I Nearly Cut My Finger Off

How easy it is to have a life-changing experience.

I was doing a small job for a friend, boxing in some unsightly electrics, and I was paying careful attention to the line of the circular saw when it kicked, unexpectedly.

It jumped and it hammered my finger painfully, but it might just as easily have clipped the tip off it.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Excruciating pain.  Trust me.  If you have never experienced skeletal injury, it is horrible.

I’ve broken many bones in the course of my life, including my skull, which some people take as a reasonable explanation for my behaviour.  But I’ve also broken my elbow horribly, my wrist, horribly and various fingers and toes as well as my ankle.  All of these are extremely painful.

Nevertheless, I’d never be able to survive with missing digits and when I looked at my hand after the saw incident, I was already wondering which finger was missing, even before the pain kicked in.  Needless to mention, I’m glad to say the pain didn’t kick in, but it might have and I’ve already been there.

All I have is a pounded fingertip, mashed by the base of the saw. It hurts but at least it’s still attached to the rest of me.

8 thoughts on “I Nearly Cut My Finger Off

  1. A reminder to oil the spring on the safety guard. Have had circular saws kick on me as well, and very glad of the guard functioning as intended.

    Glad yer still able to type Bock.

  2. I do. It’s terrible. My finger has gone black and I fear that my poker-cheating career is ended.

  3. yikes! that’s it, yikes! glad you’re OK, except for the black finger, but that will probably heal. or fall off. :D xoxoxo

  4. aaaaah jaysus. my testicles are cringing just thinking about that. a close call!

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