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Jan 212012

The government is changing the TV licence.  Instead of charging you for having a television, they’re going to charge you for reading  the internet, but only because they think you’re using what they regard as public-service websites.

Think about that now.  The government is going to charge you for using RTE’s website even if you never touch the thing, and in truth, I can’t imagine why you might.  I looked at the RTE website this evening after the Munster-Northampton match and I discovered that their report on the games was word-for-word identical to the report on the Daily Mail website.

Public service broadcasting.

Later, I switched on the television to find a comedian interviewing a celebrity solicitor and his girlfriend on the Saturday Night Show.  Neither the comedian, the solicitor nor the girlfriend had two ideas to rub together, but worse than that, they all looked awful and they came across as absolute empty-headed fools who were getting their kicks from talking utter shit on the television.  I got the impression that these half-wits spent their entire lives massaging each other’s egos, and I wondered why my licence money was being used to prop up their ridiculous delusions of adequacy.

The comedian looked like a man who had spent two weeks on the bottle, even though he might be a paragon of sobriety.  The solicitor, Gerald Kean, is a middle-aged pudgy bore who seems to have no personality, and his girlfriend, Lisa Murphy, looks like the answer to James Bond producers’ greatest problem: how will we find a female replacement for Jaws?

The boring solicitor and his airhead girlfriend had barely departed when they wheeled on a cook.  Neven Maguire.  Wait a minute!  Didn’t I see this guy on RTE the other day?  Certainly, because Neven has friends in the national broadcaster, paid for by you and me.  They want to make sure that Neven gets exposure, and that’s public service broadcasting too, right?


If these people turned up in my home, I’d call the police, and yet RTE considers them suitable to inflict on the licence-paying public, at our expense.


Why does the national broadcaster think that our money should be used to promote the career of a woman with no discernible talents apart from the ability to dye her hair, a dime-a-dozen solicitor with no interesting characteristics, a weak ex-comedian or an average cook?

When they finally revise the legislation, I’ll be hoping they have a new definition of public service, and I hope it won’t include a provision to make sure that RTE executives look after their  friends as they have  done ever since the station was founded.

Furthermore, if the government is serious about redefining public-service broadcasting to include websites, maybe they might consider handing out some of the money to people who really do provide a public service, as opposed to RTE people whose only plan is to look after their pals.

And if you don’t like what I’m saying, why not talk to Joe?

When they change the TV licence and ask you to pay for the internet, maybe you should ask yourself if you’re happy to pay for these people getting a free ego-wank at your expense.


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    Spot on! They can stick it – unless (maybe…?) they divert money from propping up a joke of a national broadcasting service and invest it in faster, more consistent more widely available broadband (for example).


    There’s online one solution. The public has to do the government a service – and kick them out of office.
    With all recent poopoos from government minsters, they are really kayaking for it.


    Whatever about Fine Gael, the really interesting thing to observe is how Labour has morphed into a standard-issue conservative party. It’s amazing to hear Rabbitte and Gilmore defending things they used to hate.


    It’s also amazing to hear said gentlemen discussing issues they have absolutely no comprehension of. People who have broadband contracts already are paying tax (vat) on that subscription. So, am…. best of luck with that one…


    Don’t take your eye off the ball. This proposal is just another method of raising more, much needed, funds for the Russian mafia. Very little of it will go to RTE.


    Come on. Don’t leave it at that. Let’s have the full story.


    Out of curiousity, Im watching a repeat of the “show” to which you refer Bock. The most worrying thing is that the audience is happy to go along with this codology. There really is no hope.


    How come we have to subsidise RTE in the first place? How come the other stations can manage to get by with the money they earn from advertising etc? TV3 and the like? Rte have 2 channels generating income and still need the tv licence malarky. What is it now ?165 yoyos? Say 2 million homes get one.Thats 330 million before they air an ad.A lot of gobshites getting paid big money to create utter shite programming. I had the joys of having to live with the four channels recently and had to go get cable or I would have been found on the top of Pennys clock with a 22. Jeeeeeeeeesus..


    I no longer watch TV, I am much happier for it. Bread & circuses.


    The licence fee actually allows important programming on radio and television to go ahead but, unfortunately, a lot of it goes towards the drivel served up with frightening regularity by RTE.
    Here’s the concern I have though. Currently the licence fee ensures that there is a focus on the arts as a provision. This new charge could mean that we’re watching even more shit on TV. There is nothing fresh about RTE. Nothing different. They take templates for shit programmes from Channel 4, BBC and ITV and they rehash them in an utterly embarrassing fashion. How many chat shows in any other country involve competitions for the audience? Every single fucking chatshow RTE comes up with has to have something like this. TV3 has also jumped on the bandwagon with Tallaghfornia and the upcoming Give Edelle A Bell, featuring Twink, the most fucked up, washed up and fucking torn up sub z list celebrity on the planet, giving people advice about their problems. Zip up your fucking mickeys, Ireland.


    I was almost sick. I watched it and had the same reaction about the level of intellect between them. I kept thinking it would improve. Sadly I couldn’t figure out why he chose those guests.

    On the subject of public broadcasting:Don’t they get paid by the advertisers? Advertising is very expensive and we are subjected to about 6 minutes of commercials every 15 minutes or so, that’s an awful lot of money. So why do they need to sell a TV license to each person? Is it because the Gov’t runs RTE and has always done? Doesn’t the Gov’t make enough money on the phone calls solicited on these chat shows? If it is the case that they make money on Commercials, say a 30second spot at a time, then the Angelus Bell must cost them a fortune each day. It takes a full minute of air time.


    I’d have no problem with freaks talking horseshit on the telly, if we didn’t have to pay for it.
    And why should people now subsidise RTE if they don’t even have a TV and just have the internet. Because RTE happen to have a website where they put copies of their shite?
    Not to say they don’t make some good programmes, but the cost of those could be covered by advertising.
    What’s Pat Kenny on a year? 600K + I believe.
    I think I heard Vincent Browne saying to a politician there recently on his show that he makes about 50k a year.

    That’s where our money is going!

    Is this proposal on top of the other 100 euro household charge too?
    Are people going to pay this? I’ve not heard much talk about this.
    If people stick together and don’t pay it, there’s not much they can do.
    You can be guaranteed it’ll go up with each budget.


    RTE should only be broadcasting for about 4 or 5 hours a day – news, current affairs, small amounts of Irish sport, documentaries, basically stuff that is specific to Ireland, and of some importance. No need for any soaps, game shows & celeb/reality shit, let TV3 cater for all that. You could probably cut their budget by 75% and still improve the service if the right attitude was there.


    Slightly aside, but also of interest…


    Well said Essodee.
    With some honourable exceptions RTE appears to be a corrupt semi-state industry run
    for the benefit of a few semi-literate lightweights and to maintain a smelly little orthodox concensus.
    The best programmes are shown early on a Monday morning when few are watching.


    You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.
    You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.
    You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.
    You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.
    You ca . . . . . . . . .


    Haha, Lisa and Gerald received an award from us at Irish Cunts. What a pair of loathsome twats, funny how we choose the same image to ‘honour’ them.

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