Annual Blasphemous Good Friday Posts

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Apr 062012

I have an apology to make.

This year, for the first time, I didn’t get around to writing the annual Good Friday blasphemous post and for this I’m truly sorry.  Feel free to form a mob and crucify me.

All I can do is offer you a list of posts from the past, which I’ve resurrected.

Battlestar Catholactica

Christian Science and the Zombie Jesus

Holy iPhone Apps

Prayer for the Conversion of Bock

Saint Bock’s Gospel

Normal service will resume soon.



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    Hang sangiches and wine all round!


    Well, not boastin` or anytthing like it. But, I have the evening planned.

    Two of Lidles best striploin steaks, some oven ready chips, mushrooms, onions, peas. Two bottles of Saint Emilion, candles for the table & herself seated there too, smiling.

    Steaks meadium rare, just enough blood to acknoledge the day that`s in it, mushrooms & onions sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, chips a bit crispy, mushy peas………….mmmmmmmmmmmm

    I`m gonna go to hell for this…………..aint I?


    Islandbank. Yummy bit of flagellation souffle for dessert, enjoy !


    eh… sex allowed, on Good Friday..or will I roast in hell fire..


    Does fellatio count as eating meat? Yurt


    “Does fellatio count as eating meat? Yurt”
    Depends LL.. if it was only a little niblet, I reckon it’s ok. haaaa.


    What the feck is supposed to be so feckin’ good about it anyway?


    Islandbank could go to hell on earth if he doesn’t have a packet of Rennies at home after that whopping meal.


    “How does Jesus masturbate?”

    [Mime: place the palm of your hand over your groin, then move your hand away from and towards yourself, as if you were using the hole through your palm.]

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