Enda Kenny Addresses the Nation

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Pat Rare bit said on telly last night ‘ sure what can we do? Our Taoiseach has no power when he is dealing with the German Chancellor or the French President. What? Rare bit? our Taoiseach is only a puppet and that Europe is being run by the Germans and French? Thanks for confirming what we already knew, shit head. Labour party my arse, your all a bunch of spineless bastards! Have none of the main political parties on this Island any pride in our small little nation anymore? I fucken doubt it.

I think Mary Lou did a fine job of grilling FG a little in the Dail yesterday. Caught some of her in action on the Oireachta report.
I think I’ll be voting Sinn Fein into the future.

Should there not be a caption ‘After Magritte’? Or maybe it’s ‘After Schauble’, for it’s the German Finance Minister who has caused our leader to fade away into nothingness.

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