Raphoe Diocese Audit Report

This is the full text of the Raphoe Report


Download (PDF, 276KB)

2 thoughts on “Raphoe Diocese Audit Report

  1. I didn’t realize the Vatican had a sideline in the toilet paper business, but whilst reading this I came up with a really great idea.

    How about we gather some newly released child sex offenders, we then replace current members of the parole board with said offenders when hearing appeals for release from other child sex offenders. Hey! the appellants could write their own references and reports too and the parole board in that capacity could help them. Now thats gold.

    It appears, though I’m not sure yet, but there may well be an upcoming awards ceremony where the Irish nation can hand out prizes to senior members of the clergy for recognizing the fucking obvious and pretending they give a shit by distributing these so called “reviews”. Review my arse, these are little more than PR stunts designed to add flavour to a shit sandwich.

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