Struck by Lightning

Every now and then, I’m sent a video promoting something or other and invited to write a sponsored post on it.  Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t but this one is so downright bizarre I couldn’t ignore it.

Here’s a guy who goes out and deliberately gets himself struck by lightning.

What?  That’s right: here’s a candidate for the Darwin Awards, who dresses up in a chain-mail suit with a pair of antlers strapped to a birdcage on his head.

That’s right. Antlers!  This is no Benjamin Franklin.

He then goes to a place in California famous for its electrical activity and he stands there until he gets himself zapped by a zillion-volt lightning bolt with a temperature of 30,000 degrees Centigrade.

Now, if you’ve been coming here a while, you’ll know my views on lightning.  I think it’s Nature’s way of killing golfers and cows, but I suppose it could also be a handy way to rid the world of idiots, and the guy in this video is  a sure-fire certifiable half-wit, in my opinion.

Why do people do these things?

I’m looking forward to his next adventure: walking into a hail of lead.


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