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Woman Sentenced to 18 Months for Child Neglect

I find it hard to agree with the ISPCC when it says that a mother’s 18-month sentence for child-neglect was too lenient.  This woman, now 34, was abducted as a 14-year-old by a 24-year-old man who went on to rape her and later to rape the children they had together.  This woman has never known anything but violence, abuse and squalor, and I can’t see how a prison sentence will achieve anything.

It’s a dreadful case, going back to 2001 when the family arrived in this country from Britain.  Because the parents used a variety of aliases while travelling around and because they never applied for Welfare, the family stayed under the radar until 2007 when they turned up at a Garda station in circumstances that are not entirely clear from the reports.  The children were almost feral, one of them eating the food offered by the Gardai so fast that he vomited.  They had never been washed and they didn’t know how to use a toilet.  The five children ranged in age from 4 to 11, which means that at least two of them were born in Ireland, under circumstances that are also not clear from the news reports.

The father has already been convicted of neglect, assault and rape, while the mother was described in court as someone with a dysfunctional upbringing and an inability to cope, which is putting it mildly.

However, the judge’s comments about disregarding her “sacred duty” seem a little detached from reality. After all, this woman didn’t grow up in the sort of privileged and protected circumstances enjoyed by Judge Martin Nolan.  This woman grew up in an environment of ignorance, violence and coercion since she was a child, without the opportunity to learn about anything but survival, and certainly not about sacred duties.

Reading between the lines, the mother has been complicit in the cruelty, to the extent that her younger children refuse to contact her.  The eldest boy has had to be kept apart from other children his age due to his pathological need to be accepted, leading to highly inappropriate behaviour and bullying.

What these children went through is beyond imagining and I can see why a court would decide to jail the mother, but at the same time, I can’t see what the point is of putting the unfortunate woman behind bars.  By all means, let her never again have control of children, and immediately remove any further children from her, but I suspect that the level of awareness in this case is very low.   It seems to me that at the very least, a convicted person should be able to connect the punishment with the crime, and in this instance, I don’t know whether that is possible.

As for the father, it doesn’t bother me what they do with him.  They can shoot him if they like, or they can electrocute him.  They can drown him.  They can poison him.  They can squash him under a bulldozer.   I’m not fussy as long as they eliminate him permanently.


This  reminded me of another case three years ago when a mother was convicted of sexuallly abusing and starving her children.  The post is HERE.  In that case, the two parents seemed to be acting together to abuse the children.


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The judge was left with no choice here, she had to be jailed, she’ll be out within a matter of weeks, if even that. The mind simply boggles at the ISPCC’S reaction. It should be obvious that the women’s identity, reality and sanity were destroyed and by a predator/monster, again was there an authoritative and thorough psychological assessment carried out on this women and presented to the court.

Using my head, I agree with you Bock. Based on the information you supplied, this woman requires support, not a prison sentence. Unless the Judge thinks that prison is a suitable structured environment for her, which I doubt.

Ultimately, the kids are safe, that’s the main thing.

I know the childrens’ identities are protected under law so the parents can’t be named, anyone know the background to this and who and what these people are?

very fucked up situation;have to agree with you though bock;the mother involved must be a very damaged person

Very balanced post except for the last bit about the father. But then my heart tells me the same!

“By all means, let
her never again have control of children,”

how do you enforce that though.

Very difficult, but it has been done before. Short of forced sterilisation, all any civilised country can do is immediately to take any newborn child into care in the future.

Right, so the mother came from a harrowing background, and that explains her actions. The brute of a father may have had a worse upbringing, but he is portrayed as a demon. Do either of these situations absolve them from their actions? Obviously not. They are both absolute cunts, and while there are deep social and psychological issues at play here, the judge was right to lock her up. I have no sympathy for her and only hope that at some stage the children might have some quality of life.

Bock. Life would be a more appropriate sentence.
Cop on. Even a rat has a natural mothering instinct.
This “woman” obviously has no parenting skills whatsoever but do not try to absolve her by saying she had a terrible background herself.
I personally know a lot of people who had a bad upbringing but did not resort to this sort of abuse of their children.
Maybe, just maybe this so called mother needs a prison sentence to bring her to her senses.

I too know people with backgrounds and upbringing that we can only imagine…but the mother is also a victim here, abducted at age 14 and raped and dragged around for years..the instinct to mother is learned from ones mother..this woman never had a chance….she needs help..I agree with taking the children and hopefully giving them some sort of chance to learn love and for the father, i hope he never sees the light of day from his prison cell….as far as coming to her senses…she again doesn’t have a chance…and I wholeheartedly agree this is cluster of gigantic proportions…

I rate your website and really enjoy the posts (more often than not).
I’m curious to see if you’ve ever heard of Hollie Greig from Scotland?
Given that you seem to have your finger on the pulse I can’t see how you wouldn’t have heard of her.
Would love to see you writing an indepth piece on Hollie Greig, Robert Greene and the horrendous injustice and mass cover up that’s still ongoing in Scotland.

Having spent the afternoon reading about Hollie Greig, should the information be accurate, I can only conclude that a sizeable proportion of any population is predatory. I’ve also learned today that sexual abuse in Irish Hospitals is at epidemic levels. It’s nice learning new stuff, exciting too. If you’ll excuse me i’m off to drink a bottle of vodka.

Keith — It’s very difficult to be everywhere. That’s why I don’t write about every single case of injustice that has ever happened.

I don’t have any facts about Hollie Greig, apart from assorted blogs, and therefore it would be very difficult to write an in-depth piece on this case. Sometimes, it can be possible to suffer from outrage-overload.

Thanks for taking the time to reply Bock.
I accept what you’re saying totally, however there seems to be 1 authorative website offering good information on the case:
I came across this case last year and like you said, outrage-overload!
I suppose my eyes were fully opened and I no longer like the world that I brought kids into. It’s a bitter pill to swallow Bock but I’m glad for websites like yours, or which definitely offer a clearer version of reality than the RTE’s of this world.

The Hollie Greig case along with others I’ve been reading about from America, represent the end of the world. It is truly and profoundly depressing and dis empowering to now know what is really happening. As a relatively rational, intelligent and decent human I feel no real connection to the rest of society now. Surprised and depressed that more people aren’t talking about this on line.

i like your post .she such not be in a cell now she was fright of that man . you such not comment if you dont no all the ture. i no what she is going turn i was then myself .

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