Irish Priests Censored. Full List of Names Revealed

Father Brian Darcy is only the latest high-profile name on the list of Irish priests censored by Rome.  In recent weeks word emerged of  four others similarly silenced: Fr. Tony Flannery, Fr. Gerard Moloney, Fr. Sean Fagan and  Fr. Owen O’Sullivan, but in a leaked email, several more names have come to light.

They are

  • Father Ted Crilly
  • Father Jack Hackett
  • Father Dougal McGuire
  • Father Noel Furlong
  • Father Larry Duff
  • Father Paul Stone
  • Father Brian Eno
  • Father Hank Tree.  
  • Father Hiroshima Twinkie.  
  • Father Stig Bubblecard.  
  • Father Liam Deliverance
  • Father Johnny Helzapoppin.  
  • Father Luke Duke.  
  • Father Romeo Sensini
  • Father Billy Furley.  
  • Father Austin Purcell
  • Father Buzz Cagney
  • Father Chewy Louie.  
  • Father John Hoop.  
  • Father Benny Cake
  • Father Harry Cakelinem.  
  • Father Rabulah Conundrum.  
  • Father Pee-wee Stairmaster.  
  • Father Joe Briefly
  • Father Tri-Peglips.  
  • Father Jemimah Ractoole.  
  • Father Jerry Twig.
  • Father Jim Johnson
  • Father Fintan Fay
  •  Father Spodo Komodo.  
  • Father Canabramalamer.
  • Father Todd Unctious.

Some commentators have expressed shock at the savagery and extent of the silencing but many experienced Rome-watchers have pointed out that taking action against fictional characters is entirely consistent with the Catholic church’s tradition of making things up.  As one Vaticanologist (who asked not to be named) observed, this is actually a step towards complete integration of church teachings with the world of fiction, coinciding, as it does with the appointment of Cardinal Roger Rabbit as Prefect to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

A spokesman for the Association of Fictional Catholic Priests, Father Damien Karras, was trenchant in his comments.  We’ll fight this all the way to the cutting-room floor.




10 thoughts on “Irish Priests Censored. Full List of Names Revealed

  1. Down with that sort of thing.Off with ya now and say 3 hail marys.God forgive ya heathen.

  2. But Todd Unctious was a priest pretending to be a priest.

    Perhaps that would work for those being censored.

  3. Careful now, if Extreme Unction this about his grandson Todd Unctious carry on he would turn in his grave.

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