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Mar 222012

The Mahon Tribunal report is due out shortly, so this is going to be a dynamically changing post as information emerges.

This is the day we find out what Mahon thinks of da Bert, the illiterate fool who steered our country onto a rock while continuing to believe that he was an international statesman.


I don’t know what the tribunal will say about him, but I know what I think.  In my opinion, he presided over the most debased, corrupt, incompetent, self-serving government this country has ever seen.  I think his cunning and his hubris, combined with his personal uneducated ignorance, formed a toxic mixture that poisoned the whole country.

Time will tell. I can’t yet say what the report will contain  but you can be sure I’ll put it up here as soon as it comes to hand.



The Mahon tribunal has said that it can’t decide if payments to Bertie Ahern were corrupt.

Why?  Because not a word of his evidence was truthful.  To put it another way, Ahern has succeeded in frustrating the inquiry by lying about every single thing he was asked.   Ahern did not give the tribunal a truthful explanation for the money lodged to his account at various times, in various currencies, in the early 90s, and for this reason, the tribunal has been unable to establish where it came from.

The Tribunal is blunt in its findings of fact.  There were no dig-outs. There was no spontaneous whip-round at a dinner in England.  He didn’t win money on the horses as he claimed.  The evidence given by Des Richardson and others supporting Ahern’s dig-out fairytale was untrue.  Half a dozen people each gave the tribunal false information in support of Ahern.  Furthermore, the tribunal says that he did not save £54,000 in cash at a time when he had no bank account.  He lied about this.

Michael Wall did not own the house in Drumcondra — it was Ahern’s at all times, despite what he told the Tribunal, the Dáil and the press.  Wall did not buy the house and later sell it to Ahern, contrary to the evidence given by both men.

The evidence given by Ahern, Joe Burke and Tim Collins about the notorious B/T account is rejected as lies.  The money was not lodged for maintenance of the Fianna Fáil office at Drumcondra.  According to the tribunal, this account was actually for the personal use of Ahern and Collins, a finding unlikely to surprise many people these days.    I had my own views on this account which you can read here if you like.   Collins in his evidence invited the tribunal to swallow the nonsense that B/T stood for Building/Trust, not Bertie/Tim, even though Collins had another account with Des Richardson called D/T.

It was from the B/T account that Bertie provided a huge loan to Celia Larkin which remained unpaid for 15 years until the tribunal started asking about it.  Where did the money come from?  Collins was in no doubt.  It came from golf classics and he stuck to the story until someone pointed out that no golf classics were run until five years after the money was lodged.  By the way, let’s not forget the involvement of Fingers Fingleton in all these shenanigans.  It was Fingers who provided the money for Celia to pay back the FF loan after the tribunal started asking awkward questions.  He had Bertie in his pocket.

These guys loved their codenames.  Let’s not forget the CODR account, whhich they claimed stood for Cumann O Donovan Rossa, and  which definitely didn’t stand for C/O Des Richardson, right?


What a remarkable coincidence that so many people swore false evidence to the tribunal and at the same time, all the lies somehow told the same story.

Perhaps one of the most worrying statements by the tribunal concerns political interference.

[The tribunal] came under sustained and virulent attack from a number of senior government ministers who questioned, inter alia, the legality of its inquiries as well as the integrity of its members


A legally-constituted tribunal of inquiry came under attack from senior government ministers for inquiring into corruption.    It tells us all we need to know about Fianna Fáil’s attitude to democracy and makes their current crocodile tears all the more laughable. Micheál Martin was education minister from 1997 to 2,000 under Bertie Ahern.  He was health minister for the next four years, also under Ahern.   At no time did he raise questions about the arrant nonsense his leader was telling a sworn tribunal of inquiry.

Here’s the choice for Martin and the senior FF members.

1.  They knew what Ahern was up to and either participated or assented to it.  That makes them unfit for public office by virtue of the fact that they have no ethics.


2.  The listened to Ahern’s ludicrous explanations of where he got his money and believed him.  That makes them unfit for public office by virtue of the fact that they have no brains.

Which is it?  Either way, all their talk of expelling Ahern from their party is just so much bluster, because it doesn’t matter.  Fianna Fáil no longer matter.  What they did has destroyed communites all over Ireland and has inflicted poverty on a large portion of the Irish people, though not on the likes of Ahern or Flynn, who continue to draw three or four large pensions each.

I’m starting to feel nauseated by all this, so the best thing is probably to provide a list of previous posts here, which were written as the tribunal heard all the ludicrous evidence.

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    If I were to think of that bollix for a moment or two, I’d probably be thinking; criminal, liar, thief, traitor . . .
    But, I just don’t have time to think about that bollix so I’m not thinking; criminal, liar, thief, traitor . . .


    Can the authorities use the findings to bring criminal charges against those named in the report?


    Shock fucking HORROR! Bertie Lied! Well holy god.


    How much did this tribunal cost us? As per No.8.. what use is it?


    300 million give or take it seems.
    15 years and over 600 witnesses.
    Great findings.. informative.. changes to be made.
    Ah yeah, well worth it. Lessons learned going forward now, into the future.


    If matters were run properly in this banana state,an independent(as in outside the country) police inquiry should have been established to investigate,because one of the disturbing conclusions in the Mahon report indicated that complaints made to Gardai by Tom Gilmartin were not fully acted upon. Hardly surprising when you consider theyre all supping out of the same trough. Rotten to the core.


