Rainy Weather

Time to take a break from the elements

It’s miserable out there.  Miserable, I tell you. I’m looking out at this rain hopping off the street and I’m asking myself what the hell I think I”m doing.  I’m coughing and sneezing.  My throat feels like a monkey sandpapered it and my head is throbbing.  This is a day to be home, tucked up on the sofa with a duvet, a hot whiskey and a good detective novel.

I want to run out and scream at the rain.  Stop fucking raining, d’ya hear?  Stop it!!

But of course, I now there’s no point screaming at rain.  Even I know that, but sometimes, the weather gets so miserable we become irrational, not to mention irascible, and run around shouting orders at the elements.

Stop, damn you!

It would be much better if I had a walking stick or something to shake at the sky in fury, and it would come in very handy for shouting at urchins as well.  Clear off. Get away.  Clear off!!

It would also come in quite handy in my declining years for helping me to stand up.   Even now, I make little involuntary grunting noises when I move, and they counterpoint with my involuntary cursing in a manner most people find deeply unnerving.

Aaargh. Fuck you!  Grunt. Bastard! Oof, my knee. Fuck off.

It’s called getting old.  You curse at non-existent enemies and groan at the pain of ancient injuries, which reminds me.  That wrist I broke all those years ago falling off a bike is hurting like a bastard right now due to the cold and damp.  The ankle I broke playing soccer is giving me hell.  The elbow I broke in an argument with a motorbike is saying, Bock, I’ve been talking to the other bodily joints.  Go home and give us all a rest.  Just go home, why don’t you?

I think that’s a sensible elbow.  I should listen to it.  Home.  Sofa.   Warm duvet.  Hot whiskey.  Good book.

Can you spot anything wrong with that picture?

8 thoughts on “Rainy Weather

  1. Bloody rain. Tis terrible for getting ya wet sometimes.
    Feel better Bock. That sounds like a good way to spend the afternoon. Sometimes we just have to listen to our bods..
    Rain or no rain I think I’m gonna snake up to the gym for an hour, work off some of that christmas excess.

    And age is but a number as they say. I hear yoga is great for the joints. I don’t have the patience for it myself. Prefer the more aerobic exercises.

    That looks like Thomas street in the photo. Christ that’s some rain.

  2. Bock , how did you know what I was up to ?, Yes I have taken a few days holidays and yes I have the open fire place and log fire burning , I have a cupboard full of whiskey , I have a couch with blankets and two cats wedged at the back of my head . I have a novel of sort by Mr Joyce about people in Dublin. You see Mr Bock I have learnt that this is one of lifes great joys and as such spare a few days of my annual holiday to be used at this time of year. This is called listening to your inner voice and when you look out the window you know how meaninless the outside world is , it has nothing to offer . Hence my annual strategy of hibernation which means whiskey , the couch , the blazing log fire and the books and cats . It is amazing that medical science has not arrived to this point where it could ordain periods of rest and laziness in winter as a tonic for the populace . Now which will I open the Black Bush or Jameson ? .

  3. I’d rather listen to my old body than cursing the weather. There’s no such thing as bad weather only the wrong equipment. Sometimes the right equipment includes a house, a good arm chair, a beverage of our choice, sufficient heating and a good book.

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