Apr 292012

I love it when people call me a fascist.  It means I’m doing my job, pissing them off.  I love when they call me a communist bastard for the same reason.  I especially love it when they call me a liberal, as if that was an insult.  Why on earth would that be a bad thing?
Yes, I am a liberal.  I’m more than happy to let you live your life any way you wish, provided it doesn’t interfere with mine.  I’m pro-choice, pro-divorce, pro-gay marriage.  I believe the vulnerable in society should be protected.  I’m fervently pro-union and I think every worker has the right to protect his standards of employment by strike action.

On the other hand,  I’m against oppressive power-blocs like the Catholic church taking over education or healthcare and I’ve fought against this all my life.  I’m against rich people controlling what we used to call our republic.   I’m against priviliged elites in medicine and the law creaming off the wealth of the nation.  I’m against Fingleton getting his million-euro payoff after helping to bankrupt the country.  I’m against the bank bailout.

If you don’t believe me, just read some of the 3.500 posts on this site.  But yet, if I dare to criticise some unemployed person who happens to be riding the system, I’m a fascist.  Simple as that.  I’m a fascist because, being part of the elite, I can never understand what people must do to survive.  Some idiot will look up page 84 of the Agit-Prop handbook and pull out a random insult, but even that is fair enough.  I can live with insults.

What I can not live with is stupidity of the sort I experienced on this recent thread, with idiots inventing things I never said and attacking me for them.  I’m convinced that many people are simply unable to think, but if that’s the case, they should consider not talking.

All right.  I admit it.  I am prejudiced, but my prejudice is against PC fools who damage the cause of social justice by believing uncritically the ludicrous hard-luck stories of every chancer they stumble across.  This is not a good thing for the rights of those who are genuinely in need. People in genuine need can see through spurious claims, but isn’t it amazing that the comfortably-off PC lecturati are so blind?

I think the explanation is obvious.  Without poor people to patronise, they’d have no reason to feel important.




When the world owes you a living

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    There’s another sponging cunt in Africa on the Ewan Mc Gregor programme now saying he has 5 kids and no mosquito nets. Is there no end to it? Fucks sake, yer wan Serinna with her “walk a day in my shoes” shit, walk a day in his shoes you cunt!


    out of curiosity what do you consider riding the system?


    Sorry. I’m not playing that game for you. This post is about something else.


    it always with you bock.


    Christ, who’s your man with the placard?
    Yikes.. what a dope.

    On entitlement, I understand your stance on this Bock..
    Myself I just didn’t like some of the personal shite on that last thread.
    I believe people deserve a modicum of respect and some think it’s a free for all, when there’s some criticism given.

    Kudos to you for putting your views out there too though.. I’m sure a lot don’t like it, but well, if a person/organisation/political party, whoever can’t take criticism it doesn’t say much for their mentality.


    This post is about people taking what you say, changing it and attacking you for something you didn’t say.


    Yeah. I know.

    We all have our own filters I think.
    Listening/registering what others are communicating is difficult for most.
    A lot are wrapped up in themselves.


    The gentleman in the picture has eight children in Limerick and says he intends to keep producing babies. In his view, the council is obliged to provide him with a sufficiently large house to accommodate him and his family. Unfortunately, he has no job and therefore can’t afford to fund the housing for his future family, but this is not an obstacle to his procreational ambitions as he believes the public purse will provide.

    Mr Casey says he loves babies and will keep on having them.

    On another website, somebody claiming to be a former partner says that she is the mother of two further children in England and also asserts that another child exists by yet another partner. This person asserts that Mr Casey has never looked after his three children in Britain.

    I can’t vouch for these facts, but I do know that Mr Casey and his Limerick family live in a very good house currently.


    Leave him alone Bock. It’s the Gardai’s fault. They won’t let him sell hot dogs outside pubs which would easily fund a house of 10+ people.


    What a fucking Moron. And a whiny sponging bitch who doesn’t understand the term ‘responsibility’ there’s a fine line between genuinely caring about these people, and being a gullible, patronizing twunt. Those people are in desperate need of some perspective.


    Throw enough shit a a wall and some will stick.
    Throw some reason at shit you just end up with louder shit.


    Bock,you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
    My browser was playing games with me and I’m only today aware of the previous post.
    So in short
    We are all entitled to the chance to fend for ourselves and our own.
    It is down to the state and our parents to equip us to do that.

    However some of us fall between the cracks or miss the safety net.
    It is correct to highlight this and at the same time it is correct to play devil’s advocate.
    Your burden, Bock seems to a mixture of both.
    I don’t envy you.
    Keep up the good work.

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