Shock Finding: Children Imagine Things

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Apr 122012

Did you see that report in the paper?  One in five children between the ages of 11 and 13 report hearing voices, which experts regard as a sign of mental illness.

Think about that.   They reckon children imagining things is a sign of mental illness.  According to the report, the voices tend to stop as the children grow older, but those who continue to hear them face a much higher risk of developing a psychiatric disorder.  Well, who ever thought that children would stop imagining things as they grow up? According to the Irish Times, the findings are contained in a study funded by the Health Research Board and published today in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

Transfer that back to your own childhood.  Pretend it was written when you were eleven.

One in five children between the ages of 11 and 13 report shooting aliens, which experts regard as a sign of mental illness.  Strangely, according to the report, shoting aliens tends to stop as the children grow older, but those who continue to shoot aliens face a much higher risk of developing a psychiatric disorder.  

It’s one thing running along the top of a wall when you’re eleven, firing a megablaster at a Predator, but maybe when you hit 35 it’s not such a great idea.  Eh?

How exactly could a child show signs of psychiatric disorder simply by imagining things?  Isn’t that part of the  job description for being a child?  Take it a step further and ask a fundamental question.  What if a child is not imagining things?  Maybe that’s a sign of psychiatric disorder.

I’ve always thought there was something a bit flaky about psychiatry.  It’s not medicine and it’s not science.  In truth, it’s more like magic or religion, which amount to the same thing, and so I’d be highly suspicious of profound assertions from Prof Mary Cannon who led the study, stating that hearing voices is more common than previously thought.   Kids imagine shit, and then they make shit up, and then they believe the shit they invented.  It’s part of being a kid.

According to Mary, In most cases these experiences resolve with time. However, in some children these experiences persist into older adolescence and this seems to be an indicator that they may have a complex mental health issue and require more in-depth assessment.

Translate this into English: Most kids imagine stuff and then they stop, but adults who imagine stuff have a problem.

That seems to be what Professor Mary Cannon has concluded.

This is something we didn’t know?




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    and some who keep imagining things become billionaires, or, at least very happy and successful.


    Feck, imagine that!


    What a laugh.


    I’m hearing a voice now.. it’s coming to me.. hang on.. almost there.. it’s coming.. It’s saying Prof Mary Cannon and her ilk are phoneys, practising pseudoscience.

    Here’s the thing with these ‘experts’.. to give an example, say you’re in the business of fixing cars.. well the more cars that supposedly need fixing, the more likely you’re kept in business.

    Maybe what we should do is make it compulsory to have an NCT type consultation with Prof Mary or one of her colleagues once a year.. have a little psychiatric assessment and if you pass you get a certification of normality.. everyone wins. Revenue for the government.. phoney’s kept in business and someone telling ya you’re completely reassuring.
    They could even put what’s his name, Dr. Tony Humphreys on the panel.. a determination of normality from a freak of nature.


    Surely, there is a difference between imagining something and hearing voices in your head. Hearing voices has long been associated with schizophrenia. I’ve had many ideas during my life which came from my imagination, mind you, they haven’t all been the best of ideas, but, I don’t recall ever hearing an actual voice. I would be very worried if I did!


    Ah you missed out big time Mr Mortal. No voices in your head? Are you mad!



    BOSS..BOSS..we’ve just invented a new DRUG….

    Quick…Quick…invent a new mental illness that it will cure!!!


    It amazes me to see the sheer number of experts, scientists etc, Who after much questioning, careful thought and deliberation, announce what everybody including the dogs in the street, already know. Stunning!


    “It’s not medicine and it’s not science. In truth, it’s more like magic or religion”

    Sorry Bock, but you’re talking through your arse on that one.


    I have developed the ability to talk sense through every orifice.


    Nice one ;)


    Youse lot stop listening to my voices, or I will call the Paranoia Help Line

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