Papandreou Meets Merkel and Sarkozy

George: Howya Mammy.  Howya Dad.

Angela:  Where were you till now?

George: Out.

Angela: Out with who?

George: Friends.

Angela: What friends?

George: Just friends.  Jesus, do I have to explain everything?

Angela: Nick, will you talk to that boy?

Nick: George, I’m surprised at you.  Very, very surprised.

George: Why?  Why?  You’re always at me.  Lemme alone.

Nick: Didn’t I tell you that a man’s word is his bond?  DIdn’t we shake hands on a deal, George?

George: Lemme alone.

Nick: I’m very surprised at you, George, and I’m also very disappointed.  Son, not only did you let me down, and your mother, but you let yourself down.

Angela: That’s right.  You let us down.  And your dinner is burnt.  And you didn’t clean your bedroom.

George: You didn’t say that to Enda!

Angela: No George, we didn’t.  But that’s because Enda is a good boy.  He cleaned his bedroom AND he washed behind his ears.  All his toys are packed away and now he’s tucked up in bed.  Look at the state of you!

Nick: You can go back to your friends and you can tell them that from now on you’ll be staying in to do your homework.

George: But everyone is out late.

Angela: If everyone jumped in the river would you do it too?  I don’t know what kind of parents your friends have, but while you’re under this roof, you’ll do what you’re told.  Is that clear?

George: Yes, Mammy.

Angela: And you can give back that game of Referendum.  No more games for you, young man.




4 thoughts on “Papandreou Meets Merkel and Sarkozy

  1. And place democracy back in the control of the markets. Not that it was ever otherwise.
    Noonan meanwhile,can continue to talk out of both sides of his mouth.

  2. What happened to Greece was a coup. A coup by the Central Europeans against a sovereign state.

    I think Ireland is going to have to take a good long look at the euro and now even the EU, and decide whether it still wants to be part of what the project is becoming.

  3. I suppose this crisis has at least showed us that true democracy is an illusion & a very fragile one at that. I suppose it’s apt that it looks as though Venizelos, a big fat man will be fronting 300 puppets, whose main job will be controlling impoverished Greeks while a non-elected technical group control the countries finances.

    Is it just me ? but am I the only one who gets very angry at the spectacle of another non elected bureaucrat, Barossa, threatening fire & brimstone to Greece if they persevere with such a ridiculous idea as asking the people what they think.

    No doubt these gobshites will soon be once again lecturing China, Syria etc on human rights & democracy.

  4. Strangest of all is that the new ‘bailout fund’ will seek funds from China and the Middle east, both areas which have atrocious human rights.

    I wonder what the cost of borrowing the money will be ?

    ‘Buying Silence perhaps’

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