Guilt Versus Responsibility

If you go out with a gun and deliberately shoot someone dead, you’re guilty of murder.  If you go out with a gun and shoot dozens of people dead, you’re a mass-murderer.  If you keep doing it, you’re a serial murderer.

You’re guilty.

If you run a bank into the ground through incompetence or otherwise, and thereby impose a huge burden on your nation to the extent that it makes savage health cuts, people will die.  Many people will die.

Likewise, if you’re a politician who decides to rescue financial gamblers instead of protecting sick and elderly citizens, your decisions will lead to the deaths of many, and yet, you’re not guilty of murder.

But you most certainly are responsible.

That’s right Seanie, Fingers, Bertie and the two Brians, living and late.

I’m talking about you.

10 thoughts on “Guilt Versus Responsibility

  1. Im looking at Baldy,at the end of his Budget rant, just this minute praising Brian Lenihans “patriotism”,which was greeted by a universal nodding of heads. Any wonder we’re in shitsville?

  2. At the conclusion of his Budget rant,Baldy praised Brian Lenihan for his “patriotism”. This was greeted by a collective nodding of heads. Any wonder we’re in shitsville.

  3. Our backs are getting very close to the wall now.
    We are a decent nation of people who for some reason or other will put up with an awful lot of shit. Maybe its in our DNA. But there are only so many times that you can finger poke the Irish in the chest, before we decide to snap the finger off! Thats how fucken sick of it I am at this stage.

  4. Responsible they are in my book too, but concepts such as responsibility or even morality, remorse & shame seem to be unknown to these people.
    May I add the name of that obnoxious twat Drumm to your list?

  5. “Guilt Versus Responsibility”
    Enda said in his ‘would ya look at the state of the nation’ speech, that it’s definitely not our fault anyways. He was clear on that!

    I bet that was a sigh of relief for the masses.

  6. What a bunch of langers this lot has turned out to be. I suppose FF will support this budget because it is exactly what they would have done. It now looks like we cannot elect a government that will act in the interests of the people. No they will continue to act for the banksters because they like to have their heads patted by the troika and told they are good little boys. How long are we prepared to have our heads stuck down a crap hole. So far I have heard nothing about the shite tax, have they scrapped it?

  7. This lot may well be a bunch of langers, but we as a people have been voying in bunches of langers ever since we said good bye to the Brits. Successive bunches of langers have done nothing for this country. We have little or no indigenous manufacturing. They gave away our gas resources for free and then we have to buy them back. The sugar beet industry was closed for no apparent reason. Bertie, Charlie and the 2 Brians sold the country down the swanie, and collect lucrative pensions as a punishment. When the place was awash with money they spent it quicker than they collected it, no sign of a rainy day. In short we seem incapable of responsible self rule. Are we any different to the juntas of South America and Africa? Cronyism and favouritism are as familiar to our langers as they they are to any despot in the world.

    Without wanting to trivialise the seriousness of a federal Europe, Germany will not be overseeing our budgets. There will be strict, and I hope strictly enforced, rules regarding over spending and fiscal control. The current chief langer talks of regaining our sovereignty, what bollocks. We get back our sovereignty when we realise that we are supposed to be a republic for all citizens, not just for an inner circle. If tighter fiscal controls, overseen by Europe, ensure that we become the country that we can be, if enforced emigration is a thing of the past, if an unproductive public sector is reshaped then I welcome the intervention.

  8. Seanie was arrested this morning “by appointment”. By appointment. Seanie,burn anything incriminating,we’ll be calling to you tomorrow.

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