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What about Aengus Ó Snodaigh and his 434 toner cartridges?  That’s a lot of printing in just two years, at the taxpayer’s expense —  €50,600 to be precise.  Of course, while it’s nothing new for Sinn Féin to be a heavy user of cartridges, Aengus was pushing it a bit when he helped himself to 215 in 2007 and 219 the following year.

There was nothing illegal about it.  Apparently, the Dáil stationery office handed out printing supplies to any public representative who wanted them, and until 2009, there was no limit on the amount available.  Fair enough, said Aengus, as he requisitioned an average of four colour cartridges a week, every week, at a cost of €130 each, but in 2010 the powers that be decommissioned him and put the cartridges beyond use, unless they were paid for.  Indeed, Aengus is currently sitting on an unpaid bill of €3,700 for cartridges since 2010.

It didn’t strike him as in any way odd to be protesting against cutbacks while at the same time snaffling five times as much ink as the next heaviest user in the Dáil.  Wouldn’t you imagine that Sinn Féin, of all parties, would know a wee man somewhere who could get a job lot for handy money?

What on earth was he doing with all that ink and who was paying for the paper on which he printed all these thousands of leaflets and flyers?

I suppose he used the cartridges for high-calibre mail shots, carefully laid out in bullet points, or else, he’s an avid paintballer.  Failing that, I can think of many interesting uses for a high-quality industrial printer of the type described by Aengus on Morning Ireland.

One way or another, this news is dynamite.


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    delighted to see the shinners are now a totally ligitimate mainstream political party, committed to milking their expenses like everyone else.
    no coincidence that this story comes out the week after sinn féin are ahead of FF in the polls?????
    what a festering world of shit politics is……


    Don’t be so intolerant. Mary Lou said Aengus didn’t break any rules, it was the system that was at fault. So there.

    And anyway Aengus also had to print in Spanish for the Shinners in Columbia.


    434 toner cartridges? Guess he really was willing to dye for Ireland.



    Over on boards.ie the debate on this has exploded, and some maths genius has worked out that the printer he has, running 24/7, couldn’t use that much ink in the given time. Maybe he smuggled them north of the border for a change..

    My own hypothesis is that he printed mugshots of himself and sent them to three million plastic surgeons looking for quotations.

    His own truculent bluster on the news was that he was doing Dublin City Council’s job. Bad tactical decision – since 2000, national politicians have no role in local authorities, so that excuse isn’t valid, even if it were true.


    Its really too easy. Maybe he’s printing money, oh no that’s the other crowd, Gilmore’s pals!


    Interestingly, it was pointed out by a professional printer speaking on Live-line today that the amount of paper used to exhaust that amount of ink would fill a standard 40 foot container.


    Maybe he got the job of printin the IOU’s for the ECB. That’s take a fair bit of ink! Hey Darwin – good one! I’d say Aengus was printing An Phoblact on the side.


    Nice one Bock great comments too!


    Sinn Fein. Cartridges. Theres a Joke there some where…


    Printing Northern Bank banknotes I presume??
    Typical Gombeen man, lay the blame of the country’s ills at the doors of others and act the bollix with tax payers money.
    Nice one Aengus O’ Slibhin.!!

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