Labour’s Tommy Broughan Expelled for Opposing Bank Guarantee

Labour TD Tommy Broughan has lost the party whip for opposing the renewal of the bank guarantee.

Why?  Should this not be a central tenet of Labour representatives?

Why does the  guarantee extend to banks that no longer exist?  Whty do we guarantee Anglo and INBS?  After all, they no longer operate as banks but as vampires.

This makes no sense whatever.  Whether you agree or disagree with guaranteeing AIB and Bank of Ireland, at least they happen to be working operations which might eventually come back to health and return our money.  Anglo and INBS, on the other hand, are dead.  They don’t trade and they never will again, so why on earth are we putting a single penny into them?

I called it treason in the past and I can see no cause to change that description.  While the government closes nursing homes to save a million here or there, we pump billions into defunct criminal enterprises.

Yesterday, the HSE told community nurses it wouldn’t pay for the petrol they used visiting patients.  Today, Tommy Broughan is expelled from the parliamentary Labour Party for refusing to pump further public money into vampire banks.

What is going on with this country when a party that claims to defend the average Joe is providing social welfare to billionaires while cutting benefits to the poor?

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Kids can tell left from right at about three years. If one tries to teach the difference between them at the same time the kid can become labour. On the other hand …

labour gave up being the party of the average joe a long time ago. There’s nothing more depressing than getting rid of one shower of useless spineless chancers only to replace them with a coalition of liars with the backbone of a jellyfish

“What is going on with this country when a party that claims to defend the average Joe is providing social welfare to billionaires while cutting benefits to the poor?”
False promises to get elected. After that, they don’t care it seems.

‘Emmet Stagg, Labour chief whip, said to day that Deputy Broughan’s actions” are regarded as a grievous breach of party discipline and he has been expelled from the Parliamentary Labour Party with immediate effect.”‘

What kind of horseshit is that? Who’s it grevious to only themselves? Gobshite.

Party discipline. Sounds very ominous that.

What would be interesting would be if some of the Roses crossed the floor of the Dail chamber and coalesced with the Guns. Fianna Fail are down to 19 seats. If half a dozen Labour TDs joined the Shinners’ ranks we’d have big Gerry as leader of the opposition instead of the anodyne Martin.

in other countries they organise what are effectively coups to get rid of democratically elected politicians and replace them with technocrats who’ll do the ecb/germanys bidding. No need for that in ireland when our elected gombeens are already onside and fully prepared to carry out orders

The problem with this country is that people believe that the Labour party is a left wing party when it is nothing of the sort. Remember this party presided over a tax amnesty and they didnt get the nickname mercs and perks party for nothing. This country is dominated by three right wing parties and no progress will be made until we build a strong left opposition. The recent election saw some progress made in that direction so we are on the right track. Further progress can be made if we expose the fake left for what it is and put them out to grass. Hopefully it will implode under the weight of all its lies.

not only you, on the treason calling.

young eamon gilmore called it ” economic treason” just last year.

same with every irish cobbled together coalition.

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