All-You-Can Eat Indian Lunch for €7

We had a bit of work to do, myself and the other fella, but we were both feeling a little peckish.

Will we get a bit of lunch first? I suggested.

Deffo, he grunted.

Look, I had a delicious curry the other day from that place, Spice of India.  Will we see if they do a lunchtime special?

They do, he said.  Come on.

But they didn’t, or at least, not today.  They were closed, and both of us with our tongues hanging out on the ground in anticipation of their delicious chicken Madras.

Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!.  What’ll we do now?

What about that place above the Glen Tavern?

Oh yeah.  The South Indian place.  Let’s give it a lash.


Sometimes, fate’s serendipitous interventions can lead us to our doom, but not this time.

Look! I shouted.  Lunch for €6.95!

And not only that, added my companion, but all you can eat.


All you can eat for €6.95.

You’re kidding.

I’m not.

Come on.


It was true.  Here’s a fine array of Indian food laid out buffet-style, and a courteous gentleman urging us to help ourselves.  Which we did, being the pair of greedy savages that we are.  We even went back for more a couple of times, being the pair of etc etc.



There’s a delicious chicken Korma, two kinds of lamb, some aloo, a tasty vegetable dish with kidney beans, two kinds of rice, poppadums and assorted sauces.

Obviously, you’d have to try them all, and so we did, under the approving eye of the courteous Indian gentleman, who showed us cuttings from the paper, and explained to us what a very special chef he has.



It’s modest, it’s friendly and it’s exceptionally good value.

What would you get for under €7 at lunchtime?  Seven euros?  You’d be lucky to get a bag of chips and a fried cod to take away.  You might get a bowl of soup and three-quarters of a sandwich.  Or you might not.

If you happen to be in Limerick, check this place out.  All food should be this price.

Tell them I sent you, but please don’t demand a discount.

12 thoughts on “All-You-Can Eat Indian Lunch for €7

  1. And the sign says ‘Halal approved’ too!
    Halal approved beef all the way from Dromcollogher! Fantastic. :)

    That’s very reasonable in fairness.. I’d only want to be muck before you’d send it back at those prices.. not that you’d have to.. it sounds very nice.

    There’s an Indian place down at SteamBoat Quay.. don’t know if it’s still around.. was very good too for the all you can eat deal and the food was good. Can’t remember the name of it now. Poppadom something or other most likely.

    The all you can eat is a good idea though for trying a few things.. finding out what you like. I think they should change it to ‘have whatever you want’ though or something along those lines.. you’d feel like a bit less of a muck savage.

    All you can eat.. I mean that presumes that you’re gonna stuff yourself until they pull the fork out of your mouth and cart you out of the place, but in truth you could have just had a little nibble of what’s on offer.

  2. Sounds great. Did you have a choice between medium and hot? Is the water free?

  3. Was over the water recently and went to an “All you can eat” place in Lincolnshire. Chinese, Indian, Italian and English. We counted around 27 different main courses and an ice cream machine with lots of different toppings, fruits etc. All the food was top quality and was constantly replenished by an eager staff that encouraged you to try something new. Lets hope this type of buffet restaurant catches on over here………but I ain’t holding my breath in the rip off republic.

  4. what is the address of this place ? just says indian and south indian cuisine ? anyone knows the location or tel of this place. thanks.

  5. what is the address of this place ? just says indian and south indian cuisine ? anyone knows the location of this place. thanks.

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