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Kony 2012 — Invisible Children Founder Arrested

This is about a mentally-disturbed man who started a religious cult based on random irrational beliefs and who gathered a huge  following of superstitious young people.  No.  I don’t mean Joseph Kony. I’m referring to Jason Russell, who started the ridiculous Invisible Children, a company masquerading as a charity, which was really a vehicle for Russell’s own ego and a front for the evangelising American Christian movement he represents.

The clean-cut young Christian evangelist was arrested recently, naked in the street, vandalising cars and masturbating publicly.  Who said men can’t multitask?   Jason was apparently out of his head on drink or drugs or both, but whatever he was on, it was powerful shit.


Invisible Children recently produced a thirty-minute video, supposedly about the activities of a demented criminal in Uganda, Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, and the video went viral all over the internet, attracting endorsements from celebrities like George Clooney, who really ought to know better.  The happy-clappy message seemed to be that people could defeat this warlord by raising awareness.

In their own words:

We are storytellers, activists and everyday people who use the power of media to inspire young people to help end the longest running armed conflict in Africa. We make documentaries, tour them around the world, and lobby our nation’s leaders to make ending this conflict a priority.

But we don’t stop there. Our development professionals from Central Africa partner with local communities to implement and maintain education programs and economic initiatives in the war affected region. Recovering communities require stability when it comes to education and economic initiatives, but the ever-changing conflict demands innovative solutions and quick mobilization. Our initiatiatives attempt to meet the region’s need for both stability and flexibility.


What they really do is sell you an action kit, consisting of

  • A t-shirt.
  • A bracelet.
  • An action guide
  • Stickers
  • Button
  • Posters.

According to their web site, You can decorate yourself and the town from their on-line shop.

There you go.  T-shirts and bracelets.  That’ll bring Kony to his knees, but wait till he hears about the stickers, buttons and posters.  He’s bound to cave in.  Of course, in the middle of all this bracelet-wearing and awareness-raising, INvisible Children neglect to inform you that Kony has been gone from Uganda for several years.  Not to worry.  We can still patronise the Africans.  Ugandan villagers must be delighted to know that Valley Girls in tooth braces are wearing a bracelet, like, just for them? OMG!! That must be just, like, so totallly awesome for the Africans, dude.

THey look at each other quietly and they say, It’s good that Rihanna cares about us.

Years ago, we had the dreadful collections for the black babies, and it looks like that mind-set didn’t go away, but here’s the kicker.  Of the money raised, only about a third is spent in Uganda.  The rest goes on making movies, to massage the egos of these Christian kids, or in the case of Jason Russell, to massage other parts.

Well what a how-dee-do!  As somebody remarked, I hope he wasn’t thinking of the children.

I wonder how he’ll explain this to the cherubic little boy he uses as the front for his film about Kony?  Well, you see, Son, when a man loves himself very much

Out in the middle of the road, bollock naked, pulling his plum?  Looks like Invisible Children will have to add new products to the on-line shop.  Christian blow-up dolls.  Blessed lube.  Vibrating crucifixes.

His wife claims that Jason cracked under the pressure of the film’s popularity, and sure enough here he is showing all the signs of being crushed as he basks in the celebrity of what he has achieved.  Thirty-two years of being that smug is bound to unhinge a fellow.

Of course, Jason himself is the son of parents who founded the Christian Youth Theater, so he really didn’t have a great start in life.  Maybe it’s time to re-think the way he uses his own little son as a front for this sort of stuff.

Personally, I reckon that all these viral videos are fine but for real impact, you need a stage show,  with personalities, celebrities and few musicians swaying side to side as they sing along to a massive anthem.  Remember Feed The World?  There won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas, sang Bono, overlooking the fact that there’s always snow in Africa at the top of the mountains and that people go skiiing in Africa, but he meant well.  Do they know it’s Christmastime at all?  Well, no, and why should they?  They’re Muslims in Ethiopia, apart from the Coptic Christians but we’ll leave that aside as well, because we know what they mean.

This year’s mega-anthem is going to blow them all out of the water if we can pull it off.

A stage full of utterly famous people singing Choke That Christian Chicken.

I imagine Bob Geldof will want to stay out of this one.


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9 replies on “Kony 2012 — Invisible Children Founder Arrested”

Nothing like a night on the Jesus Juice and a sniff off the Devils Dandruff to de-stress after a hard week at the Smug Factory.

Christ that’d be some hangover to be waking up to. Imagine the mortification, what with his backround. Maybe it’s time for a career change. You’d wonder would someone like him have done that on purpose maybe. I mean adhering to bullshit your whole life, I’d say eventually you might rebel.

Seems to me that there’s an awful lot of companies masquerading as charities.
Bono’s one, with most of the donations eviscerated on salaries.
The children to lapland airline company – ‘appeal’.
I have an idea, I’m going to set up a charity. The FF1 appeal. My Trocaire box is going to be out all year round -not just the lentil times and I’ll rename it the FF1 box. All donations greatly appreciated.
At least it’d be honest. Fucking swines.

Call me cynical but this looks a bit like a well orchestrated scam. Some clever marketing to draw the dollars in, the message that the founders are simply a conduit by which others can progress an ‘action plan’, then a sudden psychological problem that neatly gets one of the originators off the hook in terms of having to follow through.

Alternatively maybe a sudden recovery will transpire, followed by a call for sympathy and compassion for the frailty of humanity, leading to a resurgence in the campaign, followed by more dollars.


How horrible and tragic.
Worst of it is, whoever was on the receiving end ( of the one-third of donations that actually made it to Africa ) may not have much minded being patronised in a crass fashion by Yankee air-head youth, so long as some readies were rolling in, and now this fool’s frat-party antics have put the kibosh on even that.
Wanker in every sense.

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