Ray D’Arcy and the Catholic Communications Office

Nobody expects the Catholic Communications Office!

The Catholic Communications Office has threatened to report presenter Ray D’Arcy to the Broadcasting Authority  for what it calls a grossly offensive statement.  It also demanded a public apology from him and his employers, Today FM.

What was this statement?

It was this: The Catholic Church, in many ways, has fucked up this country.

In other words, the Catholic Communications Office is outraged that a man has spoken the truth in public,  The Catholic Church has fucked up this country.  It seems their main objection is to the word fucked, which is a bit rich for an organisation that sheltered and protected child rapists for generations, that stuck its nose into every piece of social legislation proposed in our supposedly independent parliament, that dictated what health care might or might not be offered, that clung with the grip of a drowning man to control of our schools, that refused dying mothers the relief of anaesthesia, that sacked teachers for living in unapproved relationships.

All this they were comfortable with, but not the fact of a broadcaster saying they fucked up the country.

D’Arcy has quite properly told them where to shove their demands.  It’s been a while now since a red-faced bishop waving a crozier was enough to silence dissent but obviously the penny hasn’t yet dropped with these characters.  Far from demanding apologies for mild insults, should they not be down on their knees pleading for forgiveness from their victims?

It seems these Princes of the Church are incapable of learning humility despite everything they preach.  I hope D’Arcy’s reply to them consisted of two short words.




38 thoughts on “Ray D’Arcy and the Catholic Communications Office

  1. I wouldn’t have said it was grossly offensive either myself, but the RCC seem to think they can make the argument – and that’s all it takes to go to court (after all, if was undeniably blasphemy, we wouldn’t need a hearing in court, just a sentencing!)

  2. It’s not their call. All they can do is complain to the police, who in turn would make a decision whether or not to investigate and refer a file to the DPP. The DPP would then make a decision on prosecution. Highly unlikely.

  3. Good man Ray D’arcy.
    They have fucked up the country so they can fuck right off.
    Demanding apologies! ha. In this day and age. Criticism not allowed still no?
    They really are inhabiting another planet than the rest of us.

  4. Good point that.

    …of course, this is the country where we bring religion into a debate on whether or not we should allow medically necessary abortions the way the EU has required us to do for two decades now, so that might not be as big a defence from nuisance blasphemy suits as we would hope…

  5. I read in some paper or other that Ray D’Arcy did apologise for ” Swearing ” i’m dissapointed if that is true.

  6. I don’t understand the whole notion of blasphemy legislation: the tenets of Christianity are completely blasphemous to adherents of Judaism surely?

  7. Have to say i’m in agreement with FFI , why would he apologise for any part of what he said, it was descriptive and accurate but maybe i’m being petty ?
    My earlier comment seems to have vanished, but my computer is being strange….hmm

  8. Kudos to D’Arcy. He stood by his gut reaction to the story last week and didn’t retract his utterance. The reaction of the communications office was to be expected, but Rays defense of his feeling towards the hierarchy of the Catholic Church was justified and bang on the money. This story won’t go away any time soon, I reckon. Of course the text messages and remarks he received this morning following his refusal to back down varied from appreciative support to utter condemnation. I fear the latter still holds a lot of power, even now and they will push this as far as it can go. Obviously, I take no issue with a single thing he said, but if pressure comes from the top, he might be forced to issue a public apology. I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen. Fair dies to him. You won’t hear me say that very often about Ray D’Arcy!!

  9. Fair play to you Ray, you said it like it is, a brave truthfull statement, the church in this country have a cheek to demand an apology when it’s them who should apologize, a thousand times over and then some, hold your ground and keep your head up.

  10. We’re in agreement Norma… wha! No way. :)
    We can’t keep this up.. tis no fun.

    Did ye hear them talking about the fuck Ray used on Vincent Browne last night?
    Vincent was saying why not pretty much.. there was some other gobshite on who covers for him when he’s on his holidays too.. Sam Smyth is it? Saying you can’t say fuck as it’s cheap and dirty.. like himself! Ha. He annoys me, like someone on the happy pills with his silly grin. He was saying people who use that kind of language usually have a poor vocabulary.. or something to that effect…couldn’t really make it out. “People what do say the bad words, usually have a poor vocabarily”

  11. FFI. Keeping it fresh ! last time in agreement…..promise.
    I think it was Tom McGurk on VB last night who was blathering total bull about Religion not being taught in schools and how as a Society that is what balances consumerism and gives us our value/moral system….at that point i switched it off, what a moron.
    So those of us devoid of Religion are and have raised children with a compromised value system, I listened briefly to Ray D’Arcy this morning where he said he recieved the biggest amount of emails ever from said comment, vast majority supportive….hope is out there !

