Ireland 21 – Wales 23

Ireland got Munstered.  All they had to do was defend with discipline for  two minutes.  Two!  All they had to do was hold the line tight, not give away any stupid penalties, keep the head, and let Wales make the mistakes.

What did they do?  They gave away a stupid penalty courtesy of Stephen Ferris, who earned himself a yellow card for up-ending Ian Evans in an obviously illegal tackle.  Ironically, the tackle on Evans was less aggressive than Bradley Davis’s earlier tackle on Donnacha Ryan, who was dumped on his head without a reaction from the referee or linesmen, but it was still illegal and still stupid.

Our discomfiture wasn’t helped by the presence of a dozen Welshmen in our favourite hostelry, all laughing at us.  Damn them.

Happy Welsh supporters, damn them.

Do you know about this?

For years, Wales supporters have been coming to Limerick to watch the international games and enjoy the banter with the locals.

Why?  As one of them explained, Limerick is a rugby town.  No matter what pub they wander into, they’ll meet people who know and understand the game.  They’ll get a friendly reception and they’ll go home happy.

We have a lot in common.  They have the same persecution complex as us, and when they saw who the ref was they all went Jesus!

Wayne Barnes?  He hates Wales.  And when Barnes blew for a penalty with two minutes left, what was the story?  Wayne Barnes.  Best ref in the world.  Laugh?  I nearly threw up, but at the same time, here’s a crowd of opposing supporters all in the same pub, calling each other names and nobody minds in the least.  One of them even bought us a pint, bless him.

Isn’t that great?

Well, yes and no.  It would be great if we won.  Not so great when they ended up laughing at us, the bastards.

Fun bastards, but still.  Damn them.  Looking forward to meeting them again in 2014.

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“What did they do? They gave away a stupid penalty courtesy of Stephen Ferris, who earned himself a yellow card for up-ending Ian Evans in an obviously illegal tackle.”

Wales deserved to win. If you consider that tackle to have been illegal then you have obviously never played rugby. Ferris tackled the man by one leg, he dumped him. He did not spear him or drop him, he had one foot on the ground courtesy of being lifted by one leg.

Law 10.4(j) reads: Lifting a player from the ground and dropping or driving that player into the ground whilst that player’s feet are still off the ground such that the player’s head and/or upper body come into contact with the ground is dangerous play.

The problem today was Kidney and his blinkered, unimaginative game plan, (or lack off). Wales have a monster backline inhabited by a bunch of fleet footed youngsters cira 19-21 years of old. Kidneys game plan? Kick the leather off the ball and let said monster run the ball back at us, wtf? Plus I’ll pick O’Callaghan at the expense of Ryan even though Ryan is keeping O’C off the Munster team. I’ll let O’C fuck up at the line out which will lead to a try and not substitute him for nearly another hour, Kidney has the credibility of certain Limerick based “journalists”. And before ye start the Grand Slam was 3 seasons ago, this Welsh team gave us a hiding at the RWC and Saint Deccie has done fuck all since.

Stop. With two minutes on the clock, Ferris gave Barnes an opportunity to blow a penalty. There was no need for it.

I know Wales deserved to win. They should have been miles ahead at half time, but when Ireland found themselves a shade in front with 78 minutes gone, the thing to do was keep the head down, not draw unwelcome attention to themselves.

Stop. Ferris made a perfectly legitimate tackle, he did not draw unwelcome attention to himself.

How did Ferris’s tackle contravine Law 10.4 (j) as stated above?

Here is a a videao of both yellow cards. The Wales played should have had a red, how did Ferris warrent a penalty not to mind a yellow card. Poor ref decision as was last years decision to allow the Wales try scored witha different ball to that of the match ball.

So, 2 minutes left. “I better not tackle the Wales player incase Barnes penalises me” how does that work?

I think I said that Bradley Davis made an obviously illegal tackle. He should have been sent off, as Sam Warburton was in the World Cup.

Let me ponder your point about Ferris.

No what you said was “They gave away a stupid penalty courtesy of Stephen Ferris, who earned himself a yellow card for up-ending Ian Evans in an obviously illegal tackle. Ironically, the tackle on Evans was less aggressive than Bradley Davis’s earlier tackle on Donnacha Ryan, who was dumped on his head without a reaction from the referee or linesmen, but it was still illegal and still stupid”.

Ferris neither illegal nor stupid.

The referee thought it was illegal. I thought the same, but because you put it so strongly, I ask you to let me reconsider the incident. Is that very unreasonable?

Not unreasonable at all. Indeed I consider myself a very reasonable man, a tad impatient perhaps, but reasonable

Excellent. In that case, as soon as I get a chance to review the video, which I have not yet been able to do due to other commitments, I’ll come back to you about this. As a long-time and knowledgeable contributor here, you should know that your word carries weight.

Connor Murray found out again. ” Hesitation ” Heaslip only woke up in the second half. No handbags to disrupt their attention. Rubbish.

Bock, skip in to 1:05 on the video, here’s what was said…

Barnes “mate I’ve seen nothing”
Pearson “lifted the player off the floor, twisted him off the horizontal and dropped him”
Barnes “Ok, recommendation?”
Pearson “Yellow”
Barnes “Yellow card, thank you”


He didn’t even need to ask for a recommendation. It was a straight red, end of! Pearson should have known better too.

