May 152012

There’s no end to those Germans, I’m telling you.  Aware that the new French president was on his way for a chat with Frau Merkel, they came up with a warning weapon just to remind him who’s boss.

Poor old Francois wasn’t Monsieur le President more than an hour when the Death Star struck his aeroplane with Das Blitzwaffe, forcing him to turn back and try again.  Jesus Christ!  If we didn’t know before, we sure as hell know now what the Germans might do.  (Obviously, up to now, we had no idea that they were capable of violence. What a shock.  Who knew?)

M. Hollande has suddenly burst on the scene out of nowhere as far as the rest of Europe is concerned, spreading cheer and relaxation after Sarkozy’s unrelenting fiscal misery, despite his own personal bon-vivant lifestyle and his ultimate trophy wife.  But of course, Realpolitik is what it is, and it will remain even after M Hollande’s plane is permitted by the Commander of the Death Star to reach Berlin.

Auf wiedersehen, Merkozy.

Bonjour, Frangela.

What we’ll see here is an accommodation in which Merkel and Hollande arrive at a compromise not a million miles removed from the current proposal, but which will allow both of them to claim victory to their voters.  Thesis and antithesis, eventually arriving at synthesis.  Maybe Marx wasn’t so bonkers after all.

There will be talk of growth and there will be investment as a result.  There will be fudging, and nonsense will be invented, as we’ve come to expect from politicians, but in the end, we’ll see the same proposal on the table as we have now, though perhaps tempered with a little pragmatism.

Merkel’s early age is probably coming to an end and now we enter the middle era where ideology becomes tempered by practicality and hard-edged politics must bend to hard-edged unassailable logic for once: austerity on its own will not work.  This is the note that Hollande has tapped into, and belatedly, Merkel detects the same thing, but as a consummate politician, it might suit to jump ship and start espousing the formerly hated doctrine.

The mood in the Bundestag is against extreme monetarism, perhaps because even German politicians understand that this is not the Weimar republic and people will not be carrying their wages home in wheelbarrows.

What do we need?  Certainly, we need practical German management.

What do we not need?  The irrational side of Germany.  The side controlled by folk memory.  The side so terrified of a repeat of the Thirties and Forties that it can’t contemplate a forward-looking Europe.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Germany destroyed Europe again, first through extremism and second by being too cautious?



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    They still want to take over Europe.. dictate to us how our country should be run.. put us through decades of misery.
    Plus ca change..


    I wouldn’t agree with this I don’t think- “by being too cautious”..
    More so by protecting investors/ the german banks at all cost.. feck the rest of ye. The plebs can pay for it.
    Bit on the extreme side too really.


    ” Don’t mention the war ! I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it ”

    The Germans……..Fawlty Towers.


    Lot of lazy national stereotyping going on. If the Germans are Teutonic then surely Punch was right about us. I didn’t agree with Merkozy, I’m sure I won’t agree with all of Frangela but if FF hadn’t sold the country to ensure re-election we may not be even discussing this.


    The Germans are in hock to the tune of €600 billion and are so frightened that they think retrenchment is the only way forward.

    Lightning strikes are as nothing compared with the Icelanders’ volcano to which, Mr Bock, I think you averred when Mr Obama wanted to avoid dinner in Ireland


    France and Germany were the first Countries to breach the rules of The Maastricht Treaty, fairly ironic now that Europe is hanging on their every word.

    No 8 has it right, its just more stereotyping and we don’t have to look any further than our own Minister Noonan for the caricature of Irish Politicians, as his most recent statement, delivered in his practised malevolent tones, ” How many Greek products do you buy in the Supermarket,?you have to have an economic relationship to be effected ” So thats what it comes down to Minister, a shortage of Kalamata olives and Greek yogurt in Dunnes ! small ignorant rhetoric supposed to assure small minded followers ? Tell it to the Greek people Minister.


    Maybe the Germans do have a long memory in relation to the wheelbarrows of dosh for bread,between the Wars.But if they dont bend a little on Fiscal matters soon,they may actually once again see barrows of cash being withdrawn from banks around Europe “looks like its started in Greece”,before the commencement of the next War.


    Yes indeed Ian. Let’s hope the Germans never get their hands on it.


    This is a very simplistic question and i even ask myself how simple i might be to ask it but here goes.
    Why, as of today, and every newswire hot on the speculation of Greece leaving the Eurozone has not one single Bank collapsed in Europe ?
    Greece is a Country and its seems more acceptable that it should be subjected to ruination while every single Eurozone Bank will be propped to the hilt.

    Check out www, todays edition for article on ” Vulture funds ” yes, i’m obviously simple.


    Germans poured 2 trillion Deutche Marks into the former East Germany and Germans are still paying 5.5 per cent Solidarity tax to help pay for this on top of very high incomes taxes . I think it is these over looked factors that are not reported in the English speaking press that has an impact on German policy. By the way, the living standard in the former East Germany is at 80 per cent of West Germany and that is after 22 years.


    Everytime I log on here there is no more new threads or posts…………are you on holidays Bock?


    Try refreshing your browser. F5


    Each timee i log on the same things are here, are you on holidays Bock?


    Did you read my reply yesterday?



    I’m easily entertained..

    Don’t think Islandbank is seeing anything new Bock..

    Can I call him what I want then? :)


    Ah now. Steady.


    I have the same issue, and have to use CTRL+F5 to reload the new versions of the pages. But I’m pretty certain this is my browser (CTRL+F5 forces it to reload the page from the server, not it’s cache).

    Anyway, hopefully this will help islandbank.


    I have the same problem and need to refresh before I can see any updates. I thought it was just my browser too but Bock’s site is the only one that I have to refresh. I never had to do this here before. There have been a number of comments from readers with the same problem so it would appear that there’s something weird going on with the site itself…

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