Bruff RFC to Start Women’s Rugby

I hear that Bruff RFC are about to establish a women’s team.  Isn’t that great news?

I think it’s great anyway, to see people becoming involved in sport and it’s about time Bruff took this step.  They’ll have full support from the IRFU and what’s more, they’ll be fully in tune with the Zeitgeist.  After all, Shannon have had a women’s team for years.  So do Young Munsters and UL Bohs.  Even the Ban Gardai are playing rugby, for Christ’s sake!  Go on there Bridie!!

This is a good move by Bruff and I hope it works out for them, as it should.

They’re an amazing outfit, who sprang up out of nothing in rural County Limerick forty years ago and are now a highly-respected senior club. Bruff is the most improbable senior Irish rugby club you could imagine, founded by two GAA players in the heartland of rural Ireland, yet there it is, with a fine set-up including two first-class floodlit pitches and widespread local support.

Dat’s Limerick County, kid!

Look, Bruff RFC are now actively seeking women to play rugby, so if you think you have what it takes, why not make contact here?



3 thoughts on “Bruff RFC to Start Women’s Rugby

  1. Hmmm..I wonder will the woman playing tighthead be called ‘The Heifer’ to keep with tradition..

  2. You’re assuming the female tighthead will not have given birth. If she has will Od Cow suffice? (Joke!)

    Best of luck to BRFC and to all the women who play and take up the game.

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