Rolland didn’t need a recommendation from anybody when he sent Warburton off. There is very good reason for that law, player safety. He applied the law as is his responsibility.

Here’s a recommendation Wayne Barnes you ape, somebody needs to drop you from a great height… and maybe Pearson too!

Even Davis should have known better.

The law regarding dangerous lifting tackles is emphatic, had been clarified in 2009 by the IRB who have regularly issued statements reinforcing their, rightly so, zero tolerance stance.

Here’s what they said…

– The player is lifted and then forced or ‘speared’ into the ground (red card offence)

– The lifted player is dropped to the ground from a height with no regard to the player’s safety (red card offence)
(As was Bradley Davis’s tackle on Donnacha Ryan)

– For all other types of dangerous lifting tackles a yellow card or penalty may be considered sufficient.

The only question to be answered is whether Ferris’s tackle was dangerous. In my opinion it wasn’t. He didn’t lift the player off the ground, he held his leg and upended him, he did not drop him from a height. I didn’t think it was dangerous, neither did the BBC commentators on that video, neither did some of the Welsh supporters who posted comments, the crowd at the match were incensed by the decision and No.8 has given fair assessment.

Did Barnes get some kind of warning from someone? Did someone tell him they wouldn’t tolerate again what Rolland did?

Fuck him anyway, his decisions today may dictate how this championship pans out.

Ireland didn’t start playing today until they were stung out of inaction by Davis’s tackle and for a few minutes thereafter they were brilliant. No way Wales deserved to lose this match but what a horrible way to have to win it.

The law is the law, refs need to be consistent or hang up their whistles!

Its amazing how muted everyone has been about McFadden. I was looking forward to seeing this guy in green (especially given some media and public “Earls is not a centre” script) but this guy was woeful.
Every time he got the ball in hand he just passed it on immediately. No timing, no drawing defenders, no creating space and no real attempt at the gain line. Very poor and that’s to say nothing of his tackling.
Our midfield is a real concern, goes to show how long O’Driscoll has been carrying Darcy.

Not defending Barnes but he did not see the tip tackle on Ryan, so obviously he would go with Pearsons recommendation. The blame lies with Pearson for chickening out of the correct decision.
Barnes did make a bad call on Ferris though. But at the rate of knots Wales were moving towards the Irish line, a score was almost inevitable.

I’ve looked at the match again and No 8 is right. Ferris only grabbed one leg. I thought he’d picked the man up and dropped him. No penalty there, but Wales deserved their win.

No question Wales deserved their win, but I was surprised at the tactics we used against them. Overall our pack seemed to have the edge (except that we kept committing too few numbers to the breakdown to protect our ball) and our best go-forward option seemed to be the pick and drive.

Their best weapon was their monstrous backline who consistently made yards by running over ours. We seemed to enable that weapon by standing off instead of rushing up in defense, and allowing them to get a head of steam up. We also consistently kicked away possession to their backs, rather than starve them of it.

It was quite a feat to almost nick the game, and Ferris was hard done by, but winning would only have papered over some big cracks.

The Ferris tackle was illegal – illegal in that he tried to drive him into the ground after he’d tackled him – he could have “dropped him” – but he continued to twist and drive him into the ground – the welsh player was helpless when this was happening – you’ll see at the end of the sequence – 3 mins – 19 seconds in

I think Ferris’s reaction corroborates this.

I don’t think it’s to do with the one legged lift = it’s what he did with him afterwards which is dangerous – unnecessary too

There’s only been the kick of ball between these sides for a long time now ( rwc excepted) – they left it in Cardiff that day too – when the Jones kick was a hairsbreadth short of denying us the grand slam.

We might beat them another day – we’d have a better chance if we started Ryan ( like # 8 said ) and Cronin too – O’Gara might have come in a little earlier , say 10 mins from the end. But the Welsh are freakishly huge ( again like 8 said ) and will be hard to beat – the French know they are better but might forget it when playing them.

The Welsh are very big indeed yet they have ball skills missing in other big men like Banahan for England.

A good big un will beat a good little un.

Bit biased Bock. Take the Green White and Gold glasses off. Wales were the better team on the day and deserved the win. Fairs fair. Hats off to them from coming from behind to snatch a deserved win!!

Not only was Ferris cleared by the disciplinary panel they also found that Barnes should never have awarded a penalty on the first place. They also found that Pearson was wrong to recommend a yellow card for Davies and not a red.

Guess who refs France v Ireland on Saturday?

Looks like we called it right No.8. Maybe there should be disciplinary panels for refs too. I think Barnes was a disgrace the other day. Why, after he got the description he did from Pearson, did he not red card Barnes? It’s a moot point now, Ireland lost and the panel have cleared Ferris thankfully.

One thing I hadn’t done while I was looking at the Ferris tackle was take note of Barnes vantage point, there were 2 Welsh players in front of him at the moment the Welsh player was upended so I don’t believe he could have seen it properly and awarded the penalty because it just looked to him to be a tip-tackle.

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