Imelda May at the Limerick Milk Market

Rocking the Milk Market again

Why is Imelda May so fabulous?


Some people are born wonderful and Imelda is one of them.  How hard to figure that out?  Very, very easy.

Where would you get the likes of this?  Seriously.  I ask you.   Where would you find the sort of performer that Imelda May happens to be, simply by wandering down to your local auditorium?

The answer is simple.  You wouldn’t.

Imelda is special, the Milk Market is special, and in fairness to them, the Limerick crowd are special.  They love music and they adored Imelda May, as you might expect.  But for that enormous guitar-playing husband, I’d be tempted to run away with Imelda, and who wouldn’t?

Gorgeous.  Full of life.  Natural, unaffected and utterly charming.  Bursting with talent.

What’s not to like?

If Imelda calls me and says, Bock, I need you to be outside my hotel room in 30 minutes with the engine running, I’m there.  What are the chances?  Who knows?  We can only dream.


(Hard to believe it’s more than six months since Imelda last played in the big top).





8 thoughts on “Imelda May at the Limerick Milk Market

  1. Living proof that class and where you come from are not connected. As you say Bock, Imelda just has it.

  2. Your economy may be skrewed by the fat cats but you have Imelda May and that is worth a lot . Not many countries have an Imelda May. Please come to Sweden and sing next summer .

  3. Fantastic performer….sheer magic. I’ll definitely go to see you again. Apologies for the lack of respect from some of the limerick audience but you can’t buy class or decency. Love your voice & love your energy & performance.

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