Mar 252012

Now I, for one, am glad to know that De Bert is not corrupt.

Who amongst us has not had bags (literally, shopping bags) of large-denomination notes the origin of which we have  been unable to explain?

Who amongst us has not had friends who spontaneously organise whiprounds and buy us houses?

Who amongst us has not won large sums of money on the horses, and despite it being a small prince’s ransom been unable to remember the meeting, the horse, the jockey?

And all of course not corrupt, no, not at all.

There is a most unhealthy rage against this great man. Who is not corrupt. Let’s leave aside his many contributions to fashion, to elocution, to accounting, and remember that this man was elected not once, not twice, but thrice.  And he is not corrupt, no not at all.  The more feebleminded might juxtapose being in a position of the most concentrated power in the land and shopping bags of unexplained high denomination foreign currency and draw inferences from it.   I shall refrain.

Here is a small suggestion, and remember, De Bert is not corrupt.  I am sure is like all readers, he is tax compliant. A tiny small change could be made to the various public sector pension acts, making it a requirement to obtain a public sector pension to produce a tax clearance cert.  I mean, taxi drivers, publicans, they all need to produce one. People bidding for a government contract need to produce one.  I am certain sure that, not being corrupt, De Bert would have little difficulty in producing one.  For €2,800 a week, a mere pittance, its perhaps beneath his notice, given that he obtains over €70k for speaking, but as they say ” every little helps’.

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