Priory Hall Builder, Tom McFeely, Gets UK Bankruptcy

Tom McFeely doesn’t look much like a hunger striker these days, but in his IRA phase, back in 1980, he went 53 days without food in support of demands for political-prisoner status.  Those were the times when the Provos justified every murder and robbery they committed on the grounds that they were fighting for Irish freedom from the tyrannical jackboot of the United Kingdom.

When McFeely came across the border in 1989 after 12 years in jail, he had just £240 to keep him going but he was a busy and industrious young man and before long he had created a lucrative construction business.  Unfortunately for Tom, his years in jail deprived him of many opportunities, and when he came out, he had no idea how to build anything but we Irish are forgiving people.  We’ll buy any old junk as long as it’s packaged properly, with a glossy brochure and some Flash Harry salesman touting it as the last word in elegant living.

Tom’s £240 proved remarkably elastic, allowing him to grow and grow, and not only in the waistband department.  Sadly, however, by 2006 the strain was beginning to show.  His Priory Hall building site was closed down after the Health and Safety Authority secured a High Court order.  The HSA inspector described the site as one of the most dangerous he had ever seen.

That same year, Offaly County Council took High Court proceedings to force McFeely’s company, Coalport, to carry out remedial work on Na Cluainte,  near Portarlington, an estate where 88 houses had been flung together.

Last year, Dublin City Council first evacuated all its own tenants from the 188-unit Priory Hall and later issued a closure notice on the complex because of serious fire-safety defects.

As we speak,  bankruptcy proceedings are before the courts, taken by  Theresa McGuinness who won a High Court award of €100,000 in 2009, because of structural defects in  a house constructed by Coalport.

Isn’t it ironic then, to learn that McFeely, patriot, freedom fighter and hunger striker, has sought the protection of the United Kingdom courts whose bankruptcy terms are far less penal than those in the Republic?

Isn’t it remarkable that a man who once took up arms against the Crown should now throw himself on the mercy of that very same oppressor, while at the same time there is no escape for the hundreds of homeless people who can’t live in his death-trap apartments but who must continue paying the banks for them?

After a year, Tom McFeely will be discharged from bankruptcy and free to start again, unlike those people who are burdened with crushing mortgages for the rest of their lives.  It will be a tight year for Tom, but at least he can fall back on that endlessly elastic £240 he brought across the border with him back in 1989.


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14 thoughts on “Priory Hall Builder, Tom McFeely, Gets UK Bankruptcy

  1. I don’t know how the bastard sleeps at night.
    It will be interesting to see how quickly he recovers (financially) after all this. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. Brits Out…
    Another Martyr for Old Ireland, another……
    I am sure if he invests his £240 in the Oilfields of South Armagh, he will be back on top in no time.

  3. Its the system thats allows people like McFeely to flourish . The laws need changing . There will always be people like McFeeley. the Government need to sort this out and listen and learn from the Priory Hall fiasco .

  4. There are two issues here. One is the disgraceful bankruptcy laws in Northern Ireland where these vultures cross the border for a few days and declare bankruptcy here. No consolation for their victims. There should be investigations of his previous contracts. Also, as his work was in the Republic it is there that he should be examined.

    His links with the continuing Provos also need investigation Sinn Fein claim to be concerned about the vulnerable members of society on both sides of the border. The truth is, senior members of the Republican movement have created a successful network in all aspects of Irish society which could be a threat to us all.

  5. Is it not in the law that they need to have more than 50% of their business in the U.K before they can get bankruptcy there?

    And on a side note Bock,have you ever heard of The Mirth Project from Thomondgate Limerick?
    I bought a calendar of theirs(I live in Waterford) and when I googled them I got nothing.I rang the only number(mobile,oddly) on the calendar and the guy said they were waiting for funding.
    So what are they doing with the money already collected?Is it like Bonos shitty charity,where 90% of the money raised is just frittered away on these guys wages?

  6. What I find amusing about the whole affair is that this fine Irish patriot (having had his Irish passport confiscated) scuttled back to Londonderry, obtained a BRITISH passport
    and travelled to Britain using it !!

  7. Surely there must be a crime here?
    Are our authorities so thick that they can’t pin a crime of dishonesty on him?
    Or are they too lazy?
    Don’t they care?

  8. sheepshagger » It is a crime to construct a building other than in accordance with the building regulations. If a person is convicted, they can be fined or jailed, but Tom McFeely hasn’t been convicted of anything yet, apart from robbing a post office, having a gun and trying to shoot a policeman.

  9. I’m no fan of Maggie but when did she build uninhabital flats, sell them to unsuspecting people, not pay her debts and then claim bankruptcy through the courts of her sworm enemy?

    Poor oul Tom failed to show in court yesterday wher he was facing the fact that he had failed to pay off debts of €37k to a supplier. He was described as an Irish republican hiding behind the skirts of the Queen of England.

    The silence from Mary Lou and Gerry is deafening.

  10. i admire the man.Unlike the lazy modern irish people who have nowhere to go in the world with their celtic tiger attitide.

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