  12. Saw that Norma. That other gombeen Sam Smyth was in agreement with McGurk too. Vincent said something along the lines of, well look what religion has done for peoples’ morals in the country .. look at the state we’re in. Corruption etc. People had no principles at all.
    Away with the birds. The woman on was the only one talking a bit of sense.
    No religion = no ethics was McGurk’s argument. Ffs.
    Moron is right.
    Actually Smyth said about the use of the word fuck, that it’s better communication not using it and it’s a form of inarticulate.
    A fucking form of inarticulate.. what a dope.

  13. I agree with Ray and use “four letter words” sparingly so as not
    to offend or appear inarticulate.
    I think that to ban words because the sound causes offence whilst
    there is not much of a meaningful content is another form of fascism.
    As “fuck” has latin roots the word could only have come into our lexicon
    by being brought in by priests.
    But why did Ray limit his criticism to the RCC in this country ? He could have
    mentioned loads of countries in South America or Spain,Italy,Portugal, Philipines.
    Ireland is the only Catholic country I know of that has not experienced a dictatorship
    enjoying the patronage and blessing of the church.
    Anyway as the good protestant English might say, “Sue and be damned”!

  14. My father told me that in Old English a farmer fucked his fields meaning sowing the seeds. He also told me to look up fuctus in my Lewis and Shorts and low and behold
    a fuctus is a drone in Latin.

  15. The derivation of the word goes beyond the anglo-saxon to the latin.
    Nothing weird there: for example the German (mother tongue for insular anglo freisan) word for window is fenster, an awful lot like the finestre that we oubliez or our word
    definestrate that describes the French way of dealing with people who will not tow the line.My spelling might not be the best but if one pronounces those words one will hear the kinship. I will bet you 10 euros that fuck goes as far back as Roman bees.

  16. You’re right about one thing. Your spelling is shite.

    By the way, “Toe the line” is a bareknuckle boxing term. Not “Tow”

    And I know, things like that make people hate me, but hey, what can I do?

  17. I stand corrected, shamefaced, glowering at the oche.
    Just so long as I can return the favour.

  18. Cool. I approve of peer review and all that.
    Which brings me back to the post.
    The RCC used to like to have a monopoly on words.
    The Book of Common Prayer, it’s birth and the aftermath proves that.
    Whether it was forbidden by the the RCC or it’s heir – the CoE
    it serves as a reminder of established religions attempt at cornering the market in “God” and how to enter “His” house.
    But like all attempts at limiting human development this will go the same way as Burn’s excise man.

  19. Henry XIII moved the authority of the Church in England away from Rome.
    Nothing to do with Martin Luther or John Calvin.
    After the reformation,in England the church wanted to assume the majesty that was Rome. Protestantism denied all forms of ecclesiastical authority – it is down to the individual.
    In short CoE is not protestant it is schismatic.
    Any problems with the spelling?

  20. See what I mean – peer review works in both English and Latin.
    Henry VIII.
    I suspect that you knew what I was driving at.

  21. The Council of Bishops are a shady lot. They run a massive administrative office up in Drumcondra, where a team sits all day monitoring the media for the mention of the word “Catholic” This team will pounce on anything to defend these robed self appointed gods. They have spent 40 years covering up the depraved crimes of a lot of priests and nuns, and yes they fucked up the country. I take my hat off to Ray Darcy, he did us all proud and I admire his employers fro standing by him. It is time the Bishops realise they are well out of touch with Ireland, they have lost their flocks by hiding their own crimes on their community, and they will never win their hearts back. Good man Ray Darcy, time they were told where to go, and if they try sue you, there is a nation of people behind you who will protest on your behalf. These bishops are non entities in the Ireland of today, and rightly so.

  22. Ahem. Toe The Line comes from the two lines that run through the main floor of the British Parliament separating both sides. The two lines are about 10 feet apart so a man with an outstretched arm wielding a sword cannot attack the other MP. If a MP would be told to ‘Toe the line’ if he was getting uppity like.

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