    Ahern is a saint compared to whats in government in the north.


    What sort of gobshite, does Bertie, take us to be.Fucking Gombeen men, and women, in FF. What can de party do to him.He will never see the inside of a prison, and that pension, of his , is obscene, to put it lightly.The fucker should be strung up by his balls…and nobody told me anytin..said he, about The Economic Collapse.He is the sickest, of sick Fuckers, and whats worst, he will get away with it.


    I’ve heard some commentators mention his work in the Northern Ireland peace process as a strong point in his favour. Personally I think it’s hard to know exactly how much credit he actually deserves for that, but any good he did do for the peace process is ultimately overshadowed by all the shady stuff exposed in the tribunal.

    Wonder how history will judge him?


    You are quite correct IrateIrishman, the fucker should be strung up by his balls (they appear to be large enough to support his weight).

    Perhaps the cnut may never see the inside of a cell but as you rightly say, he fucked our economy single handedly and now claims that “nobody told me” bullshit that the shit was going to hit the fan.

    Aptly described on the RTÉ radio programme ‘Green Tea’ as “the Right Bollocks of St. lukes” this prick learned his ‘trade’ from no other than CJ Haughy,

    On RTÉ’s Prime Time tonight I saw extracts from a (very expensive) speech he made in Honduras in ’09. Fuck me, I thought I had been transported into a novel by Louis Carroll.

    He was talking about TRUTH.

    I think I need to lie down, I don’t feel well.


    “Hubris” comes to mind.

    Consider the type of person he was lecturing on “truth”, they will pay as much
    attention to truth as they do to the families they have their hired thugs throw
    of the land.
    Was he aware of the coup in Honduras?
    Can Enda Kenny be any better when he fetes the Chinese vice premier?
    They would both sell us to the highest bidder except Enda might be a little
    more circumspect when it comes to taking his pay-off and won’t break any law.
    He will get his reward in the form of a seat on a board.


    seems quite a few fine gael boys were on the take as well. the evidence of one of the guys alleged to have been involved in the whip round is quite interesting. his name eludes me, but as an accontant he was asked to make a political donation to FF, he consults a few of his colleagues and the donation is made. the guy says he never met bertie, was not a friend of his and did not help in an whip round. his donation was a company donation to FF and not bertie.


    Tribunals are nothing more than a catalyst for politicians to evade jail. When allegations of corruption are made the gardi should be investigating, a file should be sent to the DPP and if there is sufficient evidence a criminal case should be tried. Had that happened most of them fuckers would be in jail for contempt of court and purjury. One thing that really bothers me is the fact that the media and the public wait years for a report to be issued before the start to react. We did not need Mahon to spoon feed us a summary, everything the report said yesterday was readily available during the course of the tribunal. Why weren’t we up in arms the day bertie mentioned his dig out, why is paidrig Flynn not in jail. He admitted he took 50k? The media spent the whole day yesterday analysing the findings. That is old news. We new that already. Yesterday should have been spent not listing all the things that went on but demanding criminal action be brought. The media will analyse it to death until everybody is so sick of it they won’t care that they got of scott free.


    I agree with Nonny. I would describe tribunals as escape hatches for politicians. Sure, they’re named and shamed but the public’s memory is short. Corruption shold be investigated as any crime should. But then, are the Guards corrupt as well?


    There is no independence in the Judiciary in this country. That is the problem!


    I agree with Nonny too.
    Shur wasn’t it Bertie himself who set up the Mahon Tribunal in the first place?
    I think there’s a bit of irony there somewhere.

    Vincent Browne did a great job on that FF’er Niall Collins last night. The prick – Niall I mean. Met him once, he’s an arrogant fucker. Told him about the way PRSI was being deducted and being over paid. Long before it came out in the media recently. Don’t think he’s the brightest for an accountant.. didn’t really seem to hear me, just said and it’ll get worse. Muppet.

    They’ll all in a rush at the moment to condemn Bertie. How things change.
    I recall that other clown O’Dea defending Bertie when Bertie was before the tribunal.. saying why don’t they ask him about his communion money, whether it’s in coins or notes..something along those lines.. and Micheal Martin also defending Bertie at that time.
    Different story coming from them now.

    Weasles the lot of them.

  17. I said,the tribunal noted that when the gardai received a complaint from Tom Gilmartin,they failed to investigate it fully. Draw your own conclusions from that.


    Berties favourite song, must have been..Doze were de daze, my friend, we taught, theyd never end, we spent, and drank, forever, anda day, we lived de life we choose, we taught weed never looze, oh yes my friends, doze were de daze.
    Bertie, and his mate P.Flynn, are now moaning, that the Tribunals, are lying.The fuckers, should be stripped of their fat pensions, but they wont, they dont give two fucks, about being kicked out of FF, and they will be able to give the whole country, the two fingers.If there is a hell, I hope they rot in it, but they are such meglomaniacs, they still think, they have done nothing wrong/


    Ray Burke, will be refusing to pay The Household charge.His reason…he didnt pay for the house, in the first place


    Mahon lost his balls and decided that this compulsive liar wasn’t corrupt.
    By the way, M. Wall is paying Berties property tax coz he owns the house!!

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