The Pope Goes to Cuba

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Mar 282012

The Pope went to Cuba and denounced what he called the  fanaticism that tries to impose its truth on others.

Strangely, I’m in agreement with Ratzo on that one.  Nobody should try to impose a version of the truth, but I’m afraid his finger-wagging waves a little hollow here in Ireland.  After all, this is a country where they released the Poor Clares to vote against divorce.

Imagine that.  An army of cloistered virgins marching into the polling booths to tell adult men and women they may not legally end their relationships.  That happened in modern-day Ireland on the 26th June 1986.  What’s worse is this: they succeeded, and if that’s not trying to impose one version of truth on everyone else, I don’t know what is.

Perhaps Ratzinger wasn’t aware of the irony when he called on Fidel Castro to provide greater freedoms, and a bigger role for the Roman Catholic Church in Cuban society.   Think about that.  Greater freedom so that Rome can force you to do what it wants.

Now, look, before anyone starts ranting about Castro, I’m not defending dictators.  I don’t like any of them, even the ones installed by the Free World when it serves their interests, such as the vile Saudi regime, or Saddam or the ridiculous Pahlavi, Shah of Iran.  I don’t even like para-dictators like Cheney and I certainly don’t like Communist ones who screwed up every country they ruled, or so we’re told.

But wait.

If these Commies are so vile, why is the West suddenly courting said Commies so assiduously, including our own spiritual leader Enda Kenny as he accepts the salute on Tien An Men Square?  Oh, wait a minute.  Maybe it’s because they have money.  Could that be it?  And the fact that they own all America’s debt?

And wait.  Did Communism screw up China?

Certainly, the life of the average Chinese person has been exceedingly harsh, and without doubt, the Mao years were beyond enduring, but Mao was one man attended by a criminal clique.  Taking the overview, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that the Chinese people have been dragged screaming into an era of prosperity they could never have hoped for under the old regime.  Furthermore, the country is stable.   It works, and we deal with it all the time, despite our fulminations about human rights.  We deal with it.

Don’t read this as a defence of the Chinese regime.  I don’t like what they do to the Falun Gong.  I don’t like what they did to Tibet.  I didn’t like the way they crushed the students’ revolt but none of this is about what I like.  This is about how nations relate, and conduct their business.  Countries are far bigger than our little concerns and we should avoid trying to anthropomorphise them, as GW Bush, President Chimp, used to do.

Ratzo is right when he asks Fidel to permit more religious freedom.  People should be free to believe whatever nonsense they wish, but I think he has something more in mind.  I think Ratzo is seeking to restore Rome’s power in Cuba, and the giveaway is his request to permit Catholic universities in the country.

It’s true that Cuba is an oppressive dictatorship, but it’s also true that much of its poverty is caused by a ruinous economic war imposed by the USA, just as the United States imposed ruination, through an extended economic war, on the other communist country it failed to crush: VietNam.

There are no black and whites, and in fairness to the Pope, much of his message is motivated by a desire for justice and tolerance.  But unfortunately, Josef Ratzinger is not the man to deliver such a message, and the Catholic Church is hardly a model for tolerance and openness anywhere.

You don’t believe me?  Just ask any Irish person who remembers the first divorce referendum.




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    Your best piece yet Bock.
    I’d love to go into my usual whataboutery but I shant.
    I just hope that Fidel shows Ratzo a nice clean abortion clinic
    while pointing out the difference in infant mortality rates between Cuba
    and it’s neighbour.
    After that a night listening to the Bueno Vista Club and a long pina colada.


    Bock.What makes you think Benedicto, is a you he could tell you, where all the great male, or female whorehouses, are in Munich, where he was Archbishop, before he took over as Cardinal Ratcatcher, head of the Inquisition.Bet he, and the other cross dressers, in The Vatican, aka HOLY MOTHER CHURCH, also know the best whorehouses, in Rome.If its governed, and run, by old men, why is it called Mother Church////


    I didn’t say the Pope is a virgin. Where did you get that from?


    The Census results have confirmed that something like 85% of the population admit to being Catholic. This in spite of the very well publicised corruption in the Church.
    You gotta wonder what do Irish people think. I mean, I can understand someone in a rural area pretending to believe the whole Catholic package and go to church on sundays as not going would create too much grief. But the census was filled in privately. People could have easily stated that they no longer believe in the Catholic church but they didn’t.
    No doubt Bock is scribing words of wisdom on the subject in a new thread.


    was divorce not allowed under brethan law? and if so, considering that most of those laws were not done away with until the last 10 years or less, why was there a need to run a referendum?
    wonder how the pope would feel if the head of another church asked him to allow greater freedom for his religion within the vatican city.


    An excellent piece – indeed, there are few (no?) black and whites. The thing about communism is that – as someone put it eloquently – it is a good idea that is often put to evil uses, whereas totalitarianism in its ultimate form – Nazism – is an evil idea in itself.

    And yes, I remember the divorce referendum …. but a lot has changed since then, in spite of the 95% of Irish professing Catholicism in the most recent census. The Church no longer has the stature it once had, and that is unlikely to change


    Would love to visit Cuba, would love to give the ratsface a kick in the bollix also. I do know which one is realisable tho.


    The Pope should have stayed, in Fucking Cuba.He fits in with the dictators.


    “…motivated by a desire for justice and tolerance..”. I’m not so sure. Motivated by a desire to extend his organisation’s influence? Always. Would be failing as a CEO if he wasn’t.

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