Learn About Bocking the Blabbernet

It’s coming up to six years now since I started this nonsense.  Six years!

So far there have been 3,596 posts and 63,306 comments. There have been 18 different contributors who, between them, wrote  1.4 million words.  We’ve made 3,159 mistakes and 38 mortal enemies.  47 posts were a complete disgrace and should never have been published.  I’m sorry.

326 of them were utter shite and should never have been published either.  Sorry, but I was drunk and in no condition to be allowed near a keyboard.  Minder-fail.

The site has been through six redesigns and a hundred re-thinks, a thousand reconsiderations and a million reimaginings.

When I started this stuff, I had not the slightest idea what it was supposed to be about, but as time went on and more people became involved, we all learned together until eventually, the Bock Collective was born.  Resistance is futile.  You will be assimilated.

It works.  Thousands of people are reading the ridiculous thing.  Crazy numbers.  Some are getting annoyed.  Others understand what’s going on beneath the surface.  Google likes it a lot, and it appears on the first page of a search for many topics as a tribute to the power of unrelenting annoyingness.


I had an idea.

Since the internet is so full of bullshitters who’ll tell you nothing at all, what about a course delivered by Bock-accredited trainers teaching you some of the Bock secrets, like how to pen an effective post or how to give your business a better profile on the blabbbernet.  Or how to write plain English that your readers will like.  Or how to try and get on Page One of a Google search. Or how to be generally irritating.

That should be a popular one.

One way or another, this is in the nature of market research rather than anything concrete, so my question for you is this: if you heard of a course in how to Bock the Blabbernet, do you think you might sign up?

It ain’t no thang yet.  This is just the glad eye.

Let me know what you reckon by the usual channels, but if the feedback is positive, I might just kill the hyperdrive, take the Collective out of stasis and assign them to their designated functions.


21 thoughts on “Learn About Bocking the Blabbernet

  1. Defo, where do I sign, having dabbled for a bit would love to learn, how to do it properly, and some WordPress tips would be lovely.

  2. I would sign up but I am too old and lazy to keep up with young fellas like you. The few comments I left were for the most part utter shite and drivel, and I wish I had not written them now!

  3. Your handsome angry face is a strong selling point for the site, Bock. You musta been a beautiful ugly baby.

  4. Yeah, I’d sign up too. Having somewhere to vent might stop me having another heart attack.

  5. Hi Bock,
    This is one I’d sign up to.

    (Or how to write plain English that your readers will like)

    That might be the key to having intelligent people read what I write. Your writing is always perfect. You know how to put words together very pleasingly indeed.

  6. Seems like a huge gesture giving more of your time and expertise, its a great and generous idea.
    Will it be delivered here, on site or do you have other ideas on delivery ?

  7. I think I write pretty okay on occasion, but I’d sign up just to learn how to be generally irritating. One can never have enough of that. It”s an acquired skill for most. Others it comes naturally. So sign me up Scotty.

    6 years! Where’s the time going at all.

  8. Derailed. » This is an idea for a proper taught course, where people would pay actual cash money to attend, so it isn’t all that generous really.

  9. That last comment seems to have effectively killed the thread :).

    I would be keen and ideally would do course on-line.

    On a seperate matter. I notice your newest web site layout design includes advertising. Good to see you making a few euros. Do you get paid for every advert clicked?
    If so, I should click the odd advert.

  10. Bock, re Benno’s comment (#7)… did you ever check the (c) use of Don Lope de Aguirre’s image?

  11. I believe it has been sufficiently modified to constitute a new image. However, if anyone takes great issue with it, I’ll be happy to say goodbye. However, a small point. It’s not Don Lope, but Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald.

  12. good idea. Blogging for SEO etc, or how to write an effective article that is relevant and will get people to visit a website is good. Sign me up!

  13. We’re getting close enough to making this a reality. The introductory course will be delivered by a Bock-certified trainer, which won’t be too difficult, since everyone associated with this site is certified. And you’ll come out with a Bocktorate.

  14. Others’ understand what’s goning on beneth the surface. Whatever does it mean? What can it mean? what do you mean?

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