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I see that some lunatics advocate a war with Iran, for no reasons clearly defined.

Long-term readers might recall a post I wrote about about Wernher von Braun about four years ago.  Braun was a nasty piece of work, a  scientist who defiled his profession by utilising Jewish slave labour  in the Mittelbau-Dora camp to build his rockets.  20.000 slaves were worked to death at the Mittelwerk, dying at the rate of 250 a day.  More people died producing the weapon than were killed when the Wehrmacht used it, but of course, the victims didn”t even count as people.  They were just Jews.

This was the inspiration for the appalling scene in Band of Brothers where the Americans forced the local people of Nordhausen  to bury the 6,000 corpses remaining after the SS had forced the survivors on a death-march to Bergen-Belsen and  Sachsenhausen.  I don’t know if they were right to do this, but in the heat of rage, perhaps it’s understandable.  Those people must have known what was being done, even if they didn’t direct it, just as the people of Jasenovac in Yugoslavia must have known,  And Banja Luka and Prijedor, barely twenty years ago.

I went to Auschwitz a few years back and it’s inconceivable that the Polish people didn’t know what was being done.  Indeed, when survivors of Auschwitz, Sobibor, Treblinka and Maidanek tried to reclaim their homes in Warsaw, they were murdered by their Polish friends and neighbours.

We Irish turned away Jewish refugees while at the same time welcoming murderers like the Croatian genocidal killer, Artukovic.  Our hands are far from clean, but let’s return to Wernher von Braun,  SS Sturmbannführer and Nazi war hero.  This is the man who directed the US rocket programme.  Somehow the Americans managed to overcome their revulsion at the fact that von Braun personally selected slaves from the  Buchenwald concentration camp.  Just an average scientist doing his job.  Most scientists, as you know, spend their time selecting slaves.

In the times that lie ahead, perhaps we should pay careful heed to what has gone before.  A dark cloud begins to form over Europe once again.




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I always refuse to accept responsibility for anything my predecessors have done, I am me, Ronwan, nobody is responsible for for any peoples previous behaviour, it really annoys me when that comes up, if I was German I would feel no different, and I also refuse to accept responsibility for the way the redemptorists drove the Jews out of Limerick.

Ironically enough, and no agenda here, but isn’t the main concern that Israel might actually fire the first shot. The US and EU are looking at possible embargoes on Iran, whilst hoping that they can enlist the political support of Russia and China (unlikely but worth pursuing anyway).

Do you suspect a parallel European agenda, one where war with Iran may be considered an answer to other problems – a distraction of sorts?

Mick. All agenda’s seem to be on the table, The sabre rattling re Iran has gone on a long time, since ’06 Israel has pointed the finger to Iran.

Oil went to $101 a barrel yesterday as Iran closed the Straits of Hormuz, supposedly for ” military exercises “.

This looks like the most complex and dangerous exercise mooted about by Israel and the U.S. the ” No fly zone ” over Iraq expires at the end of this month, meanwhile Iran claim to have downed a U.S. spy drone, To state the obvious seems pathetic but Israel is in possession of Nukes for a long time and experts claim that even if Iran are moving ahead with their Nuclear programme, they are at least 5 years off developing weapons….As Bock said it is indeed a black cloud forming over Europe yet again.

Hi Norma,

What’s equally worrying is that some are suggesting 1-2 years before Iran achieves nuclear weapon capability. Misinformation with the purpose of initiating something sooner rather than later?

There appears to be a structured disinformation campaign in regard to the entire Middle East, What remains between Turkey and Pakistan only Iran, Who are not at war with any other Country, they are not making threats against any other Country, Syria has been accused of having a nuke programme, alledgedly aided by N.Korea, as the death toll rises above 5,000 in Syria this week, no Nato intervention ?

Surely Israel is seen as a liability in this U.S. ” War on Terror ” they are beating the loudest drum, The focus on Iran is almost conviently redefining the Arab / Israeli conflict as a more existentalist conflict fuelled by Iran, is this part of a deliberate disinformation campaign ? I dont know but it is cause for huge concern.

Well think about it, if Goldman Sachs, sorry, the US government could neutralise Syria & Iran, it would make the Middle East a lot less volatile region for the West & Israel, would secure the supply of all that yummy oil, provide lots of lucrative contracts for US companies, keep the military happy & provide much needed employment for rednecks & other poor Americans. Most of the insurgency in Iraq did come from Iran, after all. That moral giant Gingrich has said recently that the Palestinians are an invented people, so fuck them & those Goddam pinkos trying to get to Gaza.

One big problem with this, there is a new kid on the block & he’s a big mutha, he has nuclear weapons & has threatened to use them if the US/Israel fuck with one of his biggest markets & oil suppliers. China of course & they have the support of the other BRICs countries.

Still as someone mentioned a full scale nuclear war would certainly be a distraction from austerity, useless lying politicians, banksters & shit weather.

Here’s the reason for my Goldman jibe, & don’t forget Greece, Italy & the ECB are all now led by old Goldmanites.

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