission to East Timor on the grounds of expense.

    At the same time, it is true that the Vatican is a useful conduit to world gossip, but perhaps they judged that its cost outweighed its value.

  8. Glee glee glee glee…

    The stated reason for closing our embassy in the Vatican is ‘no economic returns’ but surely this is overlooking the historical economic returns of the Catholic Church in Irish society. I would have thought that the state saved millions of punt between 1922 and up to recent decades by ‘contracting out’ educational, hospital and welfare services to the various religious orders who worked, sometimes thuggishly without a thought for human dignity in orphanages and industrial schools, in the various church-run institutions. Maybe the Vatican didn’t sell the state any indulgences during the good diplomatic times. Simony would have counted as trade.

  9. Can there now be a State-sponsored Class Action against this rogue “state” for their abject abuse of children they were entrusted to look after? Seems logical after the untold damage they clearly have responsibility for.
    The damage done is untold.
    Maybe we should embrace them–“join the European Community”! A fraction of their assets could help in some small/large way.
    I can’t wait for the Creagh Lane Trials. I am a proud grad of same Remand Centre. Grad = Survivor

  10. Enda Kenny is a father and a teacher, and by putting this ahead of everything else he cut through all the crap.
    To me it’s as simple as that.

  11. You picked an appropriate photograph to demonstrate how much the bastards loved themselves, fucking ring kissers! Still, here in rural Ireland, the church is packed to the rafters every Sunday, judging by the amount of cars blocking the road.

  12. Did the Irish Government own the property that the Embassy was in? I for one think we should flog it to The Scientologists for the craic.

  13. So very very happy to hear such welcome news. Ecstatic really. Stick that in your pipe Brady, you pontificating slippery brown stain on the mattress.

    How does a brown stain on the mattress pontificate? Fucked if I know, ask Sean Brady, he stinks of indiscretion and he is one slippery bastard. I’ll gladly endure those crappy platitudes from that fucker now now, safe in the knowledge that I lived to see Ireland finally tell the Vatican to go and fuck themselves.

    I think I might head out with the holy rollers this Sunday and offer up my thanks to the big fella.

  14. It is indeed sad day for Ireland. Despite few mistakes caused by few people you can not condemn the whole Church. There were lots of good people who have given their life for the service of humankind. Sooner or later God will have his way.

  15. @Dazzman above. I understand that foreign embassies are deemed to be the territory of the states that occupy them; hence the concept and practice of dissident citizens taking sanctuary in embassies in order to escape repressive laws. I wonder how many thousands of future dissident Irish Catholics the Vatican embassy in Phoenix Park will be able to accommodate on an emergency basis when the repression starts?

  16. I agree with Hassan Sabah that the closing of the Iranian embassy is unfortunate for its timing. In terms of the ratcheting up of pressure on Iran, I think we should have kept this embassy open. It may have lent some positivity to the whole preparation for war rather than playing into the Israeli/US lobby (I wonder did the decision reflect some lobbying from certain quarters – Monsieur Shatter is always very Pro- Israeli). (Note, I also would be pro-Israeli if they acted as good neighbours in their region but this is not the case)

    As for the Vatican, they have a direct line to almost every corner of the world via their network of priests etc but I still think the closing of the embassy was positive for us as it gave them a kick in their (mostly unused) balls. It also prevented that asshole civil servant who recently retired on a very fat pension from landing a plum job with a Villa so ……good on yah Inda and Eamo.

    We now need to get the ‘lurking priests’ completely out of the system and agree with you Bock that ‘cleansing’ the schools and hospitals is the next stage.

    I do feel sorry for the many good (really and truly good) religous people (lay or otherwise) who have been let down by a corrupt and unfeeling hierarchy. (And I am not a religous person but know a few who are).I still think that those in the church who covered up the abuse should be subject to the laws of the state and it not enough for them to just resign and ‘disappear into the sunset’. Fuckin’ assholes especially that Brady bollix. What he did was not just illegal (preventing the reporting of a crime) but evil in that it protected the perpetrators.

  17. Silas
    There were lots of good people who have given their life for the service of humankind.

    Done by people of all religons but no other feel the need to set up their own state, or open up an embassy to protect their intrests.You may be foolish if think the vatican state and its embassies are for the benifit of these good hard working people.

  18. Well, well , well……

    So the lying, underhanded, criminal shepherds have been given the boot! Good riddance!

    A bunch of sad, pompous, overfed, hate-filled, frock wearing wasters who spend half their time pontificating about the rights of the unborn and the other half persecuting the living with their anti-this, anti-that rhetoric and dogma.

    Its time to give them a wide berth and start concentrating on those whose rights and lives were sidelined through the unnecessary state attention paid to this archaic and backward body.

    It is shameless to think of the wonderful work and the gift of charity performed by generation after generation of Irish people who provided the shoulders for these wasters to stand upon.

    Damn the Vatican for its failings whether neglegent or intentional. Its time to wave slan leat, and this will hopefully be followed by Au Revoir, Aufwiedersehen, Goodbye, arrivederci, zài jiàn and hasta luego!!!!!!

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