Let Me Ask Your Advice

I have a question for you.

A reader wrote to me today, offering to make a donation.  I was a bit taken aback because I had no structures in place to accept money.  I don’t make anything from this site, although keeping it alive imposes significant costs, in time and cash.

And so I was thinking.  Why not turn to the loyal readers for advice? You’ve never let me down before.

The question is this: would it be inappropriate to put a link to a voluntary tip-jar?  The idea would be that if a particular post appealed to readers, either by making them laugh or stimulating discussion, or just by providing useful information, people might like to throw in a small donation.  Very small.

I’m not convinced it’s entirely dignified to do such a thing, but on the other hand, the site has to be paid for somehow, and I deliberately keep it free of annoying ads.  Of course, that’s the other alternative: advertising.

I don’t know yet.  This is just kite-flying, and what happens next depends on what the readers think.

Come back to me with opinions.


35 thoughts on “Let Me Ask Your Advice

  1. You provide an excellent product. You expect to be renumerated for it. Please don’t think in terms of a tip-jar. See it more as a voluntary subscription.

  2. I don’t post often here Bock, but I do read your pieces every day and enjoy them immensely. One of the joys is not having flashing neon ads asking you to buy Christmas jumpers from the Costume shop. I agree with the previous post, you should be re-numerated in kind for a great, insightful site !

  3. I’m stone broke these days, but would happily throw a few coins your way now and again. What would you do with the money if you collected more than you need to run the site? I don’t see any harm in you receiving an income for this.

  4. If someone doesn’t like it then they won’t contribute so I don’t see a downside. I would have no problem with ads either as long as they don’t dominate the page. The problem with most online ads is that they are absolute crap, I rarely if ever click on them!

  5. I propose you accept some” apanage ” , you see you might be feeling down in the dumps and utterly in disaray . Then you can release your emegency fund to recuperate your spirits like going to a barber shop for a haircut followed by a hearty meal and a drink . This would allow you to reflect on various issiues or totaly blank out which ever you prefer . A journey abroad to clean away mental cobwebbs say to my mountain cabin where I have stashed away a bottle of Red Breast whiskey . Reinvigourated you return to meet us with more of your writings . Look at it as a welfare fund for the presevation of Bock’s Blogg . Anyway I am suspicious of people with high principles . Go on Bock accept .

  6. Bock , sorry about the word “Apanage ” . It is money given to royalty , a kind of social security.

  7. The invitation to my mountain cabin still stands , apanage or no apanage . and the Red Breast too .

  8. We simply can’t have you starve and good writing is rare and there are no guarentees that uninhibited quality writing will be allowed for all time . Strike a blow for the free word and support Bock .

  9. ” Apanage ” is vulgar latin not French but was used in France . It means to ” give bread ” and was designated to those children of the king who would not become regent . Just for the sake of exactness for which your blogg is renown .

  10. Good writing should be rewarded in whatever way.You have made me laugh many many times,and for that alone I will contribute.The road blessing machine comes to mind.Sorry my mind is wandering off the subject.Yes it’s a good idea Bock.

  11. Sorry Bock as I am ranting I thought I might as well rant further.” A(pan)age ” as you see means “bread “. Give bread to Bock !. Dough is the basis of bread and dough is another word for money . We have now disected this word , now let us give dough to Bock , Amen .

  12. I don’t see a problem with ads as long as (as the previous poster stated) they don’t dominate the page – I actually never noticed you DIDN’T have ads ;)
    …a donation button would also be a good idea – why not? I can’t really think of a reason why you wouldn’t! :)

  13. I’d buy you a pint and a nip were I to bump into you.
    But for the sake of your sanity Latvian acid and brown hookers!

  14. Look into advertising, i recently worked on a site that had 300/400k hits a month and generated €400/500 a month from google.

  15. I could be wrong but I think WordPress controls the advertising.
    If not I myself might set up my own blog and churn out vitriolic misanthropic
    conspiracy shite. Nothing that might poach Bock’s readership.

  16. I could be wrong but I think WordPress controls the advertising.
    If not I myself might set up my own blog and churn out vitriolic misanthropic
    conspiracy shite. I might as well poach Thesystemworks readership.He by the way
    requests donations.

  17. I think the donations idea is sound. It’s voluntary.
    Many Bock posts are priceless, hence worth a lot to the community.

  18. There’s no real downside to the plan, as long as it’s not some annoying pop-up thing screaming at us with flashing text. A better plan than adverts anyway, as most people just don’t see them anymore or use an ad-blocker. I would personally go the “PayPal button next to scantily-clad woman” route, but whatever way you’ll be quids in.

  19. I found that writing for money is different than writing for fun and for voicing unadultered opinion.

    It’s a psychological thing: If you get direct materialistic rewards you start to please the audience, maybe ever so slightly, but you do. Ask the scientists working with rats. Believe me, you can’t help it. Google it, if you like.

    As much as I appreciate your pieces, and wouldn’t want to miss them for the world, but money corrupts. Even the best of us eventually.

    Ads however might be annoying, but at least you won’t feel subtly obliged to promote whatever they are promoting. They are just an aside to web publishing. Most people ignore them anyway.

    Don’t do the tip box. It would spoil what you are standing for: independent opinion.

    If you are in desperate need for money and don’t even know how to feed your dog, say so.
    I’m sure everyone, including me, would support you.

    But, please, don’t link your independence with money.

  20. Please, piss everyone off as usual.
    I thought that I’m a master of it here in real life, but you surpass me in a much more sophisticated way.
    No flattering, truth.

    You get actually more than nothing, that is respect, acknowledgement and the reputation to be honest and straightforward and uncorruptable.

    That is more than anyone in this country achieved. And that’s why you are such a unique voice.
    Don’t give it up.

  21. Would you accept the monopoly money we laughingly call Aussie Dollars or would you prefer if I laid down some Darwin Stubbies for shipping sometime in the future?

    For the straight down the middle split of Enjoyment, Blood Pressure raising and Bewilderment that you have put out these last few years I’ll come to the party.

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