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Liverpool Won’t Appeal 8-Match Ban for Suarez

Liverpool isn’t appealing Luis Suarez’s 8-match ban for referring to Manchester United’s Patrice Evra as negrito.

But at the same time, neither Liverpool nor Suarez have issued an apology.  Liverpool  denies that Suarez made racist comments, while he himself denies that there’s anything wrong with the term negrito.  He says it’s a normal thing to say in his native Uruguay.

That strikes me a  strange argument, since Luis Suarez isn’t playing football in Uruguay, but in England.  It might be socially acceptable among white Uruguayans to dismiss an opponent as a little black man, but that sort of thing just doesn’t work any more on this side of the Pond.

I’d be interested to know what black Uruguayans think of the term negrito.

To me, it sounds much the same as somebody callling an Irish player a Mick, and expecting him to laugh along with the joke.


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I don’t follow soccer so have no real knowledge of the two players in question, Referring to anyone in a derogatory manner is unacceptable. If the soccer authorities have sufficient evidence to prove racial abuse then why not pass such evidence to the police? Suarez and Liverpool are adament that he didn’t make the remarks, why should either apologise?

Peter Clohessey was accused of making racist remarks against a Castres player a number of years ago (2004?) On investigation these allegations were disproved. Peter was innocent. Was his accuser ever punished?

If we are going to, rightly, deal with racism in a zero tolerence fashion then surely malicious allegations must be dealt with in the same fashion.

Well he’s not in Uruguay now. Perhaps Snr. Suarez needs some introduction to the accepted mores in UK society. Paid for by Liverpool FC.

The crux of the defense for Suarez seems to be that even if he did use a racist term he isn’t a racist. According to his Manager Mr Suarez calls his wife Negro all the time! Makes you think what evenings are like in the Suarez household.

John Giles, speaking about the racist incident, said that in his day opposing players would regularly call Irish players thick Micks and such, it was just part of the game, and you’d regularly shake the abuser’s hand after the game. This is not condoning the taunts that go on in football, just saying that xenophobia, bullying, picking on the other guy’s difference/weakness, whatever it may be, has been part of the game for a long time. (Indeed, former Rangers keeper Andy Goram had to endure taunts from opposition fans over his schizophrenia – despicable).

This is what the report said Evra said to Suarez before Suarez’s response: “Mr Evra told us that he began the conversation by saying “Concha de tu hermana”. Mr Evra’s evidence was that this is a phrase used in Spanish like when you say “fucking hell” in English, but the literal translation is “your sister’s pussy”. Mr Suárez did not hear Mr Evra say this. One of the video clips that we have seen, taken from a close-up angle behind the goal, does appear to support Mr Evra’s evidence that he started the conversation with this comment.”

Should all such hateful taunts be clamped down on – or only racist ones? Alternatively, should this verbal abuse just be seen as slagging off/winding up/trash talking that is an integral part of the game?

I’m reminded of the time Graham Geraghty got in trouble fro calling an aboriginal australian opponent a black cunt. I thought it was funny that it was the “black” bit that got him in trouble, nobody seemed bothered about the cunt bit. In other places and times, it would have been the other way round. The other strange aspect to this kind of thing, is that there is nothing particularly racist or insulting about the words Suarez used. The intent behind the words was probably to insult, so we are now punishing intent rather than the deed.


Suarez called Evra a negro, something he admitted to in his testimony, so it is not a case of ones man’s word against another as Liverpool and the loonier aspects of their support would have you believe. He used that word seven times in two minutes according to the independent report.

One only has to look at the damage that has been done but their stubborn and short sighted attitude.

“Piara Powar, executive director of European football’s anti-discrimination body Fare, said Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish’s comments had been “undignified” and that their reaction had damaged the club’s brand across the world.”

Powar’s call comes after Lord Ouseley, the chairman on British football’s anti-racism group Kick It Out, called Liverpool “hypocritical” and Suarez’s apology “lamentable”.

Ouseley also described Liverpool players wearing T-shirts in support of Suarez as “dreadful”.

Just came back to look at his pic. Mmm.. and I thought all soccer players were puny little feckers.
He could call me whatever he felt like. Just saying.

“To me, it sounds much the same as somebody callling an Irish player a Mick, and expecting him to laugh along with the joke.”
I believe some people would laugh along. It depends on the manner it’s said I suppose.

Luis looks North African himself though to me.
Definitely does not have the same milky skin as myself.

In my opinion, there is a huge difference between Suarez (Uruguayan) calling Evra “Negrito” and John Terry (English) calling Anton Ferdinand a “Black Cunt”. Is one comment really any more racist than the other? Yes, of course it is.

A pal of mine spent some time in Ghana a few years back. Everywhere he went he was called “Broonie”. It’s a term in that part of the country that means “White Boy”. My pal didn’t find it remotely derogatory. Maybe if he was called a “White Cunt”…

I don’t know. The fella in Ghana was identified by his appearance because that’s what set him apart. While I’d agree that Suarez wasn’t being viciously racist, it’s not obvious why Evra’s colour was relevant.

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