A parishioner suggested to me the other day that I should take advantage of the recent technological advances on the “internet” by setting up a “Priest-Cam”.

I think this is a very good idea indeed.

It is a way of putting a priest’s activities live on the “internet”, showing what he is up to from one minute to another.  The camera could be strapped to his forehead or his upper arm, as he goes about his priestly business and therefore could provide a point of view, or POV as those in the film business are inclined to say, report of his activities from one moment to the next.

This seems like a splendid idea.

No matter what the priest is at, the camera can capture it in graphic detail, for his colleagues to enjoy later.  I can see many a joke-laden night in the parish house as the priests gather round to savour what their fellow lads have been up to.  Can you just imagine the crack as they zoom in on the latest antics of some priest, all the time uploading to Priestbook or Facetube?

It sounds like a very good idea and I can hardly wait to see the graphic images it produces.  Indeed, I cannot wait at all.  I want to see it now.  Immediately.

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Bock, I am not a priest ” lover” i really don`t like priests at all. I do recognise that even tho they are a despicable group, they are not all the same.

I do know that it a contradiction in terms to despise them on the one hand & to acknowledge on the other hand that they are just human. The pain of that is unbearable. what must be even more unbearable is the FACT that they can no longer TRUST each other again, EVER!

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