Easter Saturday Rave at Knock

Go to this, people.  Go to this.  Go.  Go to this.

You must go to this.

Just do it.

Go.  Knock, Co Mayo.  7th April.

That is all.






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6 thoughts on “Easter Saturday Rave at Knock

  1. I say chaps, hold on there.Would holy Mother Church, not object.One often wonders, why it is called Mother, when it is filled, with so called, Celibate men.Tally ho chaps.

  2. I’ll only go if Hot Press gives it an editorial imprimatur. Will the Wine mentioned on the poster be made miraculously from genuine Ballygowan water?

  3. I’d got go with ya Benno. Are you still lookin’ for a woman?
    Only criteria.. are ya a bit mental.. i likes um a bit wild.
    A rave at Knock.. A good start